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Hi!  It's me, Equinox, better known as SARI THE SHITHEAD.  I've got a small but helpful guide for you about making CUSTOM SIGNS!  We didn't have them for so long (and still don't!  :c) but we have an alternative!

Step 1: Type .ph for npc create 51525 (51525 is a display ID for a sign.)

Step 2: Type .ph for npc spawn <ID Given From Step 1>

Step 3: Select the NPC

Step 4: Type .ph for npc name <Insert IC Sign Text Here>

Step 5: Type .ph for npc subname <Insert OOC Sign Text Here>

Step 6: ????

Step 7: Profit!

If you somehow didn't understand that, I won't help you.  Maybe I will....  We shall see.  Anyhow, thanks for reading my guide on custom signs!  Now go fill your phase with them you bastards!

P.S. Don't take the bastards bit to heart.

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I will just swing my sword at this sign.



>Sign bleeds

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