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Mereldar - Warcraft 3 AU Phase seeks builders, lore buffs and GM's

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Hi everyone!


First time posting but by no means new to Epsilon. My name is Sedrian and I'm here to give you a brief rundown of the Mereldar phase in hopes of sparking some interest in finding others to join the development team for Mereldar.

What is Mereldar?

  • Set at the starting point of Warcraft 3 where all previous lore remains intact
  • Set in an Alternate Universe where the timeline will differ going forward
  • The main phase is a HD reconstruction of everything north of the Thandol Span, this is where the main story takes place
  • I am currently 1200+ hours into the rebuild so a lot of the work has been done

What is needed?

  • Builders/decorators
  • NPC creation and dialogue
  • Loremaster
  • DM's
  • GM's

The phase has been built with a great emphasis on precision and detail, something I will look to continue forward. Whilst a master builder is not something that I require, it should be said that quality is important and those looking to join should be open to growth and criticism in order to achieve the best result, every day is a learning day!

There are lots of NPC names and dialogues referencing WC3/WoW/other games to create a sense of fun and this will continue forward.

What next?

Please check out the screenshots attached and if you feel this is something you can commit a bit of time to and would be passionate about a great end product then please message me on Discord: Sedrian#1056 and if you have any questions please post them here so I can answer publicly to save repetition!

Thank you!



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