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Character Profile - Sibyl Warrings

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Sibyl Harriett Warrings

Dazar'alor casualty, Kul Tiran logistician, peace activist, bookworm & math enthusiast, and a victim of what's basically a faction change


Sorry in advance for the page breaks, I have no idea how to remove them!  >.<


        Sibyl Warrings was a Boralus-native Kul Tiran who lived in relative peace for most of her life, working to manage trade routes and gryphon patrols for the Proudmoore admiralty.  Born in poverty to parents who tried their best throughout much hardship, she was nonetheless very bright and studious and managed to join the Proudmoore academy, serving the admiralty to keep her homeland safe, albeit from a desk. She had a promising career, a loving family, and a wonderful life ahead of her, but when her kingdom rejoined the Alliance all of that was taken away at the battle of Dazar'alor when a Zandalari broadside sent her overboard bleeding out with shrapnel in her chest.

Washing ashore on the beach, passing deathguards saw the uniform of a middle-ranking Kul Tiran officer and believed she could possess useful information.  They raised her, but she was overwhelmed as most new forsaken are, confused and despairing, sobbing terribly and unable to speak, and she was left alone in the muddy Zandalar sand.

      Sibyl quickly realized what had happened and her heart sank even further.  She had lost close friends and family to the forsaken who had butchered Kul Tiras; she knew she could never go home again, and that people she loved would see her as a monster even though she had died defending them.  She made her way to Orgrimmar and spent the next months trying to process everything, living in an alleyway hovel.  She spent many nights crying to herself, bruised from hostile orcs who had been hurt by the forsaken during the war.

      Instead of driving her insane, undeath amplified Sibyl's anxious and depressive tendencies, making her incredibly skittish and sorrowful.  Eventually, however, she resolved to do something more than sit in an alley and mope, and found shelter at a settlement off the coast of Azshara.  Gaining genuine friendships among the Horde and receiving compassion for the first time since her raising, she regained traces of her old willpower and she began to send anonymous copper and flowers to her family back home in Stormsong.  Her family and particularly her sister Esther quickly put two and two together.  Sibyl received a heartfelt response that left her in tears of renewed hope and homesickness.


I don't know where you've gone, or why you don't want to come home, but I know it's you looking out for us.  I know it.  You keep sending us our favorite flowers; mum has made a little garden out of them, on the front porch.  When your ship sank at Dazar'alor, mum and pa were broken.  I was too.  Like half of me was torn away.

But you're out there, and that fills all of us with hope.  You've always been smarter than anyone I ever knew, and I know you have good reasons for staying away, whatever they are.  But we miss you.  We love you, and we need you home again.

If you need time, or space, then that's okay.  But pa is getting worse, and the priest says he has two weeks or so left.  And he wants to see you, more than anything.  He wants to know his daughter's still alive.  And, truth be told, I need a hug from you right now.  I want to see my sister again.  

Come home.  We can go to the market and get fried sweetbread, like we did when we were little.  We can go to the hedge maze in the academy and read, or go see Stormwind or Ironforge and all these crazy faraway places.   It's our birthday in a few weeks, we can have a party and invite Emilia and Vincent and all our old friends.  Alex would give everything he owns in a heartbeat to hold you close for just a few moments.  We'll have a big party; we can have chocolate cake and moonberry juice and maybe a little wine.  Just come home.  Please.  We miss you.  You don't need to hide, whatever your reason is it doesn't matter.  We will always love you.  Come home.

Love you so much,
Es, Mum, & Pa

      Sibyl set out at once and reunited with her family, who were as understanding as any, knowing that she had not asked to be raised and that she was still the same person they loved and had always known.  They were simply happy to know she was okay, and they spent the whole night until sunrise exchanging stories, collectively at peace.

      As the sun rose she had to leave the continent swiftly, fearing imprisonment or worse if anyone saw a forsaken woman in broad daylight.  But Sibyl's hope had been restored, and she is a rare example of an undead whose humanity is mostly intact, as she has had resolution most have not, along with being kind-hearted, intelligent, insightful and most importantly, stubborn.


Current Day (9.1)

      Sibyl has spent the past few years working to help those displaced by the war, volunteering at relief organizations, Barrens farmsteads, and medical centers, alongside a part-time job as an Orgrimmar bank clerk.  Her family in Kul Tiras sends her whatever coin they can spare, and they communicate through the postal system every chance they get, which is practically daily.  But Sibyl has decided to find somewhere that her family, her friends from both the Alliance and Horde, and herself can stay away from factional biases and future conflict, and she is currently working to purchase and furnish a small homestead in the Jade Forest, Pandaria.  She keeps a slightly scary falcon affectionately called 'Amelia' that was gifted to her by her sister for companionship and protection.  Esther now works similarly to Sibyl across the sea, helping to aid victims of the war and the scourge among the Alliance, having recently joined the admiralty herself.

Mogs & Screenshots! (My favorite part!)


(Left: Sibyl's brigandine armor, given to her by her old commanding officer in the days of 9.0) (Shadowlands eventually, hype!!😁)

(Right: An everyday outfit for temperate weather)

(Below: Winter garb for cold weather, even though she doesn't need to stay warm Sibyl likes to maintain some normalcy)



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