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  4. Can you try to move it into a proper folder? Right now it's under C:/ together with a bunch of .json files, probably an errorlog.txt, a Data folder and a VCRedis installer. Ideally the folder shown is C:/Games/Epsilon/_retail_ or C:/Epsilon/_retail_ If that fails, send your errorlog.txt on the tech-support channel on discord please.
  5. "For I am new to Epsilon." Greetings everyone! I'm Gal'Tharis, and always have been. I've played firmly on a few private WoW RP servers before (Incl. Milly, Paragon etc.), and stayed with them almost till the end. I've had a LONG break from it, but never really left it, not in my heart. So i'm basically back! Text me for more info about me as an RPer, or let me know if you remember me from somewhere! Thanks for accepting me, can't wait to get started! Best regards Gal'Tharis Redmist.
  6. Hello! Stumbled across this server from whispers across twitter and many google searches. Thought it would be fun to create new concepts I can't necessarily be bothered with on retail, and perhaps redesign those characters on this server. Either way, I'm looking forward to the RP on here, and the potential to make private areas and all that. Seems super fun! ^^
  7. I followed the guide, and finding that the torrent would take up too much time. I opted to install the launcher. It hits 100% then closes down, each time. Whenever I re-open the launcher to see if I can play, I have to reinstall everything. (And it is a rather quick download). I've included a screencap of the 'Epsilon' Folder on my C:/ Sorry if this is a bother, I'm just new and also not very computer technical at all lol
  8. Hey, I think maybe you guys are aware of this, but I just saw there's no bug report for it. Copying phase forged NPCs causes the copied NPC to gain a default outfit displayID later on - my guess is after a server restart when the NPCs respawn. Personally, most of my NPCs are not even created with an outfit display, and the one they gain (and almost always respawn with) afterward is randomly shoved in the list of indexed displays. After removing the anomalous displayID, the issue seems to be resolved permanently on the NPC. I don't have any current NPCs with this issue after fixing most of them recently but the last one affected was 701201 which I fixed a couple of days ago.
  9. Last week
  10. I noticed, while hopping between Azuremyst Isle and Durotar, that doing so seemed to regularly cause all of the original objects in that zone to reappear after it had been phase-shifted and the doodads had been spawned in. The 'respawned' objects are unselectable and game returns a message saying that the zone you're in has already been shifted if you try to phase-shift again. Relogging corrects this issue though it should be noted that the collision data for all respawned objects is present until you relog. Just a weird bug that can be an annoyance if you're hopping between maps.
  11. Not sure if anyone remembers me from certain other servers I shall not name since I've been inactive for a while. I'm here to do more funny and whacky RP adventures after a long hiatus, if anyone desires inconsistent companionship with my one draenei and possible plethora of pandaren, do let me know. It's been a while so I could need time to get used to things, but once I'm back in the saddle I'm sure I could spice up your RP, or just make it boring.
  12. Hello, While Epsilon have made impressive strives to minimize the circumvention of server and phase bans, I feel there is still room for improvement. I've noticed that the use of alternative accounts can trivialize the disciplinary measure of blacklisting a player from main phase and, likewise can easily be used to circumvent a ban on a phase. It is for this reason I would like to propose a soft MAC ban in the form of banning the associated Battle.net account of the blacklisted character in order to prevent people from simply creating a new character on another account and continue using the phase against their staff's wishes. Likewise to accompany this change you may wish to enforce that all accounts are to be merged under a singular primary Battle.net account so to more easily enforce this policy and further minimize the prospect of ban evasion. I hope this suggestion from a former ban evader may prove useful to you. Thank you for your time.
  13. ram3n

