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Host of Perfection

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A trap sprung upon the Alliance and Horde in the middle of the Great Sea has dashed their mighty fleets asunder, an ambush to bring key members of the Alliance and Horde down to an early, watery grave. Though the trap succeeded in destroying the fighting strength of the surface-dweller forces; the resolve of their champions has prevented an absolute victory. Now, disciples of Queen Azshara muster her call once more to make war.

With the war coming to the doorstep of the Queen herself, these warriors, among hundreds of other tribes, are battling against the surface-dwellers. However, these are not the hosts of the Betrayer, the unwelcome invaders of the surface, but instead the finest legions of the Queen of the Tides, and now those of the surface stand before their beating heart, and eternal palace to their queen.

Available Roles/Races


The serpentine descendants of the ancient Highborn Empire, the naga are some of the most fearsome warriors on Azeroth, both below and above the waves, along with being incredibly powerful sorcerers in their own rights. Harkening upon their roots within the ancient empire, naga society is generally divided among tribes and sects, but, in the shadow of their eternal city, they are all united by one single motive, one uniting force; their loyalty, devotion to Azshara. 


Also known as the lobstrok, the makrura are a primitive, tribalistic species, held aloft only by their superstitions and beliefs derived from the beings that dwell deep below the waves. That is a shallow look at them, however, as they also boast a strong affinity to water magic, with the Kil’karrok of Kal’methir being regarded as the model subjects among these peculiar crustacean to worship Queen Azshara.


A sub-race of deep sea murlocs, the Mur’gul dwell in the deepest coral reefs around Nazjatar proper, their large numbers and ease of reproduction making them perfect thralls for the naga. While considered little more than slaves to the Empire, some Mur'gul have risen above thanks to their strong affinity for the depths and shadow magic, making them ideal, if relatively weak in comparison, agents of Azshara.


Drawn from the tide-worshipping domain of House Stormsong, the K’thir are a type of faceless one encountered on Kul Tiras. Though weaker than their larger and more ancient kin, these mutated humans are just as dangerous when they tap into void magic, often coming in the form of potent spellcasters and assassins in service to the Old Gods. Though not in large numbers, they are often viewed as the direct emissaries of the Deep One.


Also known as the Gellin'Dallah, or the Speechless Ones, these are surface-dwelling converts (often of Highborne descent) who came to worship Queen Azshara as fanatics to the faith of the depths. While not inherently aligned to the dark master, but individuals who coalesce in convent. Oftentimes sailors or those simply unfortunate to nearly perish at sea, these converts seek to spread the word of the Queen's beauty and immense power. Secretive and loyal to none save for Azshara's most elite lieutenants, they have been summoned to Nazjatar to aid in the final war.


The Host of Perfection is a storyline-guild set during the events of Rise of Azshara. Bear in mind I only intend to host six events, so I wouldn’t exactly encourage creating a brand new character if you already have a naga. I will clarify that the inclusion of the Tidesworn is entirely custom lore; namely the idea of a greed-driven cult of personality forming around Azshara. For the most part, this storyline will focus along the conflict between the Old Gods and the rest of Azeroth, or, in less grand terms, the naga destroying the surface-dwellers. 

Naturally, this guild will play heavily with the lore and you shouldn’t expect complete accuracy as I personally didn’t play Battle for Azeroth, but am trying to stay faithful to the source material as much as possible. 

If you are interested in joining the guild, please start by joining the Discord at https://discord.gg/nVx5vMaSNr This is where events will be planned. Any questions or concerns can likewise be forwarded to me on the Discord, or PMed directly to Rogan#0001.

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