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Additional items for Female Worgen/Human

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This isn't a must but I noticed for example Belf females were able to have a lot of hairstyles such as Kul'tiran and Night Elf and I hoped that it could be added to Human Females/Female Worgen. It would be fun to be able to have the Worgen and Human forms separate in terms of appearance but again! This is not a must and more of a suggestion! 

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I'm not the expert on the topic, but human female & worgen were more complicated to get done in time when we updated to 8.3 and deployed them way back when.

They're definitely high up on the request list, as are a number of the allied races 😅

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This was being worked on when I first started out doing customisation, unfortunately many things borked up for Human Females at the time, and the ETA I needed to release.
As a result, Human Females were put on hold; and by extension Worgen Females (as they essentially share assets with customisation).

Also, the only workaround during BFA is adding different options for human and worgen form; seperating them just isn't feasible at all until SL.

This is being worked on 🙂

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