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  4. Like how the human garrisons are recoloured for each kingdom. It'd help with the boyz if the same gesture was done to the two up to date styles. Wc3 Warsong/Shadowmoon: Purple Dragonmaw/BTG/Blackrock: Black Frostwolf: Light Blue Bleeding Hollow: Green If choices were to be made for the colours. I feel black would get the most stretch, having the most clans and most striking clans to its name.
  5. Hi! I was recently informed on how the emptywmos were made for the server and it sparked some hope for an issue that has been bothering me for ages. There are a few Garrison WMOs that have giant cubes latched onto them like a parasite. I hate these cubes. I've started to fiddle with wow-export and blender and have found that these WMOs in question have dedicated WMO groups to these awful cubes and when deselected the cube Vanishes, leaving the rest of the model seemingly perfect! My suggestion is that if it is possible(and not too much of a bother) to have these WMOs fixed and be added into the upcoming patch as from my (limited) perspective it seems like a simple fix! The Wmos in question would be 6or_garrison_tradingpost_v1.wmo and 6oc_orcclans_farm.wmo Thank you for your time!
  6. Reminds me of this creepy bug in I think either Dun Morogh or Alterac Valley where you can hear gnome groans on loop or something.
  7. <witty seasonal intro comment> It's time for the Secret Santa building event! For now, you only need to do one thing! Sign up before the 10th to participate by letting me know in the building channel or in a DM (in case you want to be extra secret). On the 11th, you'll get a name. You'll make a blueprint just for that person, and you'll get one too! (Please make sure you have time to finish your blueprint before the end of the year.)
  8. How about an optional alias for phases, so you can have a unique keyword as well as an ID? It'd be so much nicer/easier to advertise with a short name than with numbers that are usually hard to remember.
  9. i think Razmataz was the person that changed "Mountain Climbing" to a spell that gives you the butler animation kit, so i think it's appropriate to wonder if the same could be done to add a spell that sets your animation kit to the 'flying' type (e.g. animations prefixed with "Fly", used by Val'kyr, dragons, and a few others). i don't know how NPCs do it script-wise, but I think it'd be cool if we could use that to actually take off and land with the corresponding animations and without breaking the flight animations when using .cheat fly on idk if this was planned already or is actually not as easy as it seems but i thought itd be a cool idea haha :0
  10. • Description: A spell appears to be casting on loop within Dun Morogh, it's called "Howling Fjord - Quest - Predator Dummy - LAB" with spellID 44365. The spell itself doesn't seem to really do anything beyond slowing the character's movement down on land (flight seems fine), it lasts for 7 seconds, then fades and returns a second after that. It's happening in both the overworld as in my own private phases when I'm in the area. • Evidence (Chat message/Screenshot): https://imgur.com/a/FS3hyF8 -- Marked the location, it seems to be within the radius of roughly the red circle. Doesn't seem to happen closer to Ironforge, Kharanos or the gate near the road that leads to Gnomeregan the starting zone. • Steps to reproduce: Be in the area within the above radius. Wait ~30 seconds. It'll pop up. • Expected result: For it to not happen obviously! • Observed result: Spell is cast on a constant loop, every 7 seconds. • Reproduction rate: 100% in the area. • Additional information: Hopped onto two other characters of mine to ensure it wasn't some weird aura leftover they had on them, and while it took 30 or so seconds to pop up initially while standing completely still (not sure if that matters), the same started happening to them in the area, after which the spell began to loop again. The command .unaura all or relogging didn't seem to change anything so I'm thinking it's area-bound.
  11. Welcome to Epsilon. It's likely that the server you played on all those years ago was either Project Defiance or Divinity-X. You may remember a few people here as a few of us have stuck around since then. There are a few resources in the #information channel in the Epsilon discord for you to use to help get you started.
  12. Howdy doodly folks, it feels good to be back. I used to play on this server (or one of its many iterations), years ago back when WotLK was the big new thing. It was great fun back then, and I imagine it has only gotten better. Its been a hot minute since I did any sort of WoW-styled RP, so it will be nice getting reacquainted. Glad to meet ya!
  13. I too would like this! Just a list of all the commonly hosted public phases would be great to see on Discord and might encourage more folks to hop into them, given they'll be more visible.
  14. Dove


    Hi, I hope you've familiarised yourself with everything. If you still need assistance, feel free to add me on Discord @ Dove#6430
  15. I, too, would like this simply because I often see people in start asking for available RPs or open phases.
  16. ural


    Signed up a while ago but never got around to poking around. I made some characters, chilled in the starter area. I thought it would be a good time to say ‘allo. 👋 I hope to just get started and learn on the fly. Shoot me a message if you want to help me get settled in. Thanks.
  17. Rabbit

    HD Barrens patch

    Simply replaces Barrens textures and ground details with new Warsong Gulch ones. suggest you crank your ground detail intensity down a bit in-game. how to install: extract in your Epsilon root folder how to uninstall: delete "tileset\barrens", "tileset\the badlands" and "world\nodxt" folders would like to get around to make an ashenvale version but i have no need for it, should someone really really need it i could attempt that enjoy barrens_hd.7z
  18. Finally, I joined here. Greetings, Epsilon!