    Warlord's Hand

    Introduction Four weeks have passed since the fall of the Sunwell to the fallen prince of Lordaeron and his undead legions, who traveled southwards through the Dead Scar back to his homeland with his objective complete. With the High Elf population decimated and the remaining survivors scattered, few, and far between, an opportunity ripe for the taking had presented itself. Many warbands of younger Trolls had already begun their forays into the forests, returning with accounts of pockets of undead and necromancers strewn across the land, branding themselves as lords of small territories. The Atul'Amani, a council of self-styled protectors of the Amani Empire during the absence of Zul'jin after his disappearance following the Second War, had decided to first look within their own lands, and purge the dark whispers that even now cooed promises of power into the minds of the willing, that threatened the very fabric of their society. To accomplish this task, they created the Warlord's Hand, to act as their inquisition against the dark powers that sought to topple the old order. Messengers were sent to Trolls who had become known to the Atul'Amani through their actions in order for their skills to be put to use, as well as messengers giving a general call to action to the warriors of the Empire. The first task of the Warlord's Hand will be to investigate rumors of a heretical priest who has taken over a centuries-old catacomb as his own, performing shadowy rituals there. Nearby, the trolls of Zeb'Nowa fear the worst. The Atul'Amani have sent you to eliminate any possible presence of undead or Scourge agents before it gets out of hand. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Warlord's Hand is set to begin four weeks after the fall of the Sunwell, and explore the perspective of the Forest Trolls during the sudden power vacuum within a land both Elf and Troll called home. As time goes on, players will be able to affect major events, or create new ones. The direction the players go is up to them in what actions they decide to take, to follow the beaten road, or forge a new path entirely. Character progression is an integral part of any character and their story so characters will gradually grow in power as time goes on, but how fast you gain that power is up to you, and how much you would be willing to give in exchange for it. If you're interested in the concept, join the Discord: https://discord.gg/HkUjAqzMec _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Available Tribes Amani Tribe - By far the strongest tribe within Quel'thalas, the tribe boasts the greatest warlords and warriors known to the forest trolls, with the very empire and capital bearing their name. Shadowpine Tribe - A tribe that resides mostly on the outskirts of Zul'Aman in small villages, their ancestral ties to the Amani Tribe makes them valuable allies. Revantusk Tribe - The Atul'Amani sent a single messenger to the Revantusk tribe, promising a ceasefire in the conflict between kin, and a place within the Amani Empire if they joined the growing Troll host in Zul'Aman. Although the elders shrugged off such an offer, there were warriors and witch doctors within the tribe who considered the proposition. The current Revantusk population of Zul'Aman is very small, and they are often the targets of harassment and violence by the larger tribes, but this does not deter them. Vilebranch Tribe - After the fall of Lordaeron, travel between Jintha'alor and Zul'Aman was cut off entirely beyond travel by ship through the eastern seaboard of the continent. A small group of Vilebranch trolls have remained in Zul'Aman, for the most part stranded but eager to remain within the safety of both the city's walls and numbers. Witherbark Tribe - Like the Vilebranch, they only have a small population within Quel'thalas, separated from the rest of their tribe in the Arathi Highlands. For some, it's a death sentence. For the more ambitious, it's a chance to join their brothers in making history, and staining the land with the blood of their ancient enemies. Mossflayer Tribe - Despite the dangers of the now-burgeoning Plaguelands, many trolls of the Mossflayer tribe have fled north towards their ancient capital, with tales of groups of undead they once called family slaughtering them, and dragging off their bodies to serve a new master. Warlord Thresh'jin was sent to oversee the Mossflayer tribe, with their previous chieftain mysteriously dying, and look into the validity of these claims.
  14. Granted, they go on strike, and you take the blame for it. I wish for blizzard to make more skimpy armor.
  15. The Pawn

    .dood go

    Now that we are able to select doodads and shift them on and off, an issue I've noticed when trying to rebuild certain areas is getting the coordinates of an area exact. While it does display the world coordinates and as such you can worldport to it (and then gps to face the orientation), doing it to each and every doodad is incredibly tedious and time consuming. Much like how we can teleport to selected gameobjects with a command, I think it would be very useful to be able to teleport to a selected doodad. As a result, i propose the .doodad go command, which would teleport you to the exact coordinates of the selected doodad. Would make it useful for phases that are trying to build or expand upon certain areas while trying to remain faithful to the zone.
  16. Vraul


