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More phase staff ranks

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Heya Epsi Staff, 

This has probably been suggested already but one more time can't hurt ❤️ 

Can we get an option to promote someone in your phase so they can work on existing NPC's that were phase forged by someone else, without having the ability to do anything with building? 
Or perhaps some sort of system in which we can switch permissions for our phase staff... Say, this player can adjust exisitng phase forged NPC's and place new buildings but not delete existing buildings... If such a thing is even possible o.o

Although, being able to give people a rank in which they can interact with your phase to a certain limit would be pretty cool... Inculding kicking/banning people. 


Lemme know what's possible, or if something like this is already being worked on. :3 

Have a good one. 

Turkish Dad

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