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The Moon Goddess answers your prayers!

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"Come, all my faithful children, and let the soothing words of Mother Moon erase your doubts and fill your heart with contentment."

The favourite passtime of all Priestesses of Elune; praying to their Goddess for guidance. And now, the Goddess replies! Mother Moon, Mu'sha, but most know her as Elune, has taken up refuge in Elunaria once more, and is waiting to address her faithful children. Whereas she may have been a silent Goddess, she is now taking a more active approach in guiding all who seek her wisdom and guidance. Pray to Elune, and she may very well answer your prayers in tangible words and experiences.

== OOC ==

That's right! We now have an Elune! This is a little project of mine to get to know some of the other Kaldorei RPers on Epsilon. I am currently on Epsilon EU on the Apertus Server.

Since I know there will be questions, allow me to clear up a few things.


Q: Isn't this quite literally godmodding?

A: It 100% is, but Elune is a peaceful and benevolent Goddess, and will never raise her hand in anger against anyone, nor take away a person's free will. She wishes all her children to thrive and be free. Expect her to give guidance and wisdom, not control you in any way or abuse her divine power in any way, shape, or form.


Q: Who is eligible to pray to Elune?

A: Everyone. Yes, you too. While she adores her favoured children, the Kaldorei, Elune respects all life and will answer prayers whenever she can.


Q: Will we get to see Elune, or will it just be a whispered answer to our prayers.

A: Elune will invite all who pray to her to her sanctum on Elunaria, unless they do not wish to be taken there.


Q: What can Elune do for me?

A: Elune will not help you win the lottery, or seek vengeance against a foe. No, you cannot be a Night Warrior. Other than that, it's all negotiable.


Q: How do I pray to Elune?

A: Close your eyes (open your chatbox), take a deep breath (type /w Elunareth), and just lay it on her (whisper me!). If Elune is currently not available, because Goddesses have a busy schedule, or if she is currently answering the prayers of another person, she will inform you about it and pick another time or date, schedules permitting. This can be either through a whisper or the in-game mail service.


Q: I have other questions you did not answer!

A: Then feel free to leave a comment, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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