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  1. "Knighthood lies above eternity; it doesn't live off fame, but rather deeds." "The Knights of the Sacred Rose are the unbridled embodiment of strength, gallantry, and nobility. Chivalrous warriors forged from blood and steel, we stand undaunted among the ashes of the thousands dead, our blades drawn to combat the teeming hordes that plague our beloved kingdoms. Embittered by the woes of ages past, those adorned in our crimson heraldry have pledged a sacred oath of duty to the lands and people of Lordaeron, one unfulfilled until the day human sovereignty is reclaimed. In adherence with the sacrosanct tenets of the Three Virtues, we serve as the shining sword of the north, cutting a swathe through our enemies with the remorseless fervor and unrelenting fury of our forefathers." -- An excerpt in a tome labeled Modern Chivalry in the Eastern Kingdoms, authored by the Dalaranian wayfarer Tybalt Tyranson Jagged bolts of lightning streak across the sky as deafening thunder roars high above, serving as the benchmark of an unforgiving storm brewing tumultuously overhead. Heavy raindrops cascade down upon the beleaguered frames of faceless knights, assailing their armoured forms as they stand motionless atop a great mountain, collectively staring down upon an immense valley laden with verdant woodlands, rolling hills, and flowing rivers. An ominous silence grips the tongues of those present, their dauntless figures adorned to varying extents in chainmail and steel, the only audible sound that of the punishing barrage of rain pummeling against their inert forms and the howling wind thrashing against their sodden, rose-crested banners. At the head of this great army stands a lone man, his face indiscernible as he unsheathes a gleaming longsword and grips it firmly in hand. An imposing and righteous warrior by every definition, his infallible demeanor and forthright resolution speaks where words would otherwise fail. The intrepid warrior takes a resounding step forward, his boot sinking into the marshy earth drenched by water as he situates himself closer to the promise of wealth, glory, and security. A thousand eyes rest upon his back as he peers out over the mysterious expanse, nostrils flared as the scent of greener pastures fills his nose. For a moment, time stills; droplets of rain are suspended in the air, the unflinching expressions of countless undeterred bannermen frozen as they await his command. An indomitable gaze pierces the duplicitous veil and, with a single gesture and a thunderous shout, the amassed army echoes his fearsome call, surging across the waveless sea to the promise of a better tomorrow. We are the Order of the Sacred Rose. The Order of the Sacred Rose is a brotherhood of knights that functions as an errantry in the northern kingdoms of Lordaeron. Publicly avowed to serve and defend the interests of humanity north of the Thandol Span, the Knights of the Sacred Rose have pledged an oath of duty that transcends all others. Seeking to restore the integrity of human sovereignty in a land torn asunder by constant war, we combat the various threats that plague the following kingdoms, fallen or otherwise: Alterac, Gilneas, Kul Tiras, Lordaeron, and Stromgarde. The Order is uniquely poised to spearhead the reclamation of Lordaeron from their stronghold in Eastern Arathi, where they contend with the teeming hordes of adversity on every front. Aspirants from every corner of the seven kingdoms have flocked beneath our banner, seeking both solace and purpose donning our colours. Our story commences shortly after the Battle for Stromgarde during the Fourth War, and our goal is to reinstate the hegemony of man over the northern realms. More details pertaining to the guild's focus can be found below. From the Witherbark trolls of the Arathi woodlands to the undead Scourge roaming the foothills of the Eastweald and Tirisfal, we launch lengthy, D&D-style campaigns to purge these dangers and facilitate the resettling and subsequent prosperity of each kingdom. As an errantry funded solely through the tithes of affiliated villages and fiefdoms, we abide by a strict code of chivalry under the guidance of the Holy Light. However, despite our unwavering allegiance and servitude to the Light, we operate outside of the jurisdiction of the Church of the Holy Light and, as such, are not answerable to the Archbishop thereof. We are staunch adherents to the tenets of the Three Virtues and, in accordance with the coveted Code of Chivalry, we serve as a bastion for human sovereignty in the north. We are bound by no kingdom, loyal to no monarch, and restricted only by our own moralistic integrity; our allegiance lies solely with the idea of a reclaimed Lordaeron. To friends, we are exemplars of righteous justice and tempestuous retribution, sweeping across the kingdoms of Lordaeron with a flaming fist and an unwavering disposition. To foes, we are fearsome zealots and relentless crusaders, setting ablaze entire villages and slaughtering the hapless with little remorse. The Order's chapterial home is found within the barony of Aldenwall, a Stromic fiefdom nestled in the heart of the highlands of Eastern Arathi. RANKS & HIERARCHY Grand Master // The Grand Master serves as the leader of the Order and its ruling council, though the position is considerably less feudalistic than the traditional relationship between lord and serf. Though this position holds immense influence, those who don this title lead moreso as shepherds than sovereigns. The position is currently held by the Order's two founding members, Lord William Davenmoore and Sir John Brynholdt. Council // The Council of the Sacred Rose is comprised of esteemed individuals tasked with governance over select elements within the brotherhood. Answerable only to the Grand Master, they are beholden to their own set of responsibilities and hold equal influence in their assemblies. The positions are currently held by NPCs in our guild's ongoing storyline. The Grand Chancellor serves as the minister of foreign and internal affairs, as well as the Order's chief ambassador and