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Building Contest II: Creative Collections

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Building Contest II: Creative Collections


Calling all builders! It's time to show what we can do! You're being challenged to craft a collection of blueprints to dazzle your fellow builders. And to help others build beautiful things, or simply inspire them! A blueprint collection consists of at least three publicly available blueprints that share a theme. Coming up with a cool theme is as important as the blueprints you make, so give it an epic name! The blueprints you make can be as big or small as you choose. From custom Vrykul toothbrush sets to whole buildings, you decide what the collection is about. To give you an idea, try out some of the public collections we already have:

Bloodstone [19 blueprints] - Tia


ExplorersLeague [6 blueprints] - Aigar


To enter, make a collection and mention it in the building channel. The collection will be inspected on the last day of the contest, so you can enter it early and still work on it after that.

* Collections need to have at least 3 blueprints. Be sure to share them through the same character.
* Blueprints from collections need to include the collection name. Do a ".lo blueprintpub bloodstone" to get an idea of how you could do it.
* Advertise your collection in the building channel to participate! Share the love! 
* Making a collection out of a blueprint you already have is fine, but try to make some new furniture too! It's all about making the catalog grow with exciting new things!
* Pour all your creativity in by November 6th. After that, we'll still love your collections but it'll be too late to participate.
* You can team up with a friend! Just be sure to credit the co-author on Discord.

A jury of non-participants will pick the winner, which will be on display in Builder's Haven [phase 26000] until next year!

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