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GotH - Warsong Offensive

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DISPATCHED by Warchief Doomhammer to chase down an army of human cultists, the Warsong Offensive under Chieftain Hellscream drives across frozen seas, making landfall in the frigid wastes of an ice-caked continent only to find it rife with enemies new and old alike. 

Beyond the natural hazards of such an inhospitable land, the inbound Horde forces must face off against the various foes that have come to the frozen continent to hunt down and destroy the Legion forces present in the region. The Warsong Clan have gained much renown for never being defeated in battle, but many believe this will finally test their mettle.

Available Roles/Races

Face and heart of the Horde, the orcs have travelled far from the nomadic days of Draenor. Defeating the nation of Azeroth in the First War and marching on to crush the unified Alliance at the Siege of Lordaeron, the myriad of clans have come to accept the hegemony of the unified Horde under Orgrim Doomhammer. Though some clans still march under their own banners - such as the Warsong - others have fallen to the wayside in fear of retribution after Gul’dan’s betrayal and the abandonment of the Dragonmaw. The majority clans present in the Offensive include the titular Warsong, the Blackrock Clan and the Bleeding Hollow Clan.

Generously provided commodores and specialists of the Steamwheedle Cartel, the goblins of the Warsong Offensive are venture capitalists in uniform: their interests are in the raw materials of the continent and the potential profits of the still-warm relationship between Horde and Cartel. The Trade Prince, in all his wisdom, signed a charter designating the entirety of Northrend under one of his titular Trade Barons, declaring the need to create a new port should the expedition be successful, and it will be.

Surprisingly sparse given their once-widespread involvement in the Horde’s war effort, the ogres have always been a mainstay of the Horde on frontlines. It is their sheer size that has brought down walls and laid waste to the combined human armies at the battle of Capital City. The scarcity of ogres has somewhat raised their pedigree in recent months, but the clumsy and often stupid members of the remaining tribes pale in comparison to the once-mighty Ogre Magi; disciples of Cho’Gall that still serve Doomhammer.

Human (evil)
Once the weakest of the human nations, Alterac was spared the carnage of war when Aiden Perenolde, in an act ridiculed by his once-allies, turned coat and joined the Horde, supporting rebellions through his criminal Syndicate in a multi-faceted scheme to overthrow his fellow kings and bring ruin to all those who opposed him. While stalled in a state of cold civil war, the Kingdom of Alterac has sent a small force to the frozen continent to assist the Offensive.

Races that will not be available at the start of the first event, but will join the Offensive during it; don’t open if you don’t wanna be spoiled.




The peculiar natives of the Borean Tundra, the taunka of the Icemist Clan were quick to side with the Horde, sensing kindred spirits in shamanism among the orcs and understanding the imminent threat of the Burning Legion, these shaggy-haired bison-men may not make up much in numbers, but their strength and close knowledge of the lands make up a great deal in such a strange land.



Perhaps the oddest and most recent addition to the ranks of the Offensive, these strange, sentient spiders are almost a total unknown, towering warriors clad in ancient armour and serving ancient gods, they terrify the bravest of the Horde’s ranks, and unnerve the boldest. Needless to say, the Traitor King has struck a deal of truce with Hellscream, expecting the military support needed to retake his kingdom in exchange for Nerubian fealty to the Horde.




For those unfamiliar with Glory of the Horde; it is a Warcraft III custom map set in an alternate timeline where the Horde wins during Tides of Darkness: the Orcish Horde has fragmented between Doomhammer and Gul’dan, the latter of which having failed his masters in bringing them to this world, but rising numbers of human cultists among Northrend’s estranged colonies has raised alarm among the Horde’s leaders. 

Short story: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HkjZ8abVsYNnAzmDgz5bT75yYOAMXZ3d52OVfZwLRJU/edit?usp=sharing

Short story II: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wiMDrIdt4KsXiP0PQyfQatuaeCmViJDxVSSybKRisuQ/edit?usp=sharing

The Warsong Offensive, in this timeline, takes a similar role to the original timeline, though led by Grom and made up primarily of Second War races rather than WoW. Players will assume the mantle of this alternate timeline Horde’s cream of the crop, elite warriors dispatched to get rid of the apparent demonic foothold in the cold north. 

Victory over the Legion will mean glory for those who return, and failure will potentially bring damnation to an already wounded world.


Discord invite link: https://discord.gg/8MrSV7yv4c


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