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    Music is a unique, varied, and malleable form of art that breathes life into almost every other aspect of culture and media. For me, personally, music has played an important role in my development as an individual. Though I don't have any particular talent musically, music and musicians that I have been introduced to over the years have been key players in my tastes and personality, and that remains a constant to this day. With that in mind, I had the idea for an experiment (when I say 'had an idea', I really mean 'stole the idea from /mu/ and a dozen other boards on 4chan') in which we would present 9 albums in a three-by-three grid (preferably 900x900 image size and coupled with links), with the express purpose of sharing our tastes and introducing each other to new music. The albums don't have to be current or obscure, or really fit any sort of theme, rather any music you think deserves to be shared and might deserve more recognition. Hopefully we can get lots of people into lots of new artists, and maybe even new genres they either thought they didn't like, or were entirely unaware of. I'll kick things off with nine very chill albums I've been listening to to get into the fall mood, as fall has always been a pretty mellow time of year for me. VACATIONS - Vibes & Days Yellow Days - Harmless Melodies Mac DeMarco - Salad Days Tame Impala - Currents Motorama - Poverty Midlake - The Trials of Van Occupanther Ducktails - The Flower Lane Peach Pit - Sweet F.A. El Vy - Return to the Moon
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    yeah i meant it in general i dont blame u for it
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    We are currently hard at work accomodating Russian and Spanish localizations of Epsilon. We already have translated DB2s so that localized clients work on Epsilon. If a German community develops, please don't hesitate to agree on a representative so that we can make the community feel right at home. Welcome!
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    This patch fixes the pistol model to sit in your hand, instead of float a kilometer off. DOWNLOAD Put this into the directory, the same folder as your .exe. DM me on Discord at Kalrihk#5474 if you have any issues. I also take requests.
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    Hello everyone! I love me some satyr and decided to make a patch for them. I loved the white Val'sharah satyr model but did not like that only white was available. This patch allows for the normal satyr skins (satyr2.m2) to be used in place of the Val'sharah (silver/white w/ horns) satyr skin (satyr3.m2) - morph id: 64706 The rar file holds the furs and armor textures as separate files for each color variant. There are two armor variants - the lighter version belonging to the white horned Val'sharah satyr3.m2 and the darker varient belonging to the Nightmare Val'sharah satyr3nightmare.m2. The fur variants are all the options available to the common satyr2.m2 in World of Warcraft. By default, this only replaces the skin for the satyr3.m2. If you'd rather replace the Nightmare version of the satyr3.m2, change the file names to satyr3nightmare_dark.blp for the fur and satyr3nightmare_armor_dark.blp for the armor. INSTALLATION Copy your choice of satyr3_silver.blp and/or satyr3_armor_silver.blp to the following directory within your main WoW Epsilon directory: \creature\satyr3\ - if both directories do not exist, create them. Creature goes in your main WoW directory and satyr3 within the creature directory. The one or two .blp files go within that. Note: If you choose to omit one of the two files, the game will load the silver fur or lighter armor per my examples above and the morph chosen. Satyr3.m2 Reskins.rar A couple examples
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    not to say this isnt cool as fuck and u did a rlly good job tho
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    casual reminder that u shouldnt enforce accurate scaling on people and if they have a height listed in their trp which they don't represent and they dont want to portray it ingame, you should treat it as if they're accurately scaled.
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