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    • +rep  this would be a great feature to be added for all. totally agree with all the points made above ^^^^ it should've happened years ago, tbh. 
    • It's a long overdue addition that the server really needs. It would save a lot of time for those looking for public RP hubs where they will actually be able to find others to interact with. It was less of an issue when you might see 5 or so phases actively listed; but the numbers are much higher on average now, there are 10-15+ phases on average to visit. I know the Epsilon Staff have stated in the past (on a few occasions) that they think this devalues low population phases; it is an understandable point of view but the end result is the same. "Having .ph pop be useable for all players in a phase devalues low population phases." This has its truth to it, many players are less drawn to phases with less people in it. The problem is we have other tools to determine the populations in phases; using /who in the zone, using the TRP map scan tool, or simply flying around OOC. This leads to the same end result but is often inaccurate and/or misleading because of phases in overlapping zones, phases built in Infinite Flatlands, or phases built in 'Unknown' locations.   Overall, players searching for active RP hubs will find them; preventing them from knowing the quantity of players in any given phase is merely an inconvenience (that can take a pretty significant amount of their time between loading screens, mind you). Players *will* discover that a phase, is in fact, devoid of RP possibilities for them. I don't believe in the idea that this feature should be kept from the hands of phase guests on this principle alone; given the other tools available it doesn't have much merit. But I would like to hear any other thoughts on the matter from players/staff members.
    • Changelog (Core Update 830.3a - "Textures: Reloaded")     Release date:  August 11, 2022 Here you'll be able to read up on changes, big and small, made to various parts of the server. Legend •  White  -  This was not changed. Also used for contrast. •  Green  -  This was added. •  Red  -  This was removed. •  Yellow  -  This was changed.   Highlights Epsilon Editor Tool Overhaul The Epsilon Editor Tool has been significantly overhauled, bringing to it a new level of stability. New features: New wireframes display replaces the wisps. While on TexEdit, the red grid shows different sections of the map and the green edges are the boundaries. While on Terrain Hole mode, it becomes more complex as it shows different cells of terrain to punch out in blue and white, The wireframes will move with you. You will need to change your API to DX11 Legacy for the wireframes interface to be visible at this time! This can be done via ESC -> System -> Advanced -> Graphics API -> "DirectX 11 Legacy" You can now easily edit the height map of a texture, changing how it blends into the ground. This only applies to newer maps from MoP+. At this time you cannot add height textures to textures that don't already have them. Trust me, without more tools for that, you won't want to either. Texture Scaling is now possible, allowing you to scale a texture, which could make a texture appear more sparse at high levels. A low scale makes it appear dense. This is especially useful when swapping old textures to newer maps and vice versa, as the old textures appear too big & blurry on new maps and new textures appear tiny on older ones. The Terrain Hole Editor now has a Cut All / Fill All / Reset All option to quickly apply chunk-wide operations. Bugfixes: The Terrain Hole Editor now properly saves and synchronizes users. Death to terrain_cut! Any changes you make to the world will now instantly be shown as you make them; the world now either doesn't flicker at all or only flicker for a fraction of a second. There was a bug where if you clicked the search bar in "Texture Replace Window", and then clicked anywhere on wow that wasn't the Editor UI, you could no longer interact with the Editor and needed to restart WoW. This bug has been fixed. However, now you cannot interact with WoW at all using your mouse while the Texture Replace Window is open, only your keyboard. Close the window or select the texture in order to unlock mouse interractions with WoW after opening it. General: The TexEdit Interface is divided between two new sections: Chunk: swap textures, scale textures Tile: View all textures in the zone and change height or diffuse mappings with a preview. The preview is pretty terrible for anything but really stark height textures right now. Silent Crashes Fix The game client has been stabilized, removing scenarios where your game would crash without an error. However, 132 errors could still potentially happen at random. Server Stability Adjustment Tweaking of the server has been done, hopefully leading to less server-wide crashes as a result. Addons The Merchant Addon has been updated and therefore unbanned. It will no longer crash.     Preamble Hello Epsilon! This mini-patch solves many of the issues users have been facing with the Epsilon Tool, and it has been thoroughly fixed and updated to become even more of a useful tool for phase building. Different bugs have been fixed to stabilize the user experience and the Merchant Addon is fixed.   