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Interest Poll: Thalassian Legacy

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Hey everyone!
Bit of an unusual post here, I'm making it here to see how many of you would be interested in a guild project I had for some time; Thalassian Legacy. Our members are currently all on EU time so please, take this into consideration if you're willing to join.

The guild reimagines Quel'thalas as a nation divided into Noble Houses, having fallen prey to political turmoil as the different Houses vie for political influence, power and territory. Several power vacuums have appeared since the death of many House Lords during the liberation of Suramar. Following the death of the Traitor Dar'khan, many houses have also started conquering and resettling the Ghostlands, attempting to restore them to their past splendor in spite of the remaining Scourge pockets.  This alternative version makes heavy use of custom lore, and as such, inspiration is drawn from other settings such as Dune, Game of Thrones, the Warhammer Universe and of course, real life history.
As such, many elements that were never introduced by Blizzard might make an appearance in this alternative version of Quel'thalas. For example, jousting tournaments for sport or honorable duels in order to settle conflicts.
Gameplay and RP-wise it would integrate many tabletop RPG aspects, such as character sheets. The House Lords will also be tasked with managing his house and deciding where to allocate specific resources.Magic has been reworked heavily and its power level drastically dropped in order to make the setting more grounded and believable.

=============The Organisation=============

There are numerous houses in Quel'thalas that each hold their own territories, have their own customs and keep great pride in their lineage. Those have historically answered to the Sunstrider bloodline, yet after Kael'thas' betrayal, it is ruled by the Lord Regent and the triumvirate composed of Lady Liadrin of the Blood Knights, Halduron Brightwing of the Farstriders and Grand Magister Rommath of the Magisters.

Keeping a good reputation with these three factions is key to maintaining a good standing. Falling out of favour of the three at once severely endangers the future of your lineage. Tax is regularly collected by the ruling power, yet you may choose to donate additional resources to specific factions in order to improve your standing. A good enough reputation might allow you to ask for favours or even receive specific gifts from these organisations.

===============The Houses=================

Those are obviously entirely custom lore and are thus free to be created by the players. The restrictions for creating them are as follows:
-The name must be in English.
-You must have atleast 5 players (obviously not including alts) that would be willing to join the House (including you). (This restriction can be bypassed if you decide to create a minor house. You will then be a vassal to another House, which means you will have to regularly pay them tribute and participate in their wars.)
-You will need to produce a sheet for your House, that will include many aspects of its identity that much be fleshed out. (e.g: motto, history, wealth, etc.)

================Who can join ?===============

The only accepted race would obviously be blood elves, however certain races will eventually be able to join the project as guests and, although unable to participate in the House feuds, they would be able to lend their assistance to certain parties or simply act as guests. These include: Shal'dorei, Quel'dorei (on rare occasions such as a pilgrimage to the Sunwell) and some neutral characters and Horde characters. They must of course remain a very small number and I may unfortunately decide to deny access to some if they're becoming too numerous in proportion.

I have obviously tried to make it as brief as possible here, yet if you have any questions, I'd be glad to answer them by DM. (My Discord: Lorelic#9407)

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UPDATE: The project is now online and I've actively started working on it! 


If you the idea seduced you, you can join our Discord here: https://discord.gg/VvhZ8r5z or simply contact me personally in-game [Galathran] or on Discord.


From Silvermoon, with love.

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