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.gob turning troubles

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Turning a gobject too many times will, eventually, create a noticeable discrepancy in the degree of turning:




Depicted above is me rotating a tile by 90 degrees five times, wherein the fifth revolution it gains a floating additional 0.00008 degrees. While this alone isn't a problem, this is cumulative (but seems to cap out at 0.000031?):



While it might not be noticeable in some environments, certain precise tile builds suffer greatly from this as the discrepancy in angle will cause edges to catch light or player collision:



(Visible above: two corner-wall build prototypes wherein the second one was rotated by 90° to align with the pyramidal corner section. The tiles do not align flushly where they should.)





To reproduce:


  • spawn object
  • .gob turn 90
  • repeat approx. 5 or more times
  • rogue degree shifts appear

[Gunmar] says: "I can't believe this 'Arahi' woman went down so fast. Storm my arse."




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Yup, noticed this some time ago - figure it's just how the system works.  Usually end up having to respawn it to fix it, and it's tough to recapture the angle if you haven't kept track of NWSE position.


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is this still happening? i never saw bad numbers show up in the turn command:


and resultant .gps shows orientation of 0.785398 which matches the 6 digits of pi.

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