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Another suggestion for Main Phase RP

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Greetings, I'd like to expand on a previous suggestion which went unanswered entirely. The idea of Official Server RP has never really left my thoughts and I really think it should be something Epsilon should sink it's teeth into. I've come up with a few practical ideas that'll allow for a basis on how such a thing would work. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to take control of a project like this, I just want to share a means to tackle it, in hopes that it'll inspire the Epsi staff to actually put some weight behind this. That said, I -am- 100% willing to help out with this. 

1. This RP hub should initially be a neutral one, One settlement, one zone with the option of gradually expanding the scope. (Could start with something like Hillsbrad)

2. This shouldn't be a custom location, but it should definitely have a custom take on the lore. It's hard to explain what I mean by that but I think once I give the example it'll make sense.

3. It should be run by the recently newly appointed moderators and perhaps some phase-only staff that can DM events. Events should be modular, not threaded together too tightly and relatively small in scope, with the goal of encouraging groups of players to bond ICly and in a best-case scenario find themselves some fun folk to commit to more ambitious long-term storylines in their own phases. 
(Example: A quest to clear out a bandit camp, A fetch quest, a crafting quest.)

4. Rules should be minimal and focus primarily on OOC conduct rather than IC conduct. Such as behaving like an adult when initiating a fight ICly and not treating it as a PvP scenario and getting all toxic about it in OOC. People that behave disruptively/toxic could be muted from the IC area just like they can in start.

5. Have people be able to get to the phase through a teleporter in start. Making it a direct OOC area linked to the IC zone and making it easy for people to just walk right into an RP area.

6. Harness the endless creative abilities of Epsilon's community. There are about a thousand or more amazing builders on here, all making magic in their phases. If just a handful of them would join in on this project they could EASILY build something truly special. Additionally, there are people that enjoy DMing. (No, really!) and there are some truly creative storywriters too. All it takes is gathering them up.

I've inevitably forgotten a few things so feel free to ask some questions and (preferably in a constructive fashion) criticize the idea. 
Without further delay, here's my practical idea for the RP hub.

Hillsbrad Foothills
(The in-depths can be further developed if the idea is ever accepted)

Hillsbrad has long been a contested area between the Alliance and Horde. Now it sits slap-bang in the middle of a freshly retaken Stromgarde and a freshly weakened Lordaeron. While the war has ended, this particular frontier remains a rather contested area, with neither side clearly agreeing on where the border is. As such, with the fragile peace in mind it's become a bit of a no-man's land. With the only authority swinging any scepters on the big two's behalf being in Alliance and Horde military bases dotted around the region, both reluctant to be the one to make the provocation against the other and potentially starting a war all over again. Nonetheless, that does not mean they do not have or pursue interests in the area. Quite the contrary. There are always agents from both factions trying to tip the balance in their favour. Small, neutral settlements have been popping up in the old ruins all across the region. These neutral settlements meanwhile have become somewhat of a safe haven for those on the run from both the Alliance and Horde trying to live their lives, as well as opportunistic adventurers and agents seeking to serve their faction, or alternatively to make some lucrative dealings with the other faction, or those hiding from their own.

Neutral Factions in Hillsbrad consist mainly of Alteraci Remnants formerly of the Syndicate lording over rather unusual families of living and undead refusing to let go of one-another. Since the disaster in Arathi a few years ago where an attempt was made to reunite families from Lordaeron from both the Alliance and the Forsaken, motivation for lasting peace might've gone out of the window for the factions, but not for the families that suddenly saw a chance to reunite. Unable to settle in neither Stormwind or Undercity, they chose to become the backbone of Hillsbrad's neutral faction, they aren't large in number, but they pray to the light that it will last. Whereas neutrality in Hillsbrad once meant cutthroat violence, the influx of normal, light-fearing folk have kind of changed the way of how control is exerted, with some of the Alterac remnants in particular aiming for a more soft-power approach rather than open, brutal violence with rivalling factions and a no-nonsense attitude to outsiders. Today, their settlements are (reluctantly) opened to travelers of all backgrounds and they provide shelter for those on the run. This Neo-Syndicate has become a faction that aside from Alteraci humans also consists of a large population of rejects from both the Alliance and Horde, primarily, but not limited to: Lordaeronians (undead or alive) and Gilneans

The Alliance is projecting their power from the newly reconquered Stromgarde. A power that's becoming stronger every day as Stromgarde's gradually being rebuilt. It has already been flexing it's muscle in Arathi, where the Horde is clinging onto meager scraps of what remains of their influence there. It serves as the example of what the Horde's future looks like if the Alliance continues it's efforts in the North. They are highly motivated.

The Horde's main base of operations is Tarren Mill which remains firmly in their hands. The Forsaken have however been forced to abandon the Hillsbrad Fields as they have difficulty projecting power after the fall of Undercity. Hillsbrad is one of the last buffer zones between the Alliance and Horde, and the latter will do everything in it's power to keep it that way. Open Warfare would put them at a serious disadvantage, they prefer covert actions as their go-to methods of trying to regain any semblance of control.

