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Demon Patches Dump (Patches by Voyager)

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Both patches done by Voyagercreates. Link to his website ---> https://voyagercreates.carrd.co/


Incubus patch 2.0.

Introduces Incubi models. Also adds wingederedar animations. Includes talk anim, combat, wing animations, hover, tail gravity physics, etc. This is a standalone to his first Incubus patch so you can remove the previous version when downloading this one. DL link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SNzy94CW_mv7ozHJiBP3RLT-iGwiDRXV/view?usp=sharing



Morph 71592, hovering


morph 71593, landing from jump



Succubus Elf bloodelf female DK skin replacer.

Replaces 3 DK skins on belf females with custom red colours. Also replaces golden eye option with green goat pupil styled eyes. DL link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SM1--JPenONscr9AP2cjbEZ9mVuSKa1t/view?usp=sharing



Skin 17, face 21


Skin 18, face 22


Skin 19, face 23



Have fun with these, and hit Voyager up when his comms are open because hot damn can this man create some cool stuff. Have fun roleplaying demons!

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13 hours ago, Piro said:

Voyager up when his comms are open

They always are!


I'm so glad you're enjoying these, and I hope others do, too.

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Do wish we could get those fel recolors for male belfs too.

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