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Hi, me and my friend have been on Epsilon for a few years since RPHeaven shut down, and we really love it here so far. Only thing we miss from RPHeaven is the ability to make NPCs kill each other through auto attacks/casting spells on each other. There doesn't seem to be a way, or at least any convenient way on Epsilon to make NPCs automatically attack each other or periodically cast spells, yet this is a really fun feature as an alternative to the standard roll/emote battle combat. Here's how it worked on RPHeaven:


  1. Create an NPC
  2. Set the faction to something non-neutral
  3. Assign a spell ID to be cast by the NPC. There were a lot of options with how this can be done, such as only casting the spell upon aggroing, or periodically casting it like every 3 seconds, or randomly every 1-100 seconds. You can also mess with the targeting, such as having it be targeted on self, an ally, or a nearby enemy. 
  4. Create another NPC with an opposing faction, give them their own unique kit, and watch them fight!


It is worth noting that RPHeaven didn't have this system perfectly down. Most of the spells that you'd assign didn't do any damage, and they'd only be "visual spells." So to remedy this, you'd have to layer on additional "non-visual" damage spells to be cast after the visual spell in order to implement damage, often layering several times until you got the preferred amount of damage for that spell—and this really only worked for single target spells. (e.g, if the damage spell does 500 and you want 1,500, you'd have to layer it 3 times.)


That said, if this were to ever be implemented on Epsilon, from my perspective the best way to do it would be:


  1. Implement a command to make NPCs hostile, and aggro against another hostile faction.
  2. Add the feature to create spells for NPCs to cast by using a spell ID as a visual
  3. Having a targeting system such as if the spell is cast on 1 nearby enemy or all enemies within a 20 yard radius for AoE spells 
  4. Have a damage/healing modifier for that spell. There's also of course debuffs like Stun, Sleep, Bleed, Slow, etc. however these should all work (except for damage debuffs like bleeds and burns) just by applying a certain spell ID debuff to the enemy. Bleeds and Burns can also just be applied with the option to deal tick damage over a certain period of time + a visual spell to represent the debuff.
  5. Allow for various modifers on when the spell is cast, such as every 1-20 seconds, upon aggro, upon death, etc. 

    I can see all this best being added in the Arcanum Spell Forge or NPC Forge addon so it's easy to use without having to type a lot of commands. 

I know it's a really niche thing that might only be appreciated by a small percent of the community, and that it'd probably be too much of a pain to add, but I do hope it receives some consideration! I think it can lead to some really cool RP events like sending a formation of ghouls at a group of NPCs that need to defend a fortress with their own specialized kits. Also, I left some shitty photoshop of how I figured it might be visualized in game, just to give a better idea on what I'm talking about. 


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