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Waypoint Modifier: Set random displayID from index

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I've had a thought about waypoints. Would it be possible to add a subcommand under .wayp mod that allows for the waypoint to select a random displayID (from the NPC's forged display list)?

Case use:

I have several demon NPCs that use waypoints to give the appearance of coming out of a portal, then going into another portal and disappearing for some time. They return to the original portal while invis and sit there on a delay. After the delay ends, they drop invis and fade in on waypoint 1, giving the sense of consistent portal use.

With a displayID randomizer (from their existing index), my invis delay waypoint could choose a random displayID, and when the npc restarts its waypoint, it provides the illusion of being a different NPC each time.

I can try to distill this explanation if needed but hopefully it makes enough sense.

Thanks 🙂 

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