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    I agree with the sentiment. However, I disagree with advertising Epsilon as a brand new server--it really isn't. We have already advertised ourselves to /r/wowservers in the past, and we are even mentioned in its sticky and have an entry in the associated dkp website, which is how several people have found us. I think it's a good idea if we make a thread to time with the release of 735.4, but I'm not sure which locations are proper other than /r/wowservers. I also don't see Argent Dawn and Moonguard as threats--a lot of people who join Epsilon come from there, as I ask each and every single person how they found us and what community they hail from. It appears our name circulates across multiple guilds and communities in both servers, and that's pretty much all we can hope for in that regard beyond making WoW accounts and starting to advertise in Pornshire (no thank you). I also second the subject of welcoming new players. It is a very difficult transition to make if you've never played on this type of server before, and many roleplayers who have heard of phase-based servers lambast it as a ridiculous premise. Our primary objective should be to educate players on the differences that can be found between streamlined narrative RP servers, whether GM or not, and phase-based RP servers. Our server is more like Reddit, a place to host private servers (phases) that each act as more like a campaign with a central theme, so that each can coexist. Much of people's annoyance with streamlined RP servers is that characters are developed for years and people refuse to part with them, even under epic circumstances, or try to bring them back. It is less common here as characters are, inherently, throwaway, and are more similar to a D&D campaign rather than some kind of personification you must protect at all costs.
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    As 735.4 beckons, I take a look at ways we can explore to make the server known and increase the population drastically. Many of us have been in the All-GM RP scene for years. Some of us have even been here since KhellMirror/EchelonedWoW. As our first step it is crucial that we reinvent the way we advertise Epsilon. For years there has been a strong competition with RPH. While RPH has grabbed many people from Divinity-X in 2014 and even had a popular YouTube video boost its ranks, it is now struggling to even reach 100 players online in the summer. It has always been advertised as an All GM RP server in which you can do what you want and roleplay whatever you want. Now that the All-GM community has clearly deteriorated, both Epsilon and RPH are suffering from giant competitors such as Argent Dawn EU and Moonguard US. While RPH’s administration has seemingly completely abandoned development, Epsilon has seen incredible features for building and modding being developed. I do believe that the niche that retail roleplayers crave is modding before building. They want to use NPC skins and morphs, wear unobtainable NPC items and have access to spells that give you quivers and backpacks. They want to use other human nations' footmen sets and have expanded hairstyles for their favourite races. However it is also important that we nurture the building community which has seen incredible development and dedication from members of the All -GM community. This is why Epsilon should be advertised strictly as a new brand of private server. A building, modding and roleplaying server which would attract not only roleplayers, but also people excited to learn building and modding. There are incredibly talented artists out there who would be amazing additions to our modding team and Epsilon as a whole. It is also important that we emphasise the fact that Epsilon is Echeloned's direct legacy, which it actually is. The core, Enteleaie, is the same core that was being developed by Khell in 2009, except it has seen 10 years of development from different developers. This will give potential past players the same feeling of nostalgia that Blizzard has prompted with Classic. Epsilon should not be advertised aggressively as that would compromise its reputation straight away. Once 735.4 is released, threads will be posted on Reddit and other websites showcasing our modding and building creations. Word of mouth will always be the most efficient way to advertise. After the server gains some exposure, we should all work together to welcome new players as best as we can. Repopulate the Discord voice chats and be welcoming to make people like it around here. This is not about being the dominant server. This is about growing and nurturing our community which deserves a lot of attention and new faces around. If we all work together, we can create something special and a huge community to be familiar with, away from the enabled abuse and toxicity that plague the scene. A place where we can focus on our passions and share them with our friends and total strangers too. Thank you for reading this thread. I will keep you all updated with what has to be done to make this server blossom into what it should really be. I will take some time out of my life to help this community become a great ground for creativity and if you are willing and have the time to do it, join me. Yours truly, Rabbit
