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    1. Meredil

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    2. Deliverance Point

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    3. Nar'thalas Academy

      Do you wish to write a guide about how to roleplay a murloc? Or perhaps you need some help with the lore? Here is where your questions will be answered.

    4. Lor'lathil

      Whether you're a convening group of farmers or a guild of heroes, this is where you'll recruit new people to join your ranks. Or perhaps you're looking for a friend to join you on your adventures? Perhaps you need someone to roleplay your child/wife/fish in a bowl.

    5. Tinker Town

      This is the place to host all of your community creations. Addons, patches and other bits and pieces.

  3. The Archives

    1. The Codex of Memories

      The Codex holds all the information about the Heroes of Epsilon, a patchwork book of pages from old journals including stories, letters and memoirs. Your story begins here, make an introduction worthy of the Gods, or tell a story about an adventure. There is more to a character or place than one might think.

    2. Spark of Imagination

      What gossips travel Azeroth and beyond today? Here you will find in-character gossips and announcements, but you can also discuss about what has been going on lately in roleplay.

    3. The Epsilon Translocator

      Are you hosting a daily town roleplay? Or perhaps you are going to hold a beerfest celebration? Or maybe you just wish to show us your amazing phase? Here is the place, step right on!

  4. Russian

    1. Аметистовая цитадель

      Место номер один для всех самых важных объявлений сообщества!

    2. Академия Нар'таласа

      Вы хотите написать руководство о том, как отыгрывать мурлока? Или, может быть, вам нужна помощь с лором? Здесь ваши вопросы найдут свои ответы.

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    3. Лор'латил

      Вы являетесь инициативной группой фермеров или гильдией героев? Или, возможно, вы ищете друга, который присоединится к вашим приключениям? Быть может вам нужен кто-то для ролевого отыгрыша вашего ребёнка, жены или рыбы в миске? Именно здесь вы сможете привлечь новых людей в свои ряды.

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    • Hello Epsi Team!  -> Video of me explaining the issue if you don't wanna read; https://streamable.com/uwa0sc There's two things I want to mention in this forum post.  1. When you create an NPC merchant that sells items in stacks, it breaks after first use. So the first time you add the item to the merchants wares, you can buy it in stacks. The moment you close the merchant window and re-open it, it no longer allows ANYONE to do this. Not me, not my alt, not my friends. Completely stops giving the option to buy items in stacks when you hold L-Shift + Right Mouse Button. Tried relogging, tried recreating an item, tried it with both custom and in-game items. It no workie after one try.  2. I'm trying to make a custom currency in my phase to make it more immersive. I called the custom currency 'Lumin'. I specifically made an additional custom item called a 'Lumin Cheque' which will be used to buy Lumin coins. This way I prevent people from buying Lumin with regular gold and silver, since people have access to infinite gold on the server through the .mod money command.  Problem is, if I want players to be able to use the Lumin coin and the Lumin Cheque to purchase wares in the phase, I need to give them access to be able to .add the item. Now obviously that would bring me down to the same path. If players are just able to .add item #infinite amounts then the whole idea won't make much sense since the coin will be worthless.    My point if you are in a hurry -> Is it possible to have a command where players can "use and consume" a custom item (purchasing things in this case), but not be able to create it themselves?   Please let me know what's possible here!  Thank you very much for your time! ♥  Kind regards,  Turkish Dad  Discord; turkishdad
    • So basically just took the kultiran civilian coats and made them shirtless. Really simple but effective customization option. You Wanna know the best part? Because of how WoW has made their armor, the shirted versions are still available. You can find them in Mogit. =D KI-ShirtlessKTCoats.zip
    • Nothing new. Its a sickness. Hence i really try to make no friends at all on this server and refuse any longterm. Its just not worth yourt ime.
    • Asking to know if is there any thoughts on adding the TRP extended to the Epsilon launcher? I use the extended objects sometimes but people are usually lazy to download it (we're lucky they use the TRP because it's already integrated in the complete Epsilon download) so I was wondering ? Would it be possible to add the extended too? 
    • EmoteHelper - comfy say/emotes panel!   This addon adds keybindings with which you can call two panels. One for Say and one for Emote. The advantage of this panel over the usual chat in the form of a large (resizeable) window, with the ability to enter text there. In addition to the fact that you can see all the text you have entered, so you can put it away for later, just by closing the window (cross in the corner or Escape). When you open the window again, it will be filled with unsent text, and will also remember its location and size (at least until you reload the interface). Also this addon is compatible with ChatBubble and takes into account its settings.   Media:   Video & Image   Installation Download this and move "EmoteHelper" folder from archive to YourWowFolder\_retail_\Interface\AddOns. Start game, go to Keybindings and set keys.