diplomat. The Grand Commander serves as the chief militant officer of the Order and as an interim leader during a vacancy in the office of the Grand Master. The Grand Hospitaller serves as the minister of humanitarian and charitable activities, in addition to governing the Order's menders. The Grand Treasurer serves as the minister of finance, directing the administration of commerce and property within the Order. Knight-Champion // The Knight-Champions of the Order are not only stalwart adherents to the Code of Chivalry, but serve as standard-bearers for the edicts and proclamations of the Grand Master. Only a select few may ever hold the title of Champion, as the trials are famously onerous and difficult. They are beholden only to the Grand Master; not even members of the Council may dictate their actions. Knight-Captain // The Knight-Captains of the Order serve as lieutenants under the Grand Master and the Council. As senior members of the brotherhood, they are responsible for delegation and guidance of their lesser subordinates. Only two individuals currently hold this position: Dame Millisandra Thelasille and Sir Darryl Denholm. Knight // Barring royal allegiance, any man or woman of lawful age that has endured the tribulations of squireship may ascend to the ranks of knighthood within the Order. Anointed by the Grand Master, Knights are fully-recognized members of the brotherhood. Bannerman // Not all who pledge their allegiance to the banner of the Sacred Rose take the oath of chivalry. To those who do not venture down the path of knighthood, including men-at-arms, armigers, priors, chaplains, and others not expressly mentioned; these are the Bannermen of the Order. Aspirant // Aspirants are the initiates of the Order, eager to prove their worth and loyalty to the Council. Before taking the oath, they must demonstrate their merit through whatever means necessary while adhering to the tenets of chivalry and gallantry. Squire // Squires have ascended beyond their station as pages in pursuit of Knighthood and are subsequently mentored by a senior Knight to further their training. They are tutored in all areas of chivalry and gallantry, including swordplay, courtly etiquette, military strategy, and kingdom law. Like many guilds, we began as a close-knight group of friends that have roleplayed with each other over the past few years. Recently, we have expanded that group to include newer members, while the GM (Davenmoore) and his officer team has extensive experience in creating and maintaining guilds and communities of all sizes, backgrounds, and themes. We have operated on multiple different platforms in several different games, including (but not limited to) WoW Retail/Classic, SWTOR, and ESO. We have committed ourselves time and time again to cultivating the best possible atmosphere for both ourselves and our members regardless of our chosen platform and, with the tools and resources afforded to us within Epsilon, we aim to continue this trend of excellence by building and maintaining updated phases to reflect the guild's progress in our story. In regards to our unique D20, D&D-styled rolling system features simple yet comprehensive customization that allows members to completely tailor their characters to fulfill a variety of different roles, from frontline, shield-bearing tanks to Light-wielding clerics, marauding warriors to nimble rangers, so on and so forth. Ultimately, our goal is to promote quality roleplay in a friendly and creative environment while helping to establish a golden standard in the RP community. Additionally, we are an 18+ guild due to prevalent mature themes. For all intents and purposes, we adhere to a low fantasy, high realism setting where we explore political, cultural, and moralistic intrigue. Our story is divided into distinctive chapters where we tackle adversity in every conceivable form, all rooted in a morally ambiguous plot. In other words, although we perceive ourselves as the heroes of the fable, our actions have consequences that will ALWAYS affect the direction and subsequent outcome of the story. Additionally, we have invested many hours into researching human lore within the Warcraft universe, the relevancy of knighthood throughout the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and the precepts of both historical and romanticized chivalry in order to cultivate a unique image and culture for the Order. We are very passionate about weaving RL historical influence into a low fantasy setting in WoW, and have successfully executed this often strenuous balance time and time again. We established ourselves as a prominent, reputable guild on the Moon Guard server prior to our transfer and, for over a year, we have managed to retain the original core of our beloved community. To summarize, we are equally passionate about the projects we undertake. We hope to adequately represent this passion by creating multiple phases to accurately reflect the progress made throughout the duration of our ongoing guild story, which shall include (but is not limited to) the everchanging landscape, both political and otherwise, of Lordaeron as we seek to restore all that was lost. That doesn't necessarily mean we aspire to directly reverse the aftermath of the Second and Third Wars; instead, the Order is committed to combating the various factions that now run rampant across the continent of Lordaeron, particularly during a period of time where humans are beginning to resettle the scattered regions that have since fallen into disarray. Although this is a fairly simple question, it nevertheless carries much weight with it. As a prospective member, we understand that picking a home for your character is a meticulous process. As such, we have devised several points that we hope will persuade you into considering us, provided that you meet our own criteria. An important note to consider is that we reserve the right to remain selective, given our desire to ensure the best possible environment for our members. Listed below are the seven reasons that we believe make us exceptional. The Code of Chivalry // We have created a unique order structure built