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    Just a few suggestions, I thought that having a way to make raid warning messages show up for every player in a phase w/o the raid was a pretty handy tool for doing some generalized DMing and wide-scale stuff. A command as simple as ".ph rw <text>" would be more than enough. Expanding DM perms or creating a proper DM rank that doesn't afford much in the way of building or allowing bans, but does allow players to operate NPCs and tell stories would be a lot of help, and goes towards more just expanding on the types of ranks in a phase. Using the epsilon addon as a means of creating templates for NPC gossip and such would go a long way to help with formatting, adding pages, and more to give NPCs more complex dialogue options when they're not being actively DMed. Phase auras, the ability to cast something on an entire phase, or set something to be automatically cast on people when they join a phase, would also be pretty generous to help in setting scenes and maintaining effects. (An afterthought, piggy-backing off the epsilon addon. It would definitely be more complicated, but integrating npc forge commands into that with visual aids would be really, really nice and easy to work with.)
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    Soon, all of your wildest dreams will come true. The Toxic Flamingo, built high up in the mountains overlooking Booty Bay, is being rebuilt to its former glory as the bastion of all your party needs. Dancing girls, LED floorboards, and all of the drinks you put down will be yours to enjoy once our Blacklabel mooks figure how which way the hammer goes. Prepare yourself for an experience like no other. COMING SOON to Phase 679!
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    Hey everyone! So just under a year ago I wrote a guide on the RPH forums where I created a server template for phase owners to create their own Discord server with relative ease. Discord created the ability for users to have a Discord server that would act as a 'template'. When you use the link, this template copies all channels/roles/permissions and makes them into your own server. Below, I'll write a guide for how you can get this functioning for you. It’s fairly easy to set up. All you’ll need is to copy the link below, and then add a bot to your server. Clicking this link should tell you what channels are added, as well as the roles - obviously, once the server is made, you’re free to make changes as you see fit. A template is just a template! https://discord.new/N6wr5ydyMkPx Once you visit that link you’ll be presented with the basic details as such: this You can change the name and icon before making the server. Now, the bot: You’ll want to add Dyno to your server; Here is a link to Dyno's webpage Once he’s in, you’ll be presented with a dash that looks a bit like this. At the lefthand side, go to Modules. NOTE: Please be sure once you’ve added Dyno to your server that his role is ABOVE at LEAST the Guest rank. Otherwise, the feature below will not work! Once there, look for a panel labeled as “Autoroles” and click on “Settings” Almost done - now on this page you’ll want to go and select the role “Guest” under “Select Role”, and then set the delay timer to 0 - now press ‘Add’. And you’re done! You now have a fully operational server with private entry. New users will be given the Guest role automatically, in which the only channel they can view is the “welcome-channel”. They can request a role there. This is to prevent trolls/evaders/whatever from just entering your server and mucking around. Both the NSFW and 'nsfw access' roles can be deleted if you don't care for those. This will not cause problems for the rest of the server. However the nsfw channel cannot be seen by users without the nsfw access role -- unless they have admin privileges. OPTIONAL STEPS - This is for users that want a bit more of an advanced system in place for their server-logs channel. If there turn out to be any problems with the template, let me know here or on Discord. Adjustments are not hard to make and I can update the template link any time. (also if anyone knows how I can better format this thread let me know, I don't do forum posts frequently)
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    hrngh.... intriguing.... will watch,,,,