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      The Codex holds all the information about the Heroes of Epsilon, a patchwork book of pages from old journals including stories, letters and memoirs. Your story begins here, make an introduction worthy of the Gods, or tell a story about an adventure. There is more to a character or place than one might think.

    2. Spark of Imagination

      What gossips travel Azeroth and beyond today? Here you will find in-character gossips and announcements, but you can also discuss about what has been going on lately in roleplay.

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      Are you hosting a daily town roleplay? Or perhaps you are going to hold a beerfest celebration? Or maybe you just wish to show us your amazing phase? Here is the place, step right on!

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    2. Академия Нар'таласа

      Вы хотите написать руководство о том, как отыгрывать мурлока? Или, может быть, вам нужна помощь с лором? Здесь ваши вопросы найдут свои ответы.

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    3. Лор'латил

      Вы являетесь инициативной группой фермеров или гильдией героев? Или, возможно, вы ищете друга, который присоединится к вашим приключениям? Быть может вам нужен кто-то для ролевого отыгрыша вашего ребёнка, жены или рыбы в миске? Именно здесь вы сможете привлечь новых людей в свои ряды.

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    • the fix is typically to start over with ".phase reset skybox all CONFIRM" unfortunately the skybox system is a bit complicated
    • So, here's my issue. I began a new little project in my phase in the new Arathi BG. I changed all the textures, doodads, etc, and I've had no problems, but whenever I try to change the skybox several things might happen: I've been trying to put either Stormsong Valley's skybox or Draenor Karabor's skybox. Whenever I try to put the stormsong one, it either mixes with the Outland NAgrand one (That has become the default skybox for some reason I'm not aware of) or it just doesn't appear. When I try to use Karabor's skybox sometimes it works, but not in the whole zone, and most of the other times it just goes back to Nagrand's skybox, which I still don't know why it defaults to that one. Anyone knows what might be causing this or what could I do to fix it?
    • Changelog (Patch 830.2f - "F(ph)ase Refactor & Tidbits")     Release date: 19 November 2021 Here you'll be able to read up on changes, big and small, made to various parts of the server. Legend •  White  -  This was not changed. Also used for contrast. •  Green  -  This was added. •  Red  -  This was removed. •  Yellow  -  This was changed.   Highlights Phase Permissions Refactor We've done some rework in the backend in how phase permissions work.   Chatbot Improvements The chatbot link between ingame announce and the #main discord channel has been reworked.   Spell Skyboxes A suite of spells that apply screen effects & skyboxes permanently (until the aura is removed) have been added.   Phase Shift Map You can now apply terrain swaps for non-doodadless data over the current map you're in, e.g. phase in ruined Theramore, Sargeras' sword in Silithus, HD Arathi Highlands, etc.     Preamble Hi guys! Thanks for your patience with this one. The initial deployment was indeed bumpy but we got through it in the end! : ) There is not much in the way of features, but the groundwork for lots of cool stuff has been going on behind the scenes and we can't wait to share it with you. 8.3.0-2g is hot on the heels and the changelog for that is also posted. Please take a look at it.     New Commands and Features .phase Subcommands added: .phase shift map #map_id [#map_id_to_affect] Superimposes the given #map_id onto the map you are currently on. This will allow you to shift in maps like the Arathi Highlands Darkshore warfronts, the Silithus Sword, the Uldum Oasis, etc. into the main continent, This command contributes to the maximum number (16) of shifts you can have active in a phase before the shifting system becomes unstable. This command is dangerous! If you apply an inaccessible map, you will be disconnected and unable to re-enter the map until you use the #map_id_to_affect parameter to remove the shift!   .startspell These commands can only be used by a game master! Subcommands added: .startspell list Lists all spells and auras that can be cast while in the main phase Dranosh Valley. .startspell list next Displays the next 50 results of the previous command. .startspell add #spell_id [$comment] Adds the given #spell_id to the list of spells and auras that can be cast while in the main phase Dranosh Valley. If a comment is provided, this will be shown in the startspell list command. #spell_id can also be a chat-link. .startspell remove #spell_id Removes the given #spell_id from the list of spells and auras that can be cast while in main phase Dranosh Valley.     Command and Feature Changes Phase Permissions Under-the-hood changes have been made to the phase permissions system to make it more robust for development purposes.   Message Stream Improvements Under-the-hood changes have been, and are continuing to be, made to the chatbot system to reduce its impact to the server stability.   Pandaren Neutral pandaren will now get prompted to use the command .character pandaren alliance / horde if they are still part of the neutral faction.   World State Overrides The WorldStateZoneSounds db2 file has been emptied and will no longer interfere with .phase shift area/zone/wmo music and ambience changes. This was prominent in Quel'danas.   .phase .phase shift area skybox #skybox_spell Applies the skybox_spell to all players who enter the area. -1 will result in no adjustment to any skyboxes on the player, while 0 will result in all skybox spells being removed. The CDNS update has occurred so this now available.   .phase shift zone skybox #skybox_spell Applies the skybox_spell to all players who enter the zone. -1 will result in no adjustment to any skyboxes on the player, while 0 will result in all skybox spells being removed. The CDNS update has occurred so this now available.     Bug Fixes Crashes Fixed a crash that occurred with objects spawned close to map boundaries, e.g. at coordinates ±16,000.   Other Fixed a numerical error in the area/zone music hotfix. Fixed an issue where blueprint chat links were using the wrong ID. Fixed an issue where blueprints did not properly apply supervisible status to objects that were meant to have it for the current server session.     End of Changelog   Glossary Below is a list of common terms you will encounter when reading changelogs and using commands on Epsilon, to help you understand how a command might work. Syntax The structure of a command, composed of strictly arranged words (arguments and/or parameters) required to be met for the command to be performed. Think of it as the grammar of programming, where all computers are grammar nazis who won't do what you ask if you don't write perfectly. How you see Epsilon's changelog and in-game use of syntax is not what it tends to look like in actual programming. Parameter  Parameters in our case are used to structure the specific command it is you wish to perform. Argument Arguments in our case are used to tell the parameters which data type(s) to use when performing the command. Example: Syntax  =  .phase forge npc displays add #display_id %scale %weight In the case of Epsilon, is the same as: Syntax  =  .parameter parameter parameter parameter parameter argument argument argument .phase forge npc displays add 100 2 5 The arguments (green) tell the preceding parameters (white) to: "Add"  #display_id  "100"  at %scale  "2"  with %weight  "5"  to the targeted forged NPC. Data types Floating Point - Symbol  % A real number, accepts decimals. World of Warcraft does not count more than 6 decimals. .mod scale %scale  =  .mod scale 1.063523 Integer - Symbol  # A natural number, does not accept decimals. .gobject spawn #display_id  =  .gobject spawn 175490 String - Symbol  $ A sequence of characters, typically forming one or multiple words. .summon $name  =  .summon Bob the Builder Optional - Symbols  [ ] When a single data type is encased in brackets, it means it's an optional argument and is not required in the syntax for the command to function. .phase forge npc displays add #display_id [%scale] [%weight] #display_id  is required but  [%scale]  and  [%weight]  are optional. When two or more data types are encased in brackets, it means that though they are optional, if one is specified then both are required for the command to function. .gobject teleporter add [#guid] [#icon "$text"] [#x #y #z] [#orientation] No argument is required as the command uses player position by default, however  [#icon "$text"]  requires both arguments to be specified to work.