New & Adjusted Commands .npc walk & .npc run Subcommands adjusted: .npc walk/run $where [$behaviour] Extended the above commands to support $behaviour. This can be "formation" to make all NPCs in the formation move to $where, or "height" to make the selected NPC ignore pathfinding checks (useful for custom spawned WMOs and Shifted Maps) .doodad mass Subcommands adjusted .doodad mass import #radius/-1 Now accepts -1 as a parameter to import all doodads on the map. .cheat, .modify, .aura All subcommands now requires <DM> to be toggled on to use on other players. .phase set time Subcommand adjustments: .phase set time HH:MM [$permanent] Phase set time no longer sets the time for people joining the phase to HH:MM. This was leading to desyncs - a player who joined the phase at lunchtime and stayed in it for 6 hours would have a different time to a player who joined at 6pm. Instead, when you specify HH:MM the server will compare with its current time and calculate an "offset". When players join your phase, they will have their shifted by that offset. This effectively lets you have a phase use a different timezone to the server. Behaviour is unchanged if you specify $permanent. Phase will always have time HH:MM. Because of this, you will probably have to adjust your phase time settings! Sorry.   Undocumented Changes     Some new commands went undocumented last patch. They are already live. Woops! .phase forge npc Subcommands added: .ph forge npc healthexact #health Sets the health of the selected npc to #health exactly. .ph forge npc displayfaction [on/off] Sets whether or not an NPC displays their faction (reputation). If neither on nor off are passed, toggles. .ph forge npc fakeplayer [on/off] Sets whether or not an NPC has a blue name. If neither on nor off are passed, toggles. .ph forge npc regen [on/off] Sets whether or not an NPC regenerates their health or can take damage or be healed. If neither on nor off are passed, toggles. .npc set Subcommands added: .npc set health #[-+]health Sets the current health of the selected creature. If + or - is given, adds or removes to their current health instead. Bug Fixes Command .help information Clarified the .help syntax on .phase forge npc outfit gender that it accepts the random parameter. Added missing .help syntax on .phase forge npc outfit set. Gossip Fixed a bug that could break the gossip window (if icon is 0) Waypoints Fixed a bug where stopped waypoints did not actually stop. Addons The Merchant Addon will no longer cause crashes. Base Spells The "Change Spec" spell (200749) was missing from characters. It is now available and allows you to change specs, if needed. Weather Should no longer flicker out when teleporting in the same zone. Character Restore Character Delete after already deleting & restoring a character will no longer require a server restart to restore it a second time.     End of Changelog   Glossary Below is a list of common terms you will encounter when reading changelogs and using commands on Epsilon, to help you understand how a command might work. Syntax The structure of a command, composed of strictly arranged words (arguments and/or parameters) required to be met for the command to be performed. Think of it as the grammar of programming, where all computers are grammar nazis who won't do what you ask if you don't write perfectly. How you see Epsilon's changelog and in-game use of syntax is not what it tends to look like in actual programming. Parameter  Parameters in our case are used to structure the specific command it is you wish to perform. Argument Arguments in our case are used to tell the parameters which data type(s) to use when performing the command. Example: Syntax  =  .phase forge npc displays add #display_id %scale %weight In the case of Epsilon, is the same as: Syntax  =  .parameter parameter parameter parameter parameter argument argument argument .phase forge npc displays add 100 2 5 The arguments (green) tell the preceding parameters (white) to: "Add"  #display_id  "100"  at %scale  "2"  with %weight  "5"  to the targeted forged NPC. Data types Floating Point - Symbol  % A real number, accepts decimals. World of Warcraft does not count more than 6 decimals. .mod scale %scale  =  .mod scale 1.063523 Integer - Symbol  # A natural number, does not accept decimals. .gobject spawn #display_id  =  .gobject spawn 175490 String - Symbol  $ A sequence of characters, typically forming one or multiple words. .summon $name  =  .summon Bob the Builder Optional - Symbols  [ ] When a single data type is encased in brackets, it means it's an optional argument and is not required in the syntax for the command to function. .phase forge npc displays add #display_id [%scale] [%weight] #display_id  is required but  [%scale]  and  [%weight]  are optional. When two or more data types are encased in brackets, it means that though they are optional, if one is specified then both are required for the command to function. .gobject teleporter add [#guid] [#icon "$text"] [#x #y #z] [#orientation] No argument is required as the command uses player position by default, however  [#icon "$text"]  requires both arguments to be specified to work.
    • For mass replace commands, it would be exceptionally handy to be able to supply multiple IDs to replace the target with, then assign a weight to each value, essentially replacing a % of the target object with X, another % of Y and yet another % of Z. This would allow players to put certain objects as uniform placeholders then replace them with more randomness.
    • i'm not sure if you've checked out the builders haven discord that was just officially opened & announced, but we have patch channels there for patch creators to use and share updates on! they're set up so people can go to a patch creators thread and see any updates or releases that theyve put out