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Metals, Ores and Alloys

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Some time ago I've made a list for most metals we find in game, it's a pretty standard list that covers the most notable traits each metal has.

This is a list in which most of the armor crafting metals are present, and what qualities they have. There are some uncommon materials which aren't use in any professions such as Lightforge Iron, but it exists in the game with quests, items and NPCs tied to them.

Basic weapon/armor crafting reagents:
An extremely common mineral, light and weak. It's used for basic armor and weaponry.

Another common ore which sometimes may have gems inside the veins. Often used in creating Bronze.

An alloy of copper and zinc, used for engineering and weaponry components.

Composed of Copper and usually Tin, better than the previous three.

Another common metal, it has some magical properties, allowing it to be enchanted.

The typical metal used for sword and armor crafting, it serves as one of the basic components in building and has been an invaluable resource since its discovery. 

The better variant of Iron, the quality depends on the blacksmith which crafts it. The sturdiness of the alloy can be used in crafting steel beams which support heavier buildings.

Used in fabricating currency, it leans towards being used as a decorative metal but has transmutations uses.

Advanced reagents; the next materials are mainly used in weaponry, armor and different trinkets.

Light weight and conducts magic extremely well. Used in all trades due to its properties. The metal is considerably tougher to work with but offers equally good results.

The paladins metal of choice, this rare metal employs holy properties. It is stronger and lighter than Steel and more durable than Mithril.

Known throughout Azeroth for its toughness and resistance to heat. The metal is unfriendly to average blacksmith and is considerably heavy, forcing the wearer to constantly train himself into accommodating. Surprisingly, it is more common than most of the quality metals.

inv_ingot_mithril.jpgDark Iron:
Named after the dwarf clan, the charcoal looking metal is among the most fire impervious metals in Azeroth, the metal is generally crafted in the Blackrock Mountain at the Black Anvil, but the Alliance managed to craft some themselves.For any fire mages, a foe armored with Dark Iron might prove their undoing.Bullets fashioned from this metal are very high-quality

The result of arcane crystals and thorium combined. A heavy metal with deadly properties, it has an innate magical
attunement, which allows enchanters and inscribers to empower it.

Originally bound to the elemental plane, the metal is both extremely strong and durable, it reacts viciously to the natural forces of Azeroth.The metal is also used to suppress and bind Elementals.They can store tremendous amount of natural power inside them. Only expert smiths may attempt to work with it.

inv_ingot_04.jpgLightforge Iron:
Found in Azeroth, this is a precious metal with qualities which surpass Truesilver. The metal appears after earthquakes and eruptions throughout Azeroth, but most commonly spotted in Dustwallow Marsh.Lightforge is well-known for its tendency to always absorb and reflect light, giving armor a shiny appearance at all times.

Commonly found in the Frozen North, the Alliance and Horde forces were fortunate to discover the ore during their campaign, it offered the durability of steel and was easily forged, while also offering engineers a new material to use.

The cursed blood of Yogg'Saron which still corrupts Northrend, this foul metal is the item of nightmares, being able to assume gaseous, liquid or solid forms. Its presence drives the living insane in a short period if not properly tempered. The Scourge employed its seemingly unbreakable, resistant to magic of all kinds nature in their weapons and armor. Though the armor fashioned from it is very strong, it can be shattered or become brittle. Another important detail about this metal is that it can obliterate souls.

A sturdy metal which was spotted in Northrend, praised for its resistance to corrosion, both magical and natural.It is a high-tier material for blacksmiths and must be handled with great care.

Found in Mount Hyjal, An extremely heat-resistant and ultra-sturdy material that can withstand the molten heat which the minions of Ragnaros in the Firelands constantly emanate.

