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[ADDON] ChatFix 8.3

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ChatFix 8.3



This AddOn reverts the chat change made in patch 8.3.  Allows you to type and click out of chat without the chat disappearing.



https://github.com/VraulJawrip/ChatFix-8.3/raw/main/ChatFix 8.3.rar



Simply extract the main folder into your Epsilon/_retail_/Interface/Addons/ folder and then launch the game.  There is no interface click button or any visual UI change.  The effects are automatic as long as the main folder with its contents intact remains in your AddOns folder.


Credits & Permissions

This is a public AddOn created using a simple script within https://addon.bool.no/. 


Not sure if this has been posted in these forums yet, but if not I figured I would post it here in case.  In my opinion, this revert makes building and socializing at the same time a lot less annoying. 

Also I don't know how to code nor do I know how to use github, so I attached the file directly in case I messed the link up.

ChatFix 8.3.rar

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spellfix / added direct link

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Thank fucking god.

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