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Our main guild phase is 679, any lore changed outside the phase will not be accounted for in the main storyline.

Hosted Areas

The Blacklabel Syndicate hosts within mostly Goblin towns, such as Booty Bay, or more recently, Ratchet.  As we transfer over, we will be respawning our buildings and NPCs to spruce these areas up and give them an entirely new and enriching life for all new and old members alike to enjoy.  Just feast your eyes on Blacksludge - it’s an enormous, entirely custom-made goblin city on the docks - much like the New York City.  You’ll never be bored in 679!


The Blacklabel Syndicate uses the in-game currency called Macaroons (paper money from Kezan), which has been used by many other goblin groups. You can obtain these Macaroons in a various amount of ways: Attending events, recruiting members ICly and/or OOCly, starting your own business, becoming your own boss, etc.


Blacklabel, an independent mercenary company, was once ruled entirely by a single Baron. His decisions were final and could not be legally overrided. The current Syndicate of Blacklabel is ruled by the Kingpins, ensuring members values and decisions are in good deed for the mafia.  Before the Baron, Tony Veyron, passed unexpedtedly, he appointed certain industrialists, goblins who had shown exceeding loyalty, to maintain large portions of the trade, lands or towns. Where the Baron could not, various tycoons and moguls oversaw and maintain economic and social balance.  Tony Veyron’s own risen former-caporegimes survey the areas and ensure activity abound is bountiful.


No Lol-RPing and no spamming spells, lagging the phase.  Use common sense and common courtesy OOC, but you may need to be ruthless IC.  Otherwise, you’ll find your pocketbook misplaced.

About The Blacklabel Syndicate [679]

The Blacklabel Syndicate employs a various amount of races under them, though the majority are goblins. The source of their revenue and power comes from their domination of trade overseas, various neutral establishments that serve the public, as well as their feared military forces and technology. Blacklabel weapon manufacturers are among the greatest minds of this time, and ensure that their tools will never fail the company. Because of this, they have become one of the most successful and largest mercenary companies throughout Azeroth. Though, even with such power and trade with various cartels and groups, they have kept a strict neutrality code and make it a point not to meddle in the affairs of the Horde and Alliance. Security and caution are the keys to the mobsters success. Though as turmoiled unrest sways across all of Azeroth, including back home in Kezan, this code may soon have to be fraught.



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