    Lok'tar, friend.
  17. there's no way i can't spell out the issue in the title sorry but .phase forge npc outfit feature 2 1 doesn't do anything when you use it on an orc, when it should (to my knowledge) make them straightbacked, as feature 0 is for tusks and feature 1 for accessories
  18. Earlier
  19. Throm'ka, fellow Epsilon RPERS! A pleasure to meet you all. Name's Ironblade. Huge fan of literally anything to do with the Horde. Any Horde. Iron, Dark, Old, Fel, etc. ESPECIALLY the Iron Horde. Also, i enjoy running whenever i am not in the virtual world in addition to watching the Flash. Will be fun to RP with y'all.
  20. For RP purposes, it would be great if we could have like designated areas within a phase where someone is allowed to build/spawn. For example, being able to designate an house and/or around an house by example a plot designated to a 'limited builder' number. At the same time it would be great if those designated plots could as well be handed out by a npc, from which a player needs to talk to, to specify which from available plots they want to build. This would be great to expand 24/7 and/or active RP's/guild RP's. Couple of examples: Town/kingdom RP Design the inside of your home. Design garden/porch etc. Shop keepers designing and updating visual inventory during calm moments Governors (appointees) having bigger build ratio plot or access to all plots in set area ... Guild RP phases Design the inside of your home. Build up defences if getting stationed somewhere Assigning officers to build up outposts with a platoon (as well builders) Inviting other guild to partake in guild wars, build up defences prior to battle Spawning enemy/friendly npc's prior to battle ... Adventure/GM RP Set designated rest locations, upon arrival make rest location more comfy Upon clearing a location/level of enemies, being able to build/spawn Builders RP/Contest Assign plot to builders to either build their location or show off their skills Potential features: Objects whitelist/blacklist NPC's whitelist/blacklist Object/npc build limit Plot License timer option NPC giving out build licence to plots With taken plots being removed or greyed/red out of list Phase officers giving out build/spawn licence to plots Combined plot area section license I'm sure some of you can think as well of even more features and use case for this.
  21. Join the discord of the guild for more information! - https://discord.gg/AvXCqJMWBW Our requirements: -Know our lore -Be religous( to vrykul gods, titans) -Respect to hierarchy Background of the tribe. The Tribe has been founded by the two ancient humans who was the against of the King Ymiron’s decisions. 15,000 years before , the King Ymiron ordered to kill all human children. But Njord didn’t agree with the orders and decide to run away with his human twins, Freyr and Freyja. Njord was one of the best warriors of the King. All Dragonflayer clan alarmed to kill Njord and his twins. Njord and his two children stayed without food already days... The main reason was run away from the clan. Njord had seen kids are getting starving. He decided to hunt but first hided kids next to tall grasses. Njord went to hunt. He successfully hunted North Deer. Skinned it quickly and rolled its skin. Started to carry those things to his kids. He was close to place where did he left kids. Vrykul wolves have found them and alerted more clan members to come. Njord took out his axe and attacked to the wolf. Dire Wolf wounded his chest and tried to bite his throat. After 10 minutes the fight still was continiue. Njord knocked down while holding the wolf’s neck. Unluckly his belt blade removed by itself during wrestling with wolf. When Njord knocked down the belt blade entered his liver. Njord screamed as hell. He raged for a moment. Roared against the face of the dire wolf and took out the knife out of his liver and cur wolf’s head. He wrapped his stomach, took kids and started to run more away. Njord started to lose his power hour after hour... He moved under the tree lit the fire for keep kids warm. After an hour during the midnight wolf howls heard. Njord had no power to fight anymore. Howls started to be loud. One of the wolves appeared behind the shadows asinjuried. Njord helped the injuried wolf and shared food with him. After eating wolf slowly closed his eyes and slept. Njord kissed his kids and lean to the tree. He slowly lose his focus and slept...forever. The sun has risen for a new day. The wolf came slowly to Njord and sniffed him. Njord's skin was white, so his body glistened in the sunlight. The wolf realized that he was dead. After she checked her own wounds, she started walking towards the crying babies. They were defenseless and orphans. The wolf took the children and took them to her territory, as if it were the reward for the favor that was done to her. The mother wolf started raising Freyr, Freyja and their own children in one place. She was feeding the children from her own milk. One day, the mother wolf, who goes hunting, sees the frozen body of Njord. She comes up to him, starts to howl and makes sounds similar to crying sounds. Some Vrykul hunters, who have heard this nearby, come towards the sound. The sight they saw when they arrived surprised them. A great wolf was crying, lying across the frozen body of the Njord. Vrykul hunters began to follow the wolf. After entering a mountain-top cave, Vrykul hunters hid out of sight in the area. The Vrykul hunters were very surprised when they saw that a 2-3 year old male boy came out with the mother wolf from the cave. The mother was playing with the wolf-boy and treating him as if he was her own baby. His clothes were torn and worn. Vrykul hunters believed these children were the warriors who would prophesy to come to their rescue. They did not share this information with other clans and started bringing food in front of the cave every day. Before Njord ran away with the children, he had planted a note on the inside of their clothes with their names and who their father was, and for what reason escaped with them. Vrykul hunters had turned this cave into a temple. They were bringing food and praying to their gods. Freyr and Freyja are now grown up under these conditions. Freyr and Freyja were very strong and large compared to other human children. Vrykul hunters attributed it to being the wolf's children. Freyr and Freyja continued to live in the cave. Old Vrykul hunters would come there every day and train them. The mother wolf was not aggressive towards them because they were feeding her too. Freyr and Freyja had found the note on their clothes. Now they knew their name and who their father was. But they thought their mother was still a wolf. This was partly because the Vrykul hunters worshiped them. Now Freyr and Freyja had become a very strong young warrior. The old Vrykul hunters were telling them about their civilization and what they had to be made to human children, but that they were different from other children. The elders believed they were the true children of the titans. One day, Freyr found the dead body of the old mother wolf in the cave. This upset them deeply. Together with the other wolf brothers, they buried the mother wolf's body. Days, months and years passed ... Freyr and Freyja twins founded their own tribe by taking the human children they found and the Vrykul brothers who wanted to be with them. This tribe was founded to unite against all danger to human children. Believing that Freyr and Freyja were the children of the titan wolf, the tribe grew day by day. They were detecting and attacking Vrykul villages that were suffering human children. The twins were trying to find out who their father was and who really were their ancestors. Many lives were given on this road, but still not found ... Their tribe was named the Titan Kin tribe. Those who heard their names were frightened, afraid ...
  22. Any chance this getting repopulated/organised? 🙂
  23. UPDATE: The project is now online and I've actively started working on it! If you the idea seduced you, you can join our Discord here: https://discord.gg/VvhZ8r5z or simply contact me personally in-game [Galathran] or on Discord. From Silvermoon, with love.
  24. the cdn storage servers were down for emergency maintenace. they're back up now, so should be solved.
  25. I just downloaded the game, waited for it to install, but everytime I try to launch it I get this
  26. The ability to exclude terms when using Lookup would be very nice. Example: .lookup item hood -black .lookup object stormwind -tile Or however you want to prefix it.
  27. Welcome aboard mate!
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