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Can't get first time launching / updating.

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I torrented the fresh client,

Immediately moved it to (C:)>Games,

Then ran Epsilon.exe.

The Epsilon Launcher opens for a split second, then immediately closes. 5 seconds later, it will open it again, and close it. This will repeat infinitely unless I close the background process from task manager.

Any clues?

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Hello, and welcome to Epsilon. The solution to this issue is in the #faq channel in our Discord.



Q: My launcher just keeps popping up saying “Updating Epsilon Launcher” and then disappearing, over and over! AHH!

A: Right click on the Epsilon.exe, select 'Properties', and disable "Read Only", and again with the Updater.exe - Do the same for the actual Epsilon folder as well, and ensure you are selecting to Apply changes to this folder, subfolders, and files so that it applies to all the files necessary.



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