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  1. Streets of Dalaran

    1. The Violet Citadel

      Your number one spot for all of the most important Community Announcements!

    2. Krasus' Landing

      Welcome! Make your first impressions and introduce yourself here!

    3. Like Clockwork!

      Technical Support? We're the right stop for you!

    4. The Suggestions Box

      Please post your suggestions here!

    5. The Bug Box

      Please post your bug reports here!

  2. The Broken Isles

    1. Meredil

      Come here for General Discussion!

    2. Deliverance Point

      This is the area made for all of your Off-Topic needs!

    3. Nar'thalas Academy

      Do you wish to write a guide about how to roleplay a murloc? Or perhaps you need some help with the lore? Here is where your questions will be answered.

    4. Lor'lathil

      Whether you're a convening group of farmers or a guild of heroes, this is where you'll recruit new people to join your ranks. Or perhaps you're looking for a friend to join you on your adventures? Perhaps you need someone to roleplay your child/wife/fish in a bowl.

    5. Tinker Town

      This is the place to host all of your community creations. Addons, patches and other bits and pieces.

  3. The Archives

    1. The Codex of Memories

      The Codex holds all the information about the Heroes of Epsilon, a patchwork book of pages from old journals including stories, letters and memoirs. Your story begins here, make an introduction worthy of the Gods, or tell a story about an adventure. There is more to a character or place than one might think.

    2. Spark of Imagination

      What gossips travel Azeroth and beyond today? Here you will find in-character gossips and announcements, but you can also discuss about what has been going on lately in roleplay.

    3. The Epsilon Translocator

      Are you hosting a daily town roleplay? Or perhaps you are going to hold a beerfest celebration? Or maybe you just wish to show us your amazing phase? Here is the place, step right on!

  4. Russian

    1. Аметистовая цитадель

      Место номер один для всех самых важных объявлений сообщества!

    2. Академия Нар'таласа

      Вы хотите написать руководство о том, как отыгрывать мурлока? Или, может быть, вам нужна помощь с лором? Здесь ваши вопросы найдут свои ответы.

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    3. Лор'латил

      Вы являетесь инициативной группой фермеров или гильдией героев? Или, возможно, вы ищете друга, который присоединится к вашим приключениям? Быть может вам нужен кто-то для ролевого отыгрыша вашего ребёнка, жены или рыбы в миске? Именно здесь вы сможете привлечь новых людей в свои ряды.

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    • Ever get bored of some of the tracks played in WoW? Want to stop hearing them, but want to hear something more satisfying? Well, this is for you! Originally, I was only going to share this for those that are in my ongoing project, Age of Exile. HOWEVER, that would just be very rude of me. I don't really have other notes or dialogue of mine to share let's just do the thing this is.     https://mega.nz/file/LLBXhYBB#qtpwHDjMTRz43zlKVecHjY2m_K-C6qI2DdjT830QSYc Download. Note: This is still a work in progress. I may add more tracks in the future.
    • We are currently hard at work accomodating Russian and Spanish localizations of Epsilon. We already have translated DB2s so that localized clients work on Epsilon. If a German community develops, please don't hesitate to agree on a representative so that we can make the community feel right at home. Welcome!
    • Thank you for the report. However, this will be fixed with the 8.3.0 update so there is currently no reason for us to diverge development time to fix this issue on 7.3.5. I'm afraid it'll have to wait a bit but it will be fixed.
    • Updated with the Patch 8.2.0 model changes for gnomes and tauren and the Patch 8.2.5 model updates for goblins and worgen. All changes included in a changelog. Not sure how I missed this but, I don't ever recall enforcing or trying to force anyone to scale. All I've ever done is inform people of the accurate scale for whatever height they may have set for their character, and I generally do so through whispers. If they then wish to use—or not use—said scale is entirely up to them. Unless you meant that in general for people that have tried to enforce it, in which case, that's silly of them.
    • • Type of Bug: Item bug • Description: The Forsaken Warfronts plate armour doesn't appear correctly on human females. • Evidence (Chat message/Screenshot): Broken on Epsi but it Works correctly on RPH • Steps to reproduce: Equip item 5176479 on a human female. It's the same with all recolours and similar items though, including just the boots and gloves. • Expected result: The gear to look normal. • Observed result: Geosets not attached to body. • Reproduction rate: Seems to happen for everyone, with or without patches. • Additional information: I believe it's a broken downport. I spoke to Raz about it a little in start.