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      Вы хотите написать руководство о том, как отыгрывать мурлока? Или, может быть, вам нужна помощь с лором? Здесь ваши вопросы найдут свои ответы.

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      Вы являетесь инициативной группой фермеров или гильдией героев? Или, возможно, вы ищете друга, который присоединится к вашим приключениям? Быть может вам нужен кто-то для ролевого отыгрыша вашего ребёнка, жены или рыбы в миске? Именно здесь вы сможете привлечь новых людей в свои ряды.

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    • Hi everyone!   First time posting but by no means new to Epsilon. My name is Sedrian and I'm here to give you a brief rundown of the Mereldar phase in hopes of sparking some interest in finding others to join the development team for Mereldar. What is Mereldar? Set at the starting point of Warcraft 3 where all previous lore remains intact Set in an Alternate Universe where the timeline will differ going forward The main phase is a HD reconstruction of everything north of the Thandol Span, this is where the main story takes place I am currently 1200+ hours into the rebuild so a lot of the work has been done What is needed? Builders/decorators NPC creation and dialogue Loremaster DM's GM's The phase has been built with a great emphasis on precision and detail, something I will look to continue forward. Whilst a master builder is not something that I require, it should be said that quality is important and those looking to join should be open to growth and criticism in order to achieve the best result, every day is a learning day! There are lots of NPC names and dialogues referencing WC3/WoW/other games to create a sense of fun and this will continue forward. What next? Please check out the screenshots attached and if you feel this is something you can commit a bit of time to and would be passionate about a great end product then please message me on Discord: Sedrian#1056 and if you have any questions please post them here so I can answer publicly to save repetition! Thank you! Sedrian
    • Type of Bug: Interface-related(?) • Description: ObjectMover's tint panel's Auto-Update incorrectly setting up Saturation values. • Evidence (Chat message/Screenshot): • Steps to reproduce: Selecting an object without any Saturation while the Tint-Panel is set to "Auto-update" • Expected result: Saturation to display it's number. • Observed result: When a Gob doesn't have any Saturation value, the ObjectMover will show it to be 100, making any further Tint-changes update the Gob and saturate it. • Reproduction rate: 100% when an object is selected. • Additional information: It does not automatically Saturate objects, it merely displays the wrong value, however when the window is being used, it will Saturate things properly using the slider.  
    • Basically, I just wanna fix Azshara hands, since this happens.  wanna do the work but any guide would be nice...