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Del'anar's Escape

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 For many years, the denizens of Azeroth have known only war. Anguish, destruction, chaos, and bloodshed. For as long as some can remember, even, the world has been in disarray. However, with the Fourth War brought to an unsteady stay of arms, and peace looming ever so closely upon the horizon, a small villa along the coast of Quel'thalas quietly opens its doors for those in dire need of rest and relaxation. Del'anar's Escape.


OOC Information:

 Del'anar's Escape is a small private community looking to open its doors for members looking to make friends and explore the more social elements of their characters. Rather than focus on events with boss battles and perilous journeys, Del'anar's Escape is looking to offer a more relaxed setting, where characters can express themselves in a way that they perhaps have never gotten the chance to in a public RP setting. The group is primarily focused on casual roleplay, and a phase that is always open to its members (Though, there will be times when IC time is announced within the server).

 Most of all, the phase is intended to be laid back, and fun. Within, characters will find a volleyball court, several places to lounge including on the beach, or inside, various party games to be played, such as Liar's Dice, Death Roll, Dictionary, The Voting Game, and more as they are introduced to the group. A well stocked kitchen and wine cellar ensures food and drink is always flowing, and the good times stay rolling.



 The phase itself is more elven-centric, thus, Sin'dorei, Quel'dorei, and Shal'dorei are the most comfortable there, however most neutral races will be considered if they make sense for the phase and setting. While a full list of rules may be found on our server, the general rule of conduct for most public phases still applies.


Questions? Feel free to direct them to me at Stellar#5459, or if you are interested in applying for membership, fill out the short application form below!


Membership Application





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