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Doodad HD redesigns (Dragonblight Cliff, etc)

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Disclaimer: I'm using spoilers because this thread could get very messy very quickly with mulitple large resolution screenshots taking up the page.

Hi, to try to make life easier for builders and hopefully spawn some wonderful creations from the community, I've decided to work on a rework of sorts for a few objects that are lagging behind Legion's own content.

So far, just two, but more to come as I think of them, or they're suggested. 

I can't do WMOs, and I can't change geometry wildly, unless you're okay with the collision not being there.


Dragonblight Cliff


Previously,  this terrain object was a pain to use, because of the stretchy texture, and pixelated detail.
While being a sound object for building, the texture always ruined the outcome, with that in mind, I've terrain painted the top of the cliff only, the sides will remain the same, but I'm sure that doesn't matter to people who used it as a ground object.

Texture size is up to a whopping 4096x4096, which means there's a LOT of room for future detail, but for now.. here's the first build.

Given that this is a heavy WIP, here's a poll if you'd like to take place in deciding what the cliff top should be (texture wise)

Here's 3 biomes i've done so far.










Uldum River Rocks (Grass)

I use these frequently in builds as well, goes together with most of these cliffs pretty decently, but I tried to stay close to the original theme blizzard went with.
It was well in need of a texture/ UV update, so I decided to see what I could do with my tools at hand.



Download coming soon. 

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