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Missing or Corrupt Buildingtiles

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Just making a list here of buildingtiles and whichever problems I'm having with them, will update whenever I find anything new.

I'm looking up the names of the textures through {.lo tiletex <name>} and I'm typing the names of the diffuse textures, not the height textures. The only difference really is the {_s} or {_h} at the end.




UNNAMED (name of tile is "filedata" instead of texture name):

  1. 8ash_dirt (FOUND: 885694)
  2. 8ash_grass_01 (FOUND: 885670)
  3. 8ash_grass_02 (FOUND: 885692)
  4. 8ash_road (FOUND: 885685)
  5. 8ash_rock (FOUND: 885684)
  6. 8ash_roots (FOUND: 885693)
  7. 8bar_dirt_01 (FOUND: 885691)
  8. 8bar_grass_01 (FOUND: 885690)
  9. 8bar_road (FOUND: 885688)
  10. 8bar_rock_01 (FOUND: 885687)
  11. 8bar_rock_02 (FOUND: 885686)
  12. 8bar_rock_03 (FOUND: 885673)
  13. 8bar_rock_04 (FOUND: 885671)
  14. 8des_redrock01 (FOUND: 924322)


  1. buildingtile_nazjatartaxi_130_3023112.m2 (928537) has a propeller sound effect
  2. buildingplane_wt_branch_03_1496203.m2 (915178) has a burning sound effect
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