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    Looks like a tasty Adventure Company.
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    While this is not a bug, but rather an overwrite issue in the CDN, the textures for Undead Males seem to be the Chinese Undead, censoring out the tongue, the metal jaw, fingertips and toes having an ugly skin texture rather than being bone, metal, or flesh. I was unsure if I should have posted this in patch suggestions or in bug reports, but this category might get it more attention. What I'm talking about: And this one is supposed to be a metal jaw: This one is either bone or metal, as seen by the gap in the jowel: Feature/Facial 2 is also supposed to be a leather skin sewn over the mouth, but it is actually just plain like the first one. As it should be:
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    Name: - Camilla CliffmourRace: - HumanProfession: - EnchantingDesired Class: - Sorcerer Brief Character Backstory (this will affect the prologue event of your character if accepted):-Camilla Cliffmour – Aspiring Enchantress. Camilla was the Niece and Apprentice to Enchanter Ramus Cliffmour, who was the proud owner of “Cliffmour’s Enchantments” One could find his store in the Mage District of Stormwind or catch the jolly man strolling with his niece through the park. Camilla saw her uncle as a father figure and aspired to become just like him. When she was of age, he arranged a pilgrimage to Ironforge to grasp an understanding of how their neighbors perform their own enchantments. A week after her arrival the Cataclysm happened, Camilla took the next tram back to Stormwind to witness the ruined Park and rushed home hoping to find her uncle but found that he was not there. She prayed to the Light hoping he would return but to no avail. Weeks passed before she came to terms with his death no body was found, and she felt uneasy burying an empty coffin. She’d take down the sign and close his shop packing things away to be locked in the Cellar. There she found a Box, locked away with a letter attached for Her. Within the box contained a Tome and Necklace, when she placed the necklace around her neck she saw an echo of her beloved Uncle expressing his love and desire for her to discover what type of Enchantress she’d like to become. A flame was kindled within Camilla, she sought to learn what Azeroth had to offer and to one day be the Enchantress worth of her uncle's store. Brief Character Personality Synopsis:-Camilla's a well mannered young woman does her best to be straight forward. Still coping with the death of her father figure she struggles to establish relationships with others as of yet. These are trying times. How much time can you commit to the campaign?-I work 8hrs on a fixed schedule, I can dedicate my Afternoons and weekends. What time zone are you based in?- US/GMT-5 Are you comfortable with character death for this roleplay?- Yes, if it within reason.
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    Name: - Relena SnowbreezeRace: - Kaldorei - Night ElfProfession: - Medic - VagabondDesired Class: - Shaman - Shapeshifter Brief Character Backstory (this will affect the prologue event of your character if accepted):- Relena Snowbreeze, born in Winterspring and spending most of her life there alongside her mother. Living alone in the more isolated planes of the snowy mountains near the ruins of the old highborne kingdoms, they lived as simple lives as they could. Living off what they knew of the local animals and plant life, working with the goblins of Everlook as local healers and guides- evidently on a hunting trip her mother was gorged by a lost boar who was armored up to be a mount. Leaving Relena to trying to tend to her mothers wounds but eventually failing in the endeavor. Leaving her to be lost within the snow of winterspring Brief Character Personality Synopsis:-Relena is an optimist with an (annoyingly) chipper voice, talking about the better of every situation and how after everything blows over they could get some hot chocolate with marshmellows. She usually sees the good in everyone but is extremely hot-headed, and if she is pushed enough she will eventually start giving death threats over someone shooting her optimism down. How much time can you commit to the campaign?- I'm usually gone from 7am - 3pm on weekdays but as of 28/3/2020 I have complete freetime until 26/4/2020 What time zone are you based in?- Pacific Standard Time - Or mountain time. Are you comfortable with character death for this roleplay?- Yes, death is death. It comes to all even people and characters we don't want them to.
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    Name: - Badoula Oblongata Race: - Goblin Profession: - Engineer Desired Class: - Shaman Brief Character Backstory (this will affect the prologue event of your character if accepted): - Badoula Oblongata is about as Goblin as they come. Born and raised in Booty Bay, she's spent most of her life navigating the intrigues of the Steamwheedle-Blackwater alliance, and trying to build a reputation as an engineer, in order to make her fortune. She isn't very talented. Mostly, she's fallen into doing basic repair-work, kitchen fittings and plumbing, dreaming of one day setting up a workshop of her own. Booty Bay - hive of scum and Goblainy that it is - sees all sorts passing through, and Badoula's used to meeting people from all over the Alliance and the Horde. Soon enough, however, Stranglethorn is ravaged by storms that tear the land apart as Deathwing soars overhead. Many of Badoula's friends and acquaintances go missing, and work begins to dry up, as the focus of the Cartels shift away from Booty Bay. It became a turning point for Badoula, and she began to realise that she wasn't getting any closer to having the stability and independence she wanted. So she tucked all her belongings into a backpack, and set off, heading North, in search of work. Brief Character Personality Synopsis: - Badoula is chipper and personable, always pleased to be meeting people of all walks of life, but still a Goblin, and often met with suspicion. She frequently assumes the best of people, and wanders into danger because of it. Cheerful vice. How much time can you commit to the campaign? - I work up to 6 hours a day on weekdays, am thus generally around! 🙂 What time zone are you based in? - UK/GMT Are you comfortable with character death for this roleplay? - I've a fondness for Badoula, and will have to say no. Perhaps eventually. Any other consequences thrown my way I accept gladly.
