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Thirty-three years have passed since the end of the war between Azeroth and Draenor. The Iron Horde, broken and humiliated, has long since fallen apart as an alliance of clans and more exists as a loose pact, the uneasy truce that has held for the past thirty years between Orc and Draenei still holds strong, and, in a long time for the war-stricken world, peace has seemingly been an option. The departure of the last Alliance and Horde garrisons from the planet brought isolation for those who chose to stay as the last portals were shuttered, and save for only a few hiding across Draenor, none knew how to reopen that link to the broken world. 

Despite this seeming malaise, Draenor's unprecedented age of peace has seen technological advancement in the span of thirty years not seen on Azeroth proper, as remnants of the Blackfuse Company in collaboration with the many engineers and smiths of the Iron Horde advanced the Horde decades into the modern day. More efficient foundries, advanced weapons, and a train system promised to link every major industrial city across the continent as Orcish society and culture moved into a new, radical age. 

These changes have also brought their own failings in the ruthless caste system that seems to be prevalent among the high militaristic orcs, and, perhaps more importantly, an absence of spiritualism never seen before. The world is dying, Draenor, being drained of her natural resources thanks in large part to the massive, unprecedented social movement taking place across the already war-weary world. Belching black spires of smog and flame, the Orcish people are once again pushed into the precipice of conflict as the interests of the Ruling Council turn towards Frostfire, where the border city of Ganadar squats, built upon an old Iron Horde fortress years after the war. 

Prophecies, fortune, whatever it is, has brought hundreds of Orcs to Frostfire. To the spiritual, it is rumours of an event, one known as the Spiritfall, to those seeking wealth and glory, it is the promise tapping into the vast resources of Frostfire and securing it for themselves, yet, not all is at is seems as Draenei pilgrims have begun to roam the lands again, and fiery rhetoric from the very spires of Karabor have begun to alight tensions between Orcs and Draenei once again. There is a great change in the air, one that will affect the course of history for all of Draenor, and perhaps beyond.

Available Roles/Races


The first of Draenor and the most populous of all peoples, the Orcs have been there since nearly the start, created from the death of Grond and the cycle of the Breakers, they are one with the world that they thrive on, a fact of life that has persisted for many years, at least, until the days of the Iron Horde. With defeat came peace, and with peace came disillusionment. Many orcs simply abandoned spiritualism in favour of becoming more attached to other pursuits; the Orcish people spearheaded the first efforts to establish truly syncretic communities between them and the isolated Draenei, while those who have clung to tradition continue to espouse the spiritualist way of life, one that rejects modernity and embraces the past. However, in this age of peace, those who consider themselves clanless and those who still hold onto old bonds mingle without incident. In Ganadar, a large portion of orcs consider themselves attached to no clan, and simply hold loyalty to the city itself, while wanderers and traders from Frostfire proper continue to speak of the old ways, even if they are dead or dying. 

Note: The following clans either do not exist or will be only accepted after prior vetting: Twilight's Hammer & Shadowmoon.


While not present in any significant amount, if any, in most areas, Ganadar has come to be the home of one of the largest Blackfuse foundries on Draenor. Owned by the elusive Gex Tricklesprocket, the goblin population numbers less than a dozen, but their presence alone has been vital to orcish development, introducing choppers and other methods of transportation to orcish society, yet at the same time most Goblins are viewed with extreme scrutiny and considered outcasts and exiles in most circles. Reviled by most orcs for being responsible for starting the war against the Alliance and Horde in the first place by courting Garrosh Hellscream, few orcs truly respect the industrious goblins, and fewer still truly consider them the type to have any interest in bettering orcish society as a whole beyond eeking another profit. 


Once the most powerful empire on Draenor, the ogres have been reduced to but a shadow of themselves, isolated in their holdfasts and living largely in backwater tradition, a very small handful of ogres have sought to integrate with the wider world as their crestfallen empire lays dead and dying after the death of the last Imperator. Since the fall of Bladespire, the ogres in Frostfire have come to closely cooperate with the Thunderlord can largely out of necessity as both ogres and orcs fear that the continued abuse of Draenor would surely spell doom and the end of the great hunt that had been a core part of Thunderlord culture for so long. The ogres themselves, meanwhile, have reserved to hoarding their wealth and pilfered goods, many of them reduced to mere banditry or living in impoverished conditions in Ganadar itself. 


Spiritfall is an orc-centric storyline set on Draenor after the events of Warlords of Draenor but prior to what we see in the Mag'har Allied Race Scenario. With the intent to host 5-6 'main' events and a couple side-events over the course of the next month and a half, Spiritfall will tell the story of the origins of the Alternative Universe Mag'har and the Lightbound, and the conflict between Orcs and Draenei being renewed on the backs of a crisis of faith and conflict of interest as both sides seek to save Draenor from the seemingly inevitable death it had been promised.

Rather than cramming in lore characters and telling the story of Geyerah, Grom and Yrel, this will be a relatively self-contained story that will give players the option to either fully dive into the path of the Lightbound, or carve out one of the echelons of  Mag'har resistance in Frostfire, from making dealings with the still-independent Frostwolves and Thunderlord, to either collaborating or working against Draenei interests in the region, or even potentially having to uproot a conspiracy woven in Ganadar itself, characters will be given a great deal to do and say before the inevitable bell tolls and the seemingly unstoppable bulwark of the Lightbound washes over Draenor. As much as I would like to say there'll be happy ending if you do not join the Lightbound, I cannot promise as much.

If you are interested in joining the guild, please start by joining the Discord at https://discord.gg/kPFttQShGp This is where events will be planned. Any questions or concerns can likewise be forwarded to me on the Discord, or PMed directly to Rogan#0001.

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