upon the foundation of the Code of Chivalry, whose principles were founded in adherence to ancient traditions of gallantry dating back to Lordain of Arathor. All of the oaths, customs, and ceremonies of the Order can be attributed to this sacred code, which governs the actions of everyone within the brotherhood. Our ranking structure is modeled after the various knightly orders of Medieval Europe, and our edicts reflect their own. Quality of Writing // We place a heavy emphasis on lore-abiding immersion and high quality roleplay. Our core is filled with eloquent writers with a natural propensity for paraposting and novella writing. Our expectation is that all new members share in this collective passion and capability, and are able to match the emote quality of guildmates when the situation calls for it. Those who have, in the past, struggled to find likeminded individuals in this regard may find solace with us. Quality of Roleplay // We provide an unmatched knightly and order-based roleplaying experience. We immerse ourselves into the world of chivalrous roleplay with a progression system marked by different rites and trials, including our unique (but largely traditional) path to knighthood. Moral ambiguity and realistic consequences, additionally, are our bread-and-butter, and are actively conveyed throughout the duration of the guild's story. Frequency of Roleplay // In retail WoW, we managed to host frequent, weekly events that were both interactive and engaging. Although our we would like to establish ourselves as a permanent entity in the RP community, our foremost priority is offer a rich, detailed storyline that promotes character development and organic growth, both of which are propagated upon active participation from all members. Beyond scheduled events, we aim to provide our members with the perfect environment for casual roleplay as well, utilizing all the tools afforded by Epsilon as a means of active facilitation. A Supportive Community // We are a close-knit community that looks after our own. Not only do we encourage growth as roleplayers, but as people too. We are a family, one that sticks together both in- and out-of-character; we frequently utilize our guild Discord throughout the day, play other games outside of WoW, and much, much more. Although community participation is not mandated, it is definitely recommended as we believe it greatly enhances the experience. Meaningful, Impactful Roleplay // The Order's ultimate goal is the final reclamation of Lordaeron and the restoration of the northern realms. The campaigns we launch, the phases we build, and the tales we weave as a guild will reflect the progress that we make (for better and for worse). Every single decision made by members during the story will carry weight that will impact the plot in some capacity, much like a stone tossed into a pond creates ripples that diverge outwards upon the water's surface. We do not follow a single, linear progression, and we ascribe to the belief that actions yield consequences. D&D-based D20 Campaigns // We have created a highly-detailed, in-depth D20 rolling system utilizing the DiceMaster add-on, featuring customizable traits, attributes, and simplified explanations detailed comprehensively in a 20-page guide. The intention of this system is to perfect the balance between tabletop D&D-style campaigns and Warcraft roleplaying, allowing members to customize their characters' potency and abilities. You can choose to fulfill any role within the holy trinity (tank, healer, or damage dealer) or choose to forge something else entirely; the decision is yours. Firstly, any and all questions regarding the Order and our phase can be gleaned from reaching out to either GM. We do NOT require prospective members to submit applications, but we do require everyone to undergo an IC interview process to determine and confirm overall compatibility. So long as interviewees adhere to the following requirements, joining the guild is as simple as contacting a GM or officer to schedule a time and date. Listed below is the current criteria that all IC members are subject to. MUST ICly be a member of one of the original races of the Alliance of Lordaeron (Humans, Dwarves, Gnomes, or Quel’dorei). MUST ascribe to the thematic principles of the guild; your character’s allegiance must make sense. MUST be capable of posting multiple paragraphs with proper spelling and grammar. MUST possess a detailed roleplaying profile add-on with a fleshed-out character, as well as DiceMaster and an emote splitter. MUST NOT ICly be a witch, warlock, necromancer, or any other class archetype beholden to inherently evil tropes.* Again, the Order of the Sacred Rose is selective. Not all who are interested will be permitted to join for a multitude of reasons. We implore those who are interested to contact the GM or any of the officers for more information or to inquire about joining. *GM approval for "evil characters" can be attained. This only pertains to individuals who partake in "black magic," and not those of questionable morality. GM INFORMATION Lord William Davenmoore Username: Davenmoore Discord: swoony#1431 Sir John Brynholdt Username: Brynholdt Discord: ijustatefood#1932 Dame Millisandra Thelasille Username: Millisandra Discord: pölkadöt#9928 This section is reserved for any additional information that may not necessarily fit within other sections. Presently, we have only recently transferred over to Epsilon from retail. We originally founded the guild a month prior to the Shadowlands pre-patch last year but, in light of recent issues regarding Blizzard's intolerable behavior and the unfortunate state of the game currently, we have decided to take our roleplay elsewhere. Although we have no particular limit to membership in mind, our focus is quality over quantity. Beyond that, if you are a representative of another guild that would like to pursue a potential collaboration with us, please feel free to reach out using the aforementioned contact information. We would love to interact and cooperate with interested parties. We will likely be more amenable to those with a similar thematic aesthetic.