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.lo obj filtering

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uhhh how do i explain this


So, imagine you're making a build and you're looking for a specific few objects, so you look them up: but the keyword you're searching is loaded with tiles which bloat and obscure the results you need. My suggestion is the ability to filter for (or filter out) certain keywords while looking things up, e.g.:

.lo obj human -buildingtile

This would look up anything with "human" in it, unless it has the word "buildingtile" in the name.


That's basically it. There's a few things you can search that has a lot of tiles obscuring it, and with 56 thousand more being added in 8300a, I feel that might make it just a bit harder to find ordinary wmos and m2s.

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I approve of this. While WoW Tools does help in finding what you need, it can take a while to load each different object you search up to confirm that those are indeed the droids objects you are looking for.


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Buildingtiles for sure clog up the search list unnecessarily.

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With the sheer number of tiles added it's difficult to have a search that doesn't include a bunch. A way to filter tiles out of searches, or alternatively a separate command for searching tiles, feels like it's becoming more necessary.

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