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[Guild & Phase] Light's Reach

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~Light's Reach~

Welcome to Light's Reach! An island in the southern hemisphere and untouched by war for decades under the vigilant protection of the War Clerics and the Archbishop. The people of the island appear wary of whomever passes through and suspicious, but do not turn them away.





This is a bit of a project of mine that I have been wanting to get up and running, but frankly I'm not the best builder, neither am I the best guild leader either, so I'm looking for people who are willing to help me out in different aspects. Here's what I'm currently looking for!

  • DM's
  • Builders (Interiors, environment, city, or npcs. Any experience is welcome!)
  • Officers
  • Friends

A bit of info about the theme of this phase, Light's Reach is a small civilization of highly faithful people, the faith is based off the light and does not break any main lore barriers but rather builds onto what we *do* know about it without going too far! In a way this is a military organization but isn't considered as one officially, but rather a way of life within Light's Reach. Even normal priests are a part of it! I'm open-minded to new ideas and to ways to make it better.


Contact: Discord - Setuaro#3985 (Ping or PM me!) / Epsilon Forums (You're already here, why not?)


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