A volatile ore which explodes at the slightest spark. A more potent variant of Seaforium, only found in the ounce of Incendicite will do what ten ounces of Seaforium do.

inv_ingot_ghostiron.jpgGhost Iron:
A common metal found in Pandaria, proving to be a good way for apprentice blacksmiths to start with. It is considered durable and sharp and surpasses regular iron, the Mogu used it into crafting Lightning Steel.

inv_ingot_manticyte.jpgLightning Steel:
Created by using Ghost iron, the Mogu used it to create their armaments, other races can also create it; The next quotes were taken from in-game quests: "The mines north of here are being used to extract Ghost Iron ore and energize it with lightning energy." ; "While the language is incomprehensible, the diagrams in this book yield their knowledge to your skilled blacksmith's eye. It is clear that, by manipulating the properties of ghost iron, you can create a material of great power, perhaps powerful enough to recreate and increase the power of weapons long lost to the mists of time. "

An odd colored metal also found in Pandaria that comes in two forms: Black Trillium, which is naturally smoother and rounded, and White Trillium, which is more gritty and jagged.Both of the forms can be combined into a black and white colored ingot. The better variant to the regular Ghost Iron. It is better suited to hold powerful enchantments than Ghost Iron.

inv_ingot_feliron.jpgFel Iron:
As the name states the metal is drenched in fel corruption, the dangerous metal is stronger than steel, it can only be smelted by fel fire or something equally hot.

 A much deadlier variant of Fel Iron, it requires the shattering of an anvil for the metal to be properly crafted. The cursed alloy can break through iron armor with ease, but the fel seeping through it will undoubtedly corrupt the majority of who dare wield it.

inv_ore_blackrock_ore.jpgBlackrock Ore:
 Native to Draenor, it is an incredibly dense and hard ore, mostly used by the Blackrock Clan. The ore is fairly common in Draenor but due to its hard melting point, it is almost impossible to craft with usual means. The Shamans of the Blackrock Clan channeled the molten fury of a fire elemental to use it.
 Found in Draenor, an ore which stays cold for a long periods of time, considered by Alternate Universe draenei and orcs as "some of the best" metal.

Surfaced when Deathwing broke free, an ore with little to no use other than the creation of Truegold, it may be mistaken for gold due to its looks.

Transmuting the elements of air, water and fire bars into pyrium, likely a sturdy material, but its properties are not very known, it could be a very good elemental catalyst.

The following two materials  and information are exclusive to the RPG:

Bloodstone Ore:

Bloodstone ore is found in the deepest mines within the Arathi Highlands, and a few small veins have been located within the Stonetalon Mountains.Given to the lesser demons of the Burning Legion, the metal is much weaker than steel. When used in smithing, bloodstone ore must be melted and mixed with iron.Only a skilled smith can identify the proper amount to use without ruining the alloy.There are two types of bloodstone ore known to exist: lesser and greater. Lesser ore comprises more than 95% of all bloodstone deposits found on Azeroth.


It is an ultra-hard metal that adds to the quality of a weapon or suit of armor. Weapons fashioned from adamantine have a natural ability to bypass hardness when sundering weapons or attacking objects. Only weapons, armor, and shields normally made of metal can be fashioned from adamantine; an arrow (the arrowhead) can be made of adamantine, but a quarterstaff cannot.


I've added the Bloodstone ore because it is a reagent used by warlocks in demonic summonings and its name has been used in various quests.



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Awesome f*cking guide. Love it.

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Love the guide! Would you consider Titansteel and Balanced Trillium to be their own sets of crafted alloys, with their own set of properties though, - or as Titanium and Trillium that has been very well refined?

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On 11/18/2017 at 8:02 PM, HiddenFIsh said:

Love the guide! Would you consider Titansteel and Balanced Trillium to be their own sets of crafted alloys, with their own set of properties though, - or as Titanium and Trillium that has been very well refined?

Titansteel is supposedly an uber strong material, or at least that's what every RPer I asked said. But since it's so rare to get I wouldn't bother TOO much with it, same goes with Trillium; All in all it's a useless distinction.

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