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June 2022 - Midsummer Build-down!!

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🔥 Hello, Epsilonians! 🔥

It’s been a while since the last building competition, so it’s about time to have another one! And what better time other than when the server has been graced with so many new Epsilon custom objects! So get out your building tools and put on your safety hat, for it’s time to get busy with building!


Submission timeframe:

24.06. - 04.07.
(Winners announced on 6th of July)



1. Roughly 25% of build should have Epsilon-custom objects, so 1 every 4 objects
2. Minimum amount of objects is 4
3. The Epsilon objects can't be hidden inside and has to be visible
4. Builders can submit more than 1 build
5. Build has to be SFW 

6. Has to be new build, can’t submit an already existing one

7. You can participate as a team but no more than 3 members
8. Build has to be shared to " Kitty " by the end of the submit period (  .gob blue share <ID> Kitty )

9. Share screenshot, character name and build name with Kitty on Discord

10. Make sure all rules are followed, missing a rule results in disqualification 


You can find all the Epsilon specific items in the Epsilon mall of Builder’s Haven(26000): 



 🏆 Architect title in Epsilon Discord
 🏆Showcase highlight in Builder's Haven ( 26000 ) 
🏆Showcase highlight in Epsilon's Twitter

🏆Your build being shown somewhere in Epsilon Startzone


And of course, the bragging rights of being the coolest builder until the next builder’s challenge. 

If you have any questions about the competition, please reach out to Kitty in Discord or anyone else in the event coordinators team.


Oh, and most importantly, remember to have fun! Happy building!


~ The Epsilon Event Coordination Team








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