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  3. cant find the download button. uh either that or it doesnt worK?
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  5. Gardener

    Undead Models

    Fixed, will be in next CDN update.
  6. For sure! I'll catch you in-game.
  7. If you need a DM for one event or several I'd be willing to help you out, my ingame character is called Glaeweth if you ever see me online we can plan something!
  8. Hello, so I thought of the idea that maybe you have a phase, and you want to let your officers to build and dm and use those kind of commands, but not have the ability to change the phase message or any other things, so what if it was possible to give the phase owners the ability to deactivate certain commands / command chains for the member rank / officer rank and in this way you could make it so that the officer rank itself only, for example, allows for the use of DMing / NPC commands while any building (.gob) commands are deactivated and unusable for their rank.
  9. THE ARCANE SYNDICATE The Arcane Syndicate is a newly created private RP project set in the end of the Legion timeline of WoW's history. RP events will consist of hunting, discovering, acquiring and protecting magical artifacts and defeating those who guard them. If you like roleplaying a strong mage, treasure hunting and exploring this is the guild for you. WHO WE ARE To give you an idea of what we come from here's an excerpt from wowpedia about the Tirisgarde: The Tirisgarde is the elite mage-guard of Dalaran, an organization called upon in the past by the Council of Tirisfal to do battle in the absence of the Guardian. First created to hunt down Aegwynn after she went rogue, the foundation of the Tirisgarde's strength lies in the ancient artifacts wielded by its champions, rather than empowering them directly like the Guardian was. We're a group of this elite mage-guard of Tirisgarde who has broken off from our original organization and formed our own. Seeking to increase our power and knowledge even further we use our skills to hunt for magical artifacts and forgotten spell books. Our base of operations are located on the deserted island of Tol Barad, hidden beneath the ground. OOC INFORMATION Phase: 13732 Discord: https://discord.gg/9qg6AXw To join you simply join the discord. We currently accept all races able to be mages with a few exceptions. We don't accept people who use fel, void or death magic. Our introduction event will take place in one of the next few weeks as soon as we have our base of operations and the first event built. Everyone joining after will get a different introduction to the guild. WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR Since we already are a decent amount of people(13), we are mostly looking for DM's, antagonists, story/quest writers and builders/builds. If you have a build that you think we could use for a quest we would be very pleased to use it. Thought this was a cool way to finally use many of the great builds on this server collecting dust (including mine). I am very open to ideas for this project, so if you got any throw me a PM here, on discord or in-game.
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  12. Thanks for the report, the issue has been resolved on developmental clients now. It was caused by incorrect logic in a new function whenever the client selected Demon Hunter as a class.
  13. • Type of Bug: Mis-selection? Glitch • Description: Selecting a Night Elf Demon Hunter and flipping the Gender will result in the Male NE to be switched to a Male BE, switching between the two when selecting different genders. • Evidence (Chat message/Screenshot): https://gyazo.com/aa7a45d3be3325f86cb75edcbb7eed1b • Steps to reproduce: 1. Load onto any account 2. Open the Character Creation screen. 3. Select Night Elf > Demon Hunter 4. Select the Female Gender, Male, Female and back to Male. 5. Observe the sudden change in the race. • Expected result: - The Male Night Elf should be displayed when selecting between genders, without any glitch. • Observed result: - The Male Blood Elf will be displayed when switching from Male to Female and back to Male. • Reproduction rate: 100% (5 times reproduced.) • Additional information: - None.
  14. Awesome to have you here, welcome! Please show some of the art you've done, would love to see it. You probably already know everything there's to know about commands and stuff but, if you have any questions please reach out to me on forums or in-game, I gladly help 😄
  15. That's exactly what I mean, although I doubt any of my friends would like the idea of "you'll have to download this or that to hear the music I'm playing" when it comes to addons. I'm not sure if there's any other alternative, e.g. making a bunch of empty sound kit IDs that people can use with patches the same way Azarchius did with displayIDs.
  16. A client side patch for BfA sounds/music is more than entirely possible, and is almost like down-porting icons. If you mean including music so you can play them with the relevant .phase command, then there are alternative workarounds for that.
  17. I don't know if this is planned or eschewed until we potentially move to BFA as a whole but porting down BFA music would be a great addition for events that need music. BFA has a lot of really good tracks that fit a lot of certain combat scenarios and can break the constant repeat of the same X soundtracks for, say, combat, or large scale battles, or a dramatic stinger for a visual reveal. If this is planned, great; if it's not going to be pursued, it'll be a shame, but I'm sure everyone (including me) can live with that.
  18. this will fix the belt and shoulders and weapons, still working on the head https://www.mediafire.com/file/dksseupm5lapslb/Vulpera.rar/file
  19. Screenshot error message please. If it takes a while, and Epsilon screen grays out, wait it out, it will produce an error after a short while.
  20. Umm.. So I just logged in again to my phase.. And i didnt use ANY bfa emotes this time around.. And I crashed again..
  21. The following don't appear in-game when trying to morph into them. creature/skeletaldiretroll displayID 79591 creature/armouredtrex displayID 78169 However, they do appear once they have had their relevant files placed in their creature/creaturename firectory. e.g. Placing creature/skeletaldiretroll .m2 .skin .blp files where they should be makes them work. Maybe not on CDN? Following zip contains folders and files that get them showing up in-game http://gardening.media/files/files/missingCreatures231019.zip
  22. Gardener

    Undead Models

    @Azarchius A few other creature displays have this/similar issues with messed up appearances. creature/drustvarhag/drustvarhag.m2 creature/drustvarbeastman/drustvarbeastman.m2 creature/ladywaycrest/ladywaycrest.m2
  23. Possible issue with it using tauren male .skel @Azarchius
  24. ok thats actually pretty fuckin cool
  25. Another super easy way to replicate the bug is to rotate an object either 90 0 303.75 or 0 90 303.75. When you do this, you can .gob go to the object and see it's clearly facing 21.8 instead of the intended rotation of 303.75, and moving the object resets the rotation to the lower number. Interestingly enough, this only happens when you've input a certain degree of pitch or roll. So there's most likely some sort of problem with complex rotation angles being paired with pitch and roll angles, or at least that's what I can deduce.
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