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    Name: - "Captain" Gershwind EhrhardtRace: - High ElfProfession: - ArchaeologistDesired Class: - Marksman Brief Character Backstory (this will affect the prologue event of your character if accepted):- Ehrhardt is.. well, the simplest explanation is "late". Born in Quel'thelas, he showed an early interest in the research - and eventual acquisition - of Highborn Elven antiquities. Born too late to make any true breakthroughs into Quel'dorei history, he nevertheless found a niche in Thalassian culture as a treasure hunter and 'specialist of artefact acquisitions'. When the Orcs fled to Kalimdor, he joined the Kul Tirans in pursuit - solely, of course, so that he might lay first claim to any new archaeological discoveries. He was very, very far away from home when the Sunwell was destroyed. The expedition dragged for months. By the time the archaeologist returned, his people - the High Elves - were no more. The Sin'dorei had left for Outland in massive numbers, and his entire civilisation was shattered. Refusing the temptation of the Fel, Ehrhardt was technically exiled from Quel'thelas. Years have passed, and he has yet to return. Cut off from magic, he drifted from digsite to digsite, claiming artefacts in the name of his people, but more often than not selling them for miserly profit. Brief Character Personality Synopsis:- Captain Ehrhardt is an arrogant, self-obsessed narcissist. He cannot stand getting dirty, being hurt, or being inconvenienced in any way. However, in these tough times, when the fortune you are so clearly owed is nowhere to be found, he is beginning to buckle down and think within the realms of practicality. He is as likely to aid the Horde in the excavation of an orcish tomb, as he is to appear amongst the Guild of Explorers on a jaunt into the deserts of the Eastern Kingdoms. Anything that keeps gunpowder in his pistols, and food in his belly. How much time can you commit to the campaign?- As much as I can! I can pretty much always make myself available, with enough warning. What time zone are you based in?- UK/GMT Are you comfortable with character death for this roleplay?- Usually, yes, but I love Gershwind far too much to let him go out like a chump!
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    Name: - James CassingroveRace: - HumanProfession: - WeaponsmithDesired Class: - Warden Brief Character Backstory (this will affect the prologue event of your character if accepted):- James Cassingrove - once one of the most promising young blacksmiths in Stormwind. Abandoned at birth by his irresponsible mother, James was found and adopted by a family of Bronzebeard dwarves and was raised in Menethil Harbor. The young Cassingrove sought to make a name for himself. Following the steps of his everloving adoptive father Mogi, a blacksmith, James travelled through Khaz Modan in his teenage years learning the craft and studying the Eastern Kingdoms' native ores and minerals, with the advantage of fluency in Dwarvish taught to him by his mother. He met with renowned artisans and ambitious journeymen who taught him the profession inside out throughout the years, allowing him to settle in Stormwind and estabilish himself as a respectable weaponsmith. After the events of the Cataclysm, James returned to Menethil Harbor only to find his childhood home ravaged by disaster, with none of his family members to be found. Desperate and wayless, James quickly became an alcoholic and fell into depression. Surviving on his craft and heavy liquor, his face quickly spread amongst posters and warning signs around the Wetlands, where he made a home for himself plundering and assaulting caravans with his intricate traps and mechanisms. In a chaotic search for purpose, James Cassingrove stumbles upon an unexpected fate.. Brief Character Personality Synopsis:- Although James used to be a mild mannered and rational young man, his mental health has gone downhill after the events of the Cataclysm. He has become a bitter, cynical and scheming drunkard, as he seeks to find someone or something to blame for his family's disappearance. He is grumpy, unsettled and impatient. How much time can you commit to the campaign?- I work 12 hour days on a fixed pattern so I have free whole days to spend. I work Saturday and Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Monday, with four days off in between each cycle. I will have a week of holiday starting on the 20th April, so I will be able to participate in the first event for sure. What time zone are you based in?- UK Are you comfortable with character death for this roleplay?- Yes, as long as it is not something stupid like getting crushed by a free falling boulder, I'd like for it to be somewhat meaningful and related to the character's struggling search for self-purpose.
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    ayy mav did the work. Eye Glow Removal by Mom.rar No credit goes to me, I just uploaded it. It's modular so if you don't want to remove certain eye-glows just don't extract certain character's folders.
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    Hey guys, I found a group of untextured m2 objects. There used to be five unique groups of this object, but as of current only one remains. I retextured them and played around with them a bit, and I see the potential that can be had. All of the shapes and texture paths will be listed below. 996265 - world/expansion05/doodads/color_07.blp 130061 - dungeons/textures/walls/mm_strmwnd_mwall_05.blp 1787864 - tileset/expansion07/general/8war_tile02_512.blp 1787861 - tileset/expansion07/general/8war_tile01_512.blp Thank you for reading! (EDIT): I should probably of added a couple screenshots here, let me actually do that now.
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    I appear to have previously posted this in the wrong forum.. twice.. Idk what's wrong with my brain. 1 - .ph play loop It's as the command says, I feel like the ph music thing will be used a lot more if there's the ability to loop ambient music. I think it could be fairly useful if there's some additional work done on this command.Right now it plays a music ID from start to finish, what I'm suggesting are the following extra parameters. I don't know how difficult it would be to add this, but I assume it can be done similar to how TRP handles themes, but instead of a left and right click on an icon it's instead the following commands..ph play (ID) loop - Loops the music, good for ambient stuff..ph play (ID) stop - Uh oh I've played the wrong ID. Also stops the loop. 2. - .npc emote delay Add a delay to the npc emote command so they repeat it after a certain amount of time. Would make it easier than to use an elaborate waypoint system to achieve this. 3 - .npc target [targetname] NPCs will /target whatever's in the box and if applicable, turn their head accordingly. Perhaps if no target name is given, it'll target the nearest targettable target. Turning it off could be done by doing .npc targetreset or something.