  19. Just a simple patch to add in individual models for some of the dwarves in the Storm Peaks GiantBattle.wmo. The patch replaces several of the untextured 8hu_kultiras_docks wmos so should not patch over anything usable. Spawning EmptyWMO versions of these objects will result in a crash. If this happens to you, uninstall the patch and remove the object in question - you should then safely be able to reinstall the patch. See all of the objects added by the patch and their relevant ids below: DWARVEN BALLISTA 874627 - Dwarven Ballista SHIELD WALL FORMATION 874592 - Shield Wall Formation BEAR CAVALRY 874629 - Bear Cavalry 1 874523 - Bear Cavalry 2 874525 - Bear Cavalry 3 874537 - Bear Cavalry 4 874524 - Bear Cavalry 5 DWARVES WITH AXES 874615 - Axe Dwarf 1 874526 - Axe Dwarf 2 874527 - Axe Dwarf 3 874528 - Axe Dwarf 4 874529 - Axe Dwarf 5 DWARVES WITH SPEARS 874593 - Spear Dwarf 1 874531 - Spear Dwarf 2 874532 - Spear Dwarf 3 DWARVES WITH SWORDS 874533 - Sword Dwarf 1 874631 - Sword Dwarf 2 874596 - Sword Dwarf 3 DWARVEN CASTERS 874628 - Caster Dwarf 1 874530 - Caster Dwarf 2 874588 - Caster Dwarf 3 874589 - Caster Dwarf 4 874591 - Caster Dwarf 5 FROST GIANTS 974630 - Giant 1 874598 - Giant 2 874597 - Giant 3 GiantBattle Patch.zip
  20. - Applications are closed. - Send me a DM on Discord, Durffus! ( Kori#8400 )
  21. Name: - Jebeddo "Scumbleduck" Ningcl Race: - Gnome Profession: - Scholar Desired Class: - Occultist Brief Character Backstory (this will affect the prologue event of your character if accepted): - Born in the trade port town of Menethil Harbor to a couple of quiet-living anglers. There he grew up learning the fishing trade of his mother and father who had moved away from Gnomeregan not long before his birth. Mr. & Mrs. Ningcl were oddly content, for a pair of gnome, to be spending their days in humble trade and fishing by net and rod. Jebeddo was never satisfied with the monotony of it as discovery and ingenuity was in his blood. After saving up enough money dozen years after he had come of age, he left his life there behind to venture to Stormwind where he would learn all he could about the world, its history, and the wonderful complexity of magic. It was within the city of diversity he began a career as a scribe under the tutelage of a wizard within the Mage order, Ramshar Widalin, a fellow Gnome at that. There he spent his days joyously creating copies of history books, learning the lore as he went, as well as translating foreign languages and archaic dialects, which he acquired through the mentorship. The tomes that interested him the most to work on, however, were that of magic, arcane or otherwise. The less practiced and secretive the art, the more he desired to learn of it. This is what lead to his unfortunate descent down the rabbit hole of the occult. Ramshar was always quick to dismiss Jebeddo's questions into the occult, calling the arts a lesser form of magic where risk outweighs reward. While, yes, all knowledge is good knowledge, the wise know what not to dabble in. Jebeddo, as intelligent as he was, still lacked the wisdom needed for such choices. His pursuit of the forbidden arts lead him to find like minds within the lower circles of the order. He did not make it far in his haphazard practices before him and his peers were discovered. Mere expulsion from the order was admittedly a lenient punishment given the damage such practices have dealt in the past. Though being removed from methods of formal practice, Jebeddo still seeks to further himself in his practices as well as learn additional schools when possible. It will be a hard road ahead outside of a library, but there will be plenty to discover out in the unknown world. Brief Character Personality Synopsis: - Truly a knowledge seeker. He takes joy in reading about events of history and learning about how magics, deities, and otherworldly beings work. While occult may be his practiced school of magic, he doesn’t have a specific set focus on any particular subject. He just likes learning about all of it. He'll often be seen writing notes when coming across new locations or even recording conversations with strangers. As for how he is emotionally, generally good-natured. He is one who would help other people out with menial tasks should he see them struggling. Being a part of a settled community was once important to him, but now he considers his momentary company his community. Often becomes frustrated with disorder and likes things to be labelled and organized. How much time can you commit to the campaign? - I generally work 40 hour work weeks on shifts that can change week to week. If I'm not working I'll normally be available to play. What time zone are you based in? - Mountain Standard Time (-7) Are you comfortable with character death for this roleplay? - Yes I am. The risk of failure and loss makes reward and success all the greater. Having genuine consequence is healthy in RP.
  22. Rogan

    Chasing the Dawn

    Updated the event ledger with event 2.
  23. - Applications are OPEN with one slot available! With a lot of troubles getting in the way this year; Fable of Fortune will finally crack on with Roleplay shortly after Christmas! - Botanist and Shapeshifter are being redone in the Google Docs as they were far too overpowered. - Any class is available, though variety is always appreciated! Current Roster; 1 Human Warden; 1 Half-Orc Berserker 1 Human Paladin; 1 Human Cleric 1 Human Scoundrel; 1 Human Sorcerer; 1 Night Elf Elementalist Unused Classes Marksman; Shapeshifter; Botanist
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