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.gob tele setphase No2

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Greetings 😊
I tried to build a kind of hub with portals to other players phases. The Teleporters in my phase work properly, but i can not "connect" the portals in my phase  to my priends phases.
When i use the command .gob tele setphase [Firend-Phase-ID] it seems to use just my phase ID instead of the one tiped in.



I tried this while I´m member in my friends phase and as a promoted member.
The owner of the "target-phase" tried the same command aswell.
Nothing works by know.

I found an old thread on this problem, but no solution so far.

Hope i didn´t oversee some other obvious Thread that says: "Dude, this Command ist not working right now." 😅

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Posted (edited)


My Fault in this case:
I tryed to set only the Phase per command. I thought the Objeckt would take over the Startpoint of the "target-phase" thats not the case.
For all who got the same Problem: First set the destination of the Port .gob tele add [GUID] and then set the Phase of a friend .gob tele setphase.

probs to Asides who helped me out 👍


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