Southshore remains a ruined shell of it's former shell with the plague still tainting the area. There are those that seek to reclaim it on behalf of the Alliance, seeking to cleanse it, while the Horde is trying it's best not to lose it's grip on the area, as the fall of Southshore may put in motion a domino effect that'll see them finessed out of Hillsbrad altogether.

Possible specific locations for the neutral hub:
Dun Garok
+ By the sea, making it possible to double as a port.
+ Close to Southshore's Ruins. Which could be a fun focus for small-scale events where characters of both factions might approach with very different interests.
- Its a very indoor, dwarven area for the most part, which kinda inhibits the ability to really enjoy the environment.

+ Close to Alterac Ruins, a goldmine for small scale events.
+ Syndicate (or a replacing faction) can be the dominant faction here.
+ Extremely underdeveloped lore-wise since Classic allowing for many unused years to be filled in.
- A bit out of the way and in a none too appealing environment (imo).

Place of historical relevance.
+ Well-situated between Stromgarde and Tarren Mill, making it interesting as a neutral area.
- Would take a lot of logistics for a neutral faction to rebuild. Will require some creative ideas.


Previous post on the subject:

On 7/7/2021 at 2:25 PM, Miles said:

I've been thinking a lot about my old server before the cross-realm play was introduced and it got me thinking about what made it fun. I believe that RP doesn't always have to be high-stakes deep storytelling. In fact, that can hardly become a thing as long as it's too inconvenient for people to go out and find new partners to RP with IC-wise. Today, I was in start, once more, with all the people sitting in the OOC area on an RP server being bored out of their minds. So I wish to propose a solution for that.

For the last ten years or so, Private RP servers were either main phase RP or phase-based RP. I'm sitting here wondering why Epsilon needs to align with just one of the two when we have all the means to create a (main( phase location alongside all of the wonderful phases people host, and I've no doubt it's not too tall of an tall order to get the infrastructure in place. Here's what we need.

1. A main phase location, preferably in a location everyone's very familiar with. Perhaps a canonical place that is Neutral. Unless the staff is willing to make a long-term commitment to ongoing plot.
Judging from how many times I've seen it hosted, Booty Bay can be a good candidate for this. Alternatively Dalaran, or twin-locations that belong to one main faction each.
This is something that we can further go in depth on if the idea gains any traction.

2. An easy, one-click way to get from the Main Phase OOC area to the Main Phase IC area. It should be as simple as clicking a portal somewhere. Maybe using the gossip system recently introduced.

3. Someone that keeps things running in order, the Start-zone ban on spells and auras can obviously not carry over into the IC area. For this I suggest that this IC area is a separate phase with a phase-specific staff selected by Epsilon's staff that operate on the principle of removing people that are making a nuisance of themselves OOCly. As far as IC goes, there should be no rules as to who shows up where. It'd be a hands-off free-for-all. It's important that the IC phase remains completely lenient on what character can show up where. If folks desire stricter IC rules they can already get that in most phases, which often completely prohibit 'exotics' from entering anyway.

Such Roleplay Coordinators can be biased, but if this 'main phase RP' is technically contained within a phase separate from the one that holds Start, it's not the end-all for those that get unjustly sanctioned, logs can be kept, bans can be reviewed without the person ever having been removed from the server altogether. It may even provide a testing ground for people that may grow further to become full staff members.


In short, I think it'll provide folks with a lot of convenient, easy IC interaction and give people an alternative to having to afk in OOC all day or to wait for the Phase they like to start hosting.
Naturally I'm also willing to provide any help I can in setting this up.


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Comprehensive, detailed, and interesting!

I'm down for this. 😄

The stars align; Elune be with you.

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Why does it have to be main phase? Why can't you just make it a normal phase? Isn't that the whole point of this server?

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1 hour ago, Rabbit said:

Why does it have to be main phase? Why can't you just make it a normal phase? Isn't that the whole point of this server?

Player-run phases aren't (and shouldn't be expected to be) reliably hosting 24/7. This is to provide a bare minimum means for people to just RP when they're in the mood to RP without the hassle of checking if there's an appropriate phase with rules that they aren't breaking just by existing. Just a place linked to start that they can wander right into and just start improvising. This is a means of giving people a chance to just meet new people more similar to how retail RP works, an actual RP hub.

I've always compared phase communities to guilds on retail anyhow and that's kind of an inevitability given that it takes a small effort to actually get invested in it. (Learning the rules, figuring out what's going on, etc.) That's not to rag on any phases or especially the people that went through the effort to make it. It's just not the kind of culture that makes for easy RP when you're just starting out on the server. It will put less pressure on phase-owners to provide any and all RP for the server and encourage a more global community interaction where people can RP with others that they'd otherwise never meet.

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On 1/14/2022 at 7:36 PM, Eclipse said:

Comprehensive, detailed, and interesting!

I'm down for this. 😄

I appreciate the kind words. Hopefully this gets some traction this time.

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