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Architect's Call: For the hoard!

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Throm’ka, architects! The Horde needs your skills to expand our range of faction-styled blueprints! Ever thought orcs might need accessories for a sauna room? Maybe a lifeguard chair for a troll, a vanity for a forsaken, or a motorcycle for a tauren? Put an aesthetic spin on any item to make it worthy to join the mighty hoard!

Blueprints must be styled around one of the aesthetics of the base Horde races (orc, tauren, troll, forsaken, blood elf, goblin). Feel free to make as many as you like. You can even group them to form a set of blueprint props.



  • The competition will accept furniture and prop entries, no structures
  • Blueprints need to be newly made
  • Blueprints need to be made public and their ID shared to Aigar on discord
  • Entries can be sent in until August 8 (23:59 CET)

Reward: Temporary “Architect” title for the winner. Entered blueprints will be periodically showed off in phase 26000 and may be featured on the Epsilon twitter feed unless you indicate you don't want yours to be displayed there.

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Congratulations to Jacktheman, who won making a troll xylophone! We have received a great amount of entries and all of them were amazing! We're working on showcasing them all to you soon, so many thanks to everyone who submitted their creations and continue to share them with the whole community. Thanks for helping others bring their vision to life, to inspire and for sharing the love of building new things.


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A few of our entries with comments from the expert panel: 


I love the use of natural materials. It makes these set pieces look like they were really built by hand!



A clever and much-needed blueprint! I know I’ll be using this as a new staple for one of my own characters



Belves with cats! It’s a match made in heaven!



This piece is immediately readable as a goblin’s vanity. The style and proportions are great - it looks like it came right out of the game files!



A simple and sturdy shelf design that looks like it can get great mileage out of a wide variety of builds



I really dig this overgrown look! Belf druids when?


This is such a gorgeous little detail piece, perfect in any glass or jewelry shop



Major props to the amount of work which must have gone into this clock! These assets all have incredible harmony with eachother



Sizing this wmo down to be a cage is so clever! The colors are bright and peppy and they feel like they belong in a summery build



This is INCREDIBLE! From the shapes, colors, and distinct goblin flavor! It has a strong Warcraft-style silhouette without sacrificing believability and function.



Who would have thought to make a troll xylophone? This gets major points for originality, and it pulls off the concept in a way that’s solidly constructed and fun!



WOW. The love that must have gone into this one! It’s got dramatic scale for days and that, as well as everything else about it, is SO Forsaken you might as well be an official designer.



This is a gold standard for simple, clean, and effective construction. It’s not every day you see a tauren playing the hurdy gurdy, but I hope with this build we’ll be seeing a lot more!



I really love the goth vibe here, especially that “potted plant”! Clever use of those chains, too!



The quintessential orc camp!



The devil is in the details -- like these roses growing right through the eye sockets! It adds an extra sense of macabre and even though it might seem less impressive than the other bits in the set, this small facet is something I really love.



--but of course I also had to mention the confession booth, which functions as wonderfully as it looks.



I knew what this was immediately as I looked at it! Honorable mention to the little ring basket as well!


Had a good chuckle at this! I have to put it on my orc grandma’s bedside table



This fits in perfectly in any goblin build. I’ve had many of my own pots end up looking like this! Points for believability! 

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