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[Minor] Sentinel Hill Skybox

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• Type of Bug: In-game Bug

• Description: Everytime you enter Sentinel Hill area in Westfall an areatrigger seems to put you "Sentinel Hill Skybox" aura everytime, which tends to be... 

• Evidence (Chat message/Screenshot):

• Steps to reproduce:

- teleport yourself to Westfall

- Go in and go out the zone

• Expected result: Sentinel Hill should be areatrigger free

• Observed result: Sentinel Hill Skybox gets aura everytime.

• Reproduction rate: 100%

• Additional information:

 If i recall correctly, this happens because of an areatrigger which is part from "Rise of the Brotherhood quest"

Skybox SpellID is: 80005



- What am i suppose to do now?

- What a King must do.

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I have poofed the spell. Lemme know if this is not the case.

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