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Krelliac Stellarheart

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One of the many elves who've found themselves shuffling into Stormwind after their daring liberation by the marginally-less insane Windrunner sister. Krelliac found himself trading a well-equipped laboratory in Silvermoon with a retinue of like-minded colleagues for a run-down apartment in Old Town with a couple of rats to keep him company. Really, the exodus hasn't treated him kindly. Where once there was a clean-cut and brilliant researcher, there now stands a disheveled odd-jobber. Hacking gnolls and rural threats to bits isn't a glamorous lifestyle, but at least it  (usually) pays the rent. Some might say it's squandering potential, but the gnawing voices rattling in the back of his skull seem a bit less ornery when he's burying a hatchet in something's skull. 

The void elf has traded his smile and optimism for a deep-seated lack of passion, self-loathing buried under a schmorgesborg of dry irony and sarcastic witticisms. Each passing day spent sinking deeper into debt and depression takes it's toll on Stellarheart's sense of identity. Much as he yearns for Silvermoon, for his old lifestyle, he just can't help how infectious the local dialect and manners tend to be.

Maybe one day, he can go home. Until then, it's scraping by on crumbs and coppers.

C'est la vie.

More to come, maybe.

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