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Redlander Watch

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What is the Redlander Watch?

The Redlanders are a brotherhood of fortune seekers, sellswords, and renegades looking to survive in a world of overzealous heroes and world-ending villains. The Watch is not for the faint of heart, nor the chivalrous.
Everyone pulls their weight in the Watch. Getting the job done is top priority.

How does one join the Redlander Watch?

The current method of enlisting in the Watch is to speak to a recruiting agent in the Free Town of Elisram.
After having done the recruiting process, the interested party will be allowed access to Blackport, where they will be able to meet their comrades and settle down in the island.

Who leads the Redlander Watch?

Ignatious Lazarus: The current Major. Proprietor of Blackport and Director of the Redlanders. Born in Redridge, grew up in Hillsbrad as a refugee after the fall of Stormwind in the first War. Notable features: Blond hair, dark apparel, and thin body type.

Bubba Honeysett: Twin Director to the Major. A Kul Tiras native who specializes in brew & cookery. Responsible for much of the crew's naval transportation, among other things. No weapons on record. Notable features: Large bloke.



Director: The leaders of the company. Directors have the last word in any dispute or crisis. Primarily specialize in logistics, administration, etc.

Captain: Captains are to represent the Watch, both in social affairs or the heat of battle. They assist the Directors as the leading core, especially in executing missions.

Member: Mercenaries are the most common in the Watch. They are respected above the initiate, but they still obey the Captains and Directors. They are the workforce of the company and are expected to leave a good impression on initiates.

Initiate: The Greenhorns are to obey the higher-ups. Eventually proving themselves to the Watch, and consequently to rise up in ranks. They do not obey Members, but are expected to listen to their advice.


- OOC -

This guild is part of the Elisram Phase Community.

If the Redlander Watch doesn't appeal to you, we highly encourage you to look into Elisram for more options or hosting your own guild/faction.

Down to earth characters. No flashy armor.
Adding to the story or the general roleplay is ESSENTIAL. Intentional writing to conflict with the general mood will get you nowhere.
Don’t make people beg you for RP. No “Pick-me” roleplay basically.
No alts!

Personal Discord: Ezcu#7559


Edited by Ezcu

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Pretty good. Ezcu is a good roleplayer and a solid leader. I recommend people join if they have a taste for the eccentric and fun.





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Very good lad with very good roleplay quality.

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Thank you all for the good vibes!


Pictures of yesterday's event.

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