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Anim overrides.

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Do you think it would be possible to get a system in place that allows someone to override a character's animations? 


The default running animation, could you replace it with say, Combat Charge or Sprint.
Another idea, replacing stand with one of the guard stances. Or just being able to override the talk anim with 0.
I'm thinking something similar to nativedisplay or mod speed, something you could at least put in a macro when logging in.

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"Mountain Climbing"


"Jug" (255351)

have some of this behaviour. i'm being resistant to making new spells to do these but it's becoming inevitable.

very easy to do.

spell creation

spelleffect link to https://wow.tools/dbc/?dbc=animreplacement&build=

can teell it to replace anim 4 with another stand anim entirely.

can do the same for casts and whatnot.

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