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  3. currently, we have 23 rockarches. all of them are from legion and previous expansions. the server needs more versions of rockarches, especially in bfa variants. also since wmo rotating is coming soon this could be an extra layer of content /shrug as well as "7sr_cragrockwmo_ph_" .m2s. there are six versions of the .m2, all different shapes and are insanely versatile. (default texture path) m2 texture 1253909 world/expansion06/doodads/suramar/7sr_rock04_1024.blp i tried to keep it to a minimal lol specific texture suggestions for rockarches specific texture suggestions for 7sr_cragrockwmo_ph_
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  5. Is it possible to change the unlimited range Leap of Faith spell to not depend on line of sight? I use it to move around a lot and it's annoying to constantly get the "Target not in line of sight" notif spellid is 92832
  6. Hey, this seems pretty cool! Can you tell me how to install it? I have the Character and Items rar but i don't know what to do with them.
  7. Sorry seem that i load the wrong folder no the working one is loaded
  8. The tattoo'dorei fit very well the description for the Highvale elves. Strongly support anything that may come from this.
  9. Fixes will come in the next one with trolls and dwarves ect Wanted to post this now so that people can start to rp with the hair and beards they want, thank you and have fun.
  10. Male and female cloaks, Males get Kul hair and beard, shall make one with female hair later on, also people who want to use this patch and make there own are welcome. All BFA bfa animations work Orc wolf cloak Varian cloak Rex cloak Arthas cloak And a nice full shoulder cloak https://www.mediafire.com/file/kd03stulrp6cerc/Working_one.rar/file Have nogit to find the cloaks shall add the ids later.
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  12. We will be looking to downport all 8.3 content in 7356.
  13. Can i get a tutorial? I don't know how install it :<
  14. Some new Dark Elves would be cool 😄 like those Black Elves
  15. With Retail now being released up to 8.3 are there any plans to try and downport the Worgen and Goblin heritage armors?
  16. It doesn't make sense for it to be limited to owners, indeed. This will be in for 7355.
  17. I'm currently looking to get this done (with phaseshifting, of course) for 7356.
  18. Full support, don't care if I have to use a patch. The new Azeroth is garbage.
  19. I mean use the patch as the server-side content, not have people download it. I think everyone should have it anyway, though. Doesn't hurt anything.
  20. True but I feel like I can't go asking people to download a patch just for for a public phase.
  21. Or Kori's Zone Patch can be used, and modified to be their own maps, rather than replacing an unused Moonglade and Developer Land. (plus the ability to .phase shift doodad off on them would be amazing)
  22. I'd like to see how much interest this would garner, with the new classic client I feel like it might be within the realm of possibilities but it might also be useful to see how much this would be desired by the community. I think it would open up incredible possibilities for building phases set in certain time periods as well as maybe getting a 'spare' map for custom locations where you can remove the doodads. Hopefully this gets some support, because for me personally this is something I really want and I hope a lot of you eel the same way.
  23. With the phase listing not being tied to whether a character is online or offline, and my tendency to forget to de-list it. It would be incredibly useful for me if my more attentive friends could do so instead since they often notice it before I do. Also it'd be useful for me to list and delist on alt accounts.
  24. I'm also not a fan of this. It just makes it easier for people to get population for boring lifeless phases.
  25. Currently, ".mod stand (ID)" applies the emote but refreshes it once any other emote is played. Including turning. ".npc emote (ID) r" does not do this, allowing for the idle pose to return to the emote ID you listed for as long as it isn't set back to 0 r For RP, this would be highly useful as it would diminish the need to reset your stand state every single time you make any movement including just chat.
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