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Shadowlands Weapons

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Hey, there. This patch adds in pretty much all of the Shadowlands weapons we've seen so far through datamining-- with a few exceptions, as there's only a finite amount of replaceable weapons in the game. Everything from hammers (even Bolvar's) to swords to staves to those sweet, sweet harps are in this patch.

To install the patch, simply download the patch, and extract the Item folder inside into your root WoW folder (where the .exe is and all that jazz). If there's any weapons you think should be added to the patch, don't hesitate to PM me.



If you come across any bugs or glitches with the weapons, please inform me! Provide an explanation and a picture and I'll address it ASAP.



(item names are in the galleries below)


Shadowlands Weapons - Swords

Shadowlands Weapons - Fist Weapons

Shadowlands Weapons - Staves

Shadowlands Weapons - Polearms

Shadowlands Weapons - Daggers

Shadowlands Weapons - Ranged

Shadowlands Weapons - Maces

Shadowlands Weapons - Shields

Shadowlands Weapons - Axes

Shadowlands Weapons - Miscellaneous

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GOOD LAD i'm hoping lots of ppl use this so we can all enjoy it in public rps

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