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What Makes a Good Roleplay Server: Learning From the Rest

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I more or less agree with the OP; having played servers like Legacy/Prologue and Paragon, albeit that first case is mostly custom lore, you need something like a balance. Phases are great, don't get me wrong, but I think a much-needed aspect that was sorely missing from RPH (at least in my time there) was main-phase roleplay like what retail has, like what these other servers have. It's at the point now that if you don't find private RP on RPH, which is what I turned to doing, you have to spend your own time building a phase tediously to get people interested for your own hosting or lower your standards and go to the places that are popular... in this case, a muslim rape fantasy set in the Eastmoon ruins of Tanaris or a draenei spaceship that is inexplicably neutral and openly welcomes things like undead, orcs, exotic races.

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