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Eyes of the Betrayer

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One year has passed since Illidan Stormrage toppled the pitlord Magtheridon, and declared himself lord and master of Outland.

Weakened from their defeat at the Frozen Throne, the Illidari's proclaimation of dominion has been challenged across the shattered world. Draenei, ever vigilant of darkness, stand stalwart in the bastion of Shattrath.  Tribal ogres, lost ones, and rebellious Broken contest the wilds. Mag'har hold strong in the plains of Nagrand, swearing death on any touched by demonic magic. Soldiers of the Alliance, fighting a war nearly twenty years long, defend a fortress that survived the Old Horde. Scattered holdouts and agents of the Burning Legion, eager to earn Kil'jaeden's favor by bringing them the Betrayer's head, plot the end of Illidan.

Other threats, seen and unseen, lurk on Outland. Illidan's impressive army proves to be overstretched and decentralized, with Stormrage rarely leaving Black Temple. Competitive and wishing to prove themselves to the Betrayer, members of the Illidari Council present their own solutions to the problem of holding Outland.

The councilor Gathios the Shatterer, a master of war and tactics, saw to the creation of several task forces meant to strike concisely and ruthlessly at threats to the Illidari, drawing upon promising recruits and hardened veterans from all of Illidan's realm. Among them are the Eyes of the Betrayer, led by one of Illidan's night elven demon hunters.

Called to Zangarmarsh, the Eyes will now see their first deployment. The Coilfang, with much of their number preoccupied with the nagas' plain to drain all water to the Reservoir, have warned the Illidari of unprecedented numbers of Mag'har moving into the marsh. The Eyes will be expected to prevent a war with the Mag'har, or end it before it can engulf more Illidari resources.

Avaliable Roles/Races

Blood Elves

Stormrage earned the undying loyalty of many of the sin'dorei when he offered a solution to their addiction to magic. Now, many of the elves count themselves among the Betrayer's most favored servants. Many have returned to Azeroth to add in the reclamation of Quel'thalas, but those that remain on Outland will prove invaluable in the days to come. Many of Sunstrider's forces gather in Netherstorm, where they plot to assault the mysterious Tempest Keep.


Following Lord Illidan from the Maelstrom and through the portal to Outland, the naga were the first of Illidan's army. Much like the Betrayer himself, vengeance burns in their hearts, and few can question their dedication to the Illidari cause. The Coilfang's plan to drain the remaining clean water of Outland into the Reservoir may prove to be the key to controlling the realm's populace, but until then they must aid the Illidari in more direct matters.


Few of the fel orcs opposed the transfer of power when Illidan struck down Magtheridon. Rule of the strong was always a tenet of the orcs, a value that only grew firmer when they gorged themselves on the pitlord's blood. Although the newest recruits to Illidan's army, the vast legions of Hellfire Citadel may rapidly prove themselves to be the backbone of the Illidari. Orcs across Outland continue to be "recruited" into Kargath Bladefist's service, some willingly and others less so. Still, not all of Illidan's orcish servitors partake in the blood, such as those who betrayed the Shadow Council.


The most unlikely ally of the Illidari, most of the Broken swore themselves to Illidan out of desperation, seeing him as the only way to stop Magtheridon. Now that the pitlord is defeated, many Broken have learned that Illidan is not so different himself. Some have embraced the rise to power and made themselves true servants of the Betrayer, while others harbor resentment. Adding further strain to the situation is the enslavement of many Broken tribes who refused to willingly join the Illidari. Whatever the Broken's future is as a people, it is clear that it shall be inexorably tied to the Illidari's.

Lesser Demons

Like the Fel Horde, many of Magtheridon's demonic allies were content to simply observe the transfer to power. Others have sought out the Betrayer for their own reasons, pledging servitude. Despite his war with the Legion, demons who prove loyal are welcome in the Illidari's ranks, and some even rise to positions of great power. Lesser demons, such as sayaad, satyr, felguards, and minor observers are not a rare sight in the forces of the Illidari.

Demon Hunter Initiates

Since establishing himself in Black Temple, Illidan has begun the training of an elite legion of elven warriors who fight in his unique style. The majority are recruited from the most fanatical and promising members of the Sunfury, though Illidan's night elven kin who see the truth of his ways sometimes travel to Outland. A number of demon initiates have been sent to serve in the Eyes. These recruits have undergone the first levels of training, but have yet to partake in the mysterious ritual that leaves the demon hunters eyeless. Now under the supervision of Hellbrand, the Eye's field leader and a demon hunter himself, these initiates will have to prove themselves worthy of fully joining the Betrayer's elite.


Eyes of the Betrayer is a new Illidari guild set prior to the Burning Crusade, but after the events of Warcraft III. The guild is meant to explore the Illidari as a faction and near-anarchic Outland as a realm before the events of TBC. While the guild takes place during a gray period of lore, and thus will feature many custom conflicts and events, care will be taken to respect Blizzard's world-building: no event will be large enough in scope to change the future.

The storytelling of the guild will not attempt to exonerate Illidan's crimes in and leading up to TBC, and thus some of the Illidari's villainous actions, such as slavery, will feature in the guild's story. However, whether the Eyes themselves shape into a cruel and imperious fist of the Illidari, or a harsh, yet fair, guiding hand is largely up to the players and their actions.

As the Eyes are a new organization, there will be much opportunity for player characters to rise through the ranks. For instance, active demon hunter characters will not remain initiates forever. Progression of players, both as characters and in strength and stature, shall be an important part of the guild.

If you are interested in joining the guild, please start by joining the Discord at https://discord.gg/5JCX7TV. This is where events will be planned. Any questions or concerns can likewise be forwarded to me on the Discord, or PMed directly to Biggrouse#0001.


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sorry im late the wife iddnt let me go on the computer





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