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[COMING SOON] Blackbet Casino - (Blacklabel Syndicate)

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"Always bet on Black!"


Featuring multiple games like Roulette, slot machines and the favorite Blackjack, Blackbet Casino quickly drew attention with crowds and heaps of gold were won and lost in times past.  As of recent years, the place fell into a dilapidated state when the Blacklabel Syndicate focused their operations solely on Booty Bay and Ratchet, leaving the old casino to wither and fill with dust. 


However, as of the last few weeks, Razilius Sparkdealer, a high-ranking caporegime of the Blacklabel Syndicate, directly ordered the refurbishing and restoration of the place to attract new clientele.  With the sheen of Booty Bay having worn off on the would-be customers, Razilius figured it would only make sense to make a change of location - and what better place to return the Syndicate to its old glory than the place that put them on the map in the first place?


As soon as all of the dangerous spikes and heaps of what may be old drugs scattered across the place are all cleaned up, the Blackbet Casino is sure to win the hearts of people looking for an exciting new place to kick back and spend their wealth at!






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