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Lookin' for a RP partner or two!

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Hello there! My name's Ray, or if any of you were on MG about four years ago, you might know me as Ferlash! As of late I've come up on a bit of a dry spell for roleplaying, and without any partners to RP with, I've decided to seek some out!

I tend to follow the lore as much as I can, but will sometimes bend it to help the narrative along, though I won't break it (i.g, making a character related to a canon one). I have dozens of characters, primarily Alliance or Neutral, though I have a few Horde ones as well! My main character is Ferlash, a Worgen Druid who's been battle hardened and is untrusting of newcomers, but is willing to make new friends! My Discord is Ray the Forgetful#5938, spaces included. I've built up parts in my phase, though I'm okay with using other people's phases, too! On my Discord, I have a carrd (website link) that basically goes over my limits for some things. Please, don't reach out to me if you only wanna be mean.

I look forward to meeting whoever responds to this call!

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