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    A dragon guild that is going to nuke itself. The Dragonflights have had a wild ride in terms of the lore and player portrayal. As we all well know dragons tend to be some of the most misplayed entities in Warcraft lore next to mages, trolls, and orcs. There tends to be a certain attraction towards dragons to be all-powerful ERP-machines that don't really understand their lore or grasp what they are. They're quite an interesting set of sentient creatures - gifted years ago by the Titans to safeguard the realm of Azeroth. The Cataclysm's ending and consequent appearances through the expansions have left them a bit dry. There's various appearances - from the Green, Red, and Blue dragons appearing in various ways across Legion all the way to BFA where we get some dragon love but not a whole lot. The story of the dragonflights is not over both in lore and in this guild that I decided to throw down on. I'm not looking to create a custom lore dragon guild where they're off fucking each other on some made-up island. The goal of <The Dragonflights> is going to be outlined below, but it's as simple as: Being a home for dragon RPers to come together for their characters and create stories together. It also serves as a way to teach people what each flight is about, their past, their way of life, and more. This includes the less good-inclined flights like Twilight and Black - who are either corrupt or born foul and monstrous. Don't expect a huge story where there's new flight leaders (While a neat idea, not right off the bat please) or anything fancy to start - this is more an overarching guild. You'll learn more as you read. Now the guild isn't just for dragons. There's always those who play allies of the dragonflights or dragonsworns (RPG class, woop di doo) - among other things. Dragons have clearly been seen allied with mortal kind - from the green dragonflight among kaldorei and others all the way to the Wyrmrest Accord. So the guild will be welcoming dragon allies - though we may limit this a touch just to be safe about it. People, like myself in the past, have misused the idea of dragonsworn to do some pretty heinous shit. Willingness to Learn Willingness to Help Able to make a character that isn't a humping horn dog 24/7 Able to play well with others That's it - that's our standards. If you can show the ability to learn, the willingness to help, and are able to play well with others you can get it. The third standard is mostly to ward off the constantly horny fuckboi dragons that typically radiate towards red or blue dragons. Strange, isn't it? Either way - abide by those, follow the server rules, and you'll be fine. GOOD BLACK DRAGONS Plausible but very rare. Wrathion was a rare case due to how he was made. We know that there are potential uncorrupted black dragons over in the Outlands. Not sure if they're truly good or just so far away from old madness whispers that they're naturally able to be dicks. DRAGON STERILITY To be decided. I am of the mind that the dragons are fucked over on this. Yet, it's not going to stop people from pulling surprises on us. GUISES & OBVIOUSNESS While obvious and out dragons do exist (Krasus, Kalec, Alexstrasza, Ysera, etc) - there are others that hide themselves and do so for their own reasons. While colors are not the obvious giveaway of a dragon, it is perhaps best to make sure you aren't going "HEY LOOK I'M A DRAGON." with how your character acts unless the point is to be an obvious dragon. Which isn't a BAD thing but with the number hit they took - some might not be too inclined to show their faces. Blues especially. Be a home for dragons & dragon-allies Be a go to place for people to learn dragon lore & general lore where applicable (As dragons have been a part of Warcraft's history for a while) Help people get better at RP and character-making Engage with the community while also not further feeding the stigma on dragons (god help me) Create engaging roleplay both publicly and privately. Mind you, if people tell me fuck off or that I'm being a dumb cunt then I'll just scrap this. It's an idea I had and randomly ran with.
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    I like it. Cool and unique story of becoming a Void elf and better one that the playable void elves at that. From what little is given, he doesn't seem to have the most unique personality, but that may be just due to lack of information. Of course. Titan or Old god as patron would be a bit broken, however there are multitudes of other creatures to choose from. For void specifically some old god generals/prophets, unaffiliated void aberrations or whatever Xal'atath is. But I think that you made a good choice with the Ethereal. It's certainly unique if nothing else, but I think it will work well.
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    Since there are some Vanilla buildings that were never Garrison-ified for WoD or Legion/BFA, I was wondering if it would be possible to get Higher-res versions of some of the human Vanilla buildings, such as: blacksmith.wmo goldshireinn.wmo twostory.wmo farm.wmo lumbermill.wmo redridge_chapel.wmo nsabbey.wmo magetower.wmo stable.wmo barracks.wmo prisonlonghouse_redridge.wmo intactprisontower.wmo prisonhq_redridge.wmo I think it'd be neat since some people do enjoy the vanilla buildings too, but with a newer look to them. (Maybe apply the Garrison textures and see how they work on them? O_o) https://i.imgur.com/cyokwrR.png
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    Some people actually remodeled the original models, so we can do something similar to it: On the other hand, I've attempted this before and it works out quite well. Just that a skillful remodel would be much better as you can see rather than just texture swapping.
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    Old Azerotttthhhhhh. im getting this immediately, i love you. EDIT: It has occurred to me that I have no idea how to reach these maps.
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    I'll have a go at this tomorrow. I wish I could edit their UV to fit them better but WotLK+ WMOs really dont like blender; so it might not be pitch perfect, but the best I can do. I've wanted to sort the vanilla humie blacksmith out for so long.
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    Exactly what the title says. Everyone keeps asking for IDs, so I guess nobody has it..? (Not my work.) idTip.zip Edit: Also shows NPC IDs.