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  2. Hey @Generic DH since we are closing in on the newest update, will you have the time to update the models to fit the new db2?
  3. Release date: 20-09-2019 Here you'll be able to read up on changes, big and small, made to various parts of the server. Highlights Battle for Azeroth Creatures 405 creature models from Battle for Azeroth 8.0 - 8.2 have been downported. Full list of creature models can be found here. Items 5,702 unique items from Battle for Azeroth 8.0 - 8.2 and in total 8,144 appearances have been downported. Full list of items can be found here. Objects 2,335 objects from Battle for Azeroth 8.1 - 8.2 have been downported. Full list of objects can be found here. 1,153 EmptyWMO objects from Battle for Azeroth 8.0 - 8.2 have been added. Full list of EmptyWMO objects can be found here. Tiles 1,957 tiles from Battle for Azeroth 8.0 - 8.2 have been downported. Full list of tiles can be found here. A new and updated tile mall can be accessed from anywhere through ".tele tilemall". Character Creation All Battle for Azeroth allied races have been downported and are accessible through character creation. If you're using custom patches for allied races (such as Zandalari replacing normal trolls) and/or updated goblin/worgen models, remove said patches else you will be encountering #132 errors. Item Limit We have managed to bypass the artificial item limit in WoW; allowing us to add as many items and unique appearances as we want from now on. New Commands and Features Character Creation Character Creation Screen Names now allow a max of 24 characters, up from 12. Names now allow spaces and apostrophes. Loading Screen Default loading screen tips have been replaced with Epsilon-themed tips to be more relevant to the server. Objects Deletion Deleting an object will now flag it for database deletion in 72 hours. The object will be visually removed although memory of it will be stored, making it easier to restore accidental uses of .gob mass delete and griefing. WMOs Trying to roll/pitch/scale a .wmo object will now result in an error message. .enchant .enchant mainhand #enchant_id Applies the given enchant to your main hand weapon. .enchant offhand #enchant_id Applies the given enchant to your off hand weapon. .gobject .gobject activate New argument added .gobject active [#guid [permanent]] Activates the given object's guid permanently. .gobject set New subcommands added .gobject set name [$name] Assigns what text shows if the object can be interacted with/hovered over. .gobject set type chair [$sit_height] [$sit_type] Turns the gobject into a chair. Sit height defines at what height the player model will sit at using yards. Sit type defines which sitting animation is used. The available animations are: low, medium, high .gobject set type static Removes the ability to interact with the object using your cursor. .gobject set type door [#time_until_reset] Turns the object into a door. You can specify how long it takes for the door to automatically close once opened using milliseconds, limited to 15000 milliseconds (15 seconds). .gobject set type sign Turns the object into a sign. Assign the text that shows when hovering over the sign object by changing its name. .gobject teleporter New subcommand added .gobject teleporter $unaura #spell_id Gives an object teleporter the ability to unaura a spell from a player as soon as it teleports them. If "0" is the given spell, it will no longer remove any auras from a player. New subcommand added .gobject relative $direction %yards Works like .gob move, the difference is that it moves the object relative to your character's orientation rather than the object's. .lookup .lookup enchant $name Searches for an enchant using the given text, e.g. "fire". Multiple keywords are not supported. You can use the Appearances tab to view enchants normally available to players. .lookup faction $name Searches for a faction using the given text, e.g. "stormwind". Multiple keywords are not supported. New subcommand added. .lookup display .lookup display creature $part Searches for the displayid(s) of the given part (creature model), e.g. "ogredraenor". Shows the model path and the texture in use by the displayid. .npc .npc cast New argument added .npc cast [#spellid] Allows a spell to be cast upon an NPC instantly, once. Type: ".help npc cast" to get an overview of spell scripting commands. .npc set clickable Toggles whether the NPC is clickable or not. This is useful for scenery NPCs, statues and so forth. You can edit an unclickable NPC by using ".phase dm on" .phase .phase enter New argument added .phase enter [$here] Makes you enter the phase at your current coordinates. Only available to phase owner and officers. .phase forge npc .phase forge npc outfit unequip New argument added .phase forge npc outfit unequip [$all] Lets you unequip all items from an NPC at once. This does not include weapons. New subcommands added. .phase forge npc aura #spellid Applies the given spell to all forged NPCs of the targetted NPC's entryid. .phase forge npc unaura #spellid/all Removes the given, or all spells from all forged NPCs of the targetted NPC's entryid. .phase forge npc clickable Toggles whether the NPC is clickable or not. This is useful for scenery NPCs, statues and so forth. You can edit an unclickable NPC by using ".phase dm on" .phase forge npc copy Copies the targetted custom NPC and creates a new one with a new entryid. .phase forge npc creaturetype [$aberration, beast, critter, demon, dragonkin, elemental, giant, humanoid, mechanical, undead] Sets the NPC's creature type, allowing them to be tracked on the minimap by tracking spells and so forth. NPC tooltips will only show creature type if the NPC is hostile or neutral. Can still be tracked. .phase forge npc faction #faction_id Sets the faction of the NPC. If the faction has a name, it will show up in the NPC tooltips under certain circumstances. Friendly factions require a friendly NPC to show. .phase forge npc health #mod Sets the health modifier of the NPC to a max of 1,000,000. .phase forge npc level #minlevel [#maxlevel] Sets the level, or level range of the NPC between 1 and 110. .phase forge npc mana #mod Sets the mana of the NPC to a max of 1,000,000. .phase forge npc mount #display_id Sets the mount of the NPC using the given displayid. Setting the mount to displayid 0 will dismount them. .phase forge npc rank #rank_id Sets the status of an NPC, such as Elite, Rare, etc. 0 = Normal 1 = Elite | Gold border 2 = Rare Elite | Silver border 3 = Boss | Gold border, skull 4 = Rare | Silver border .phase forge npc sheath #sheath Allows you to set the default sheath type for a custom NPC. 0 = Sheathed 1 = Melee 2 = Ranged .phase own New argument added .phase own [$here] Makes you enter the phase at your current coordinates. .phase set weather $weather #density Allows you to set the weather and its density of your phase. Available weather types are: rain, snow, sandstorm, thunderstorm, blackrain, bloodrain, blacksnow, mistgrain, fireball, deathwing, firespark, arcanespark, thunder Density goes from 0 to 100. Known issues: Requires terrain to work. If you've built a phase more than 60-75 yards above terrain, the command will not work for you. Some weather effects do not show below a certain density, for example, arcanespark must be at density 30+ to show. Using ".gps" or [Blink] spells will break the weather effects, simply re-activate it. .phase shift New subcommand added .phase shift $list Shows which zones have been shifted within your current phase. New subcommand added .phase dm $on/off Allows you to toggle on or off "Dungeon Master", or "<DM>" status in a phase, making you essentially a <GM> of that phase. DM status allows you to click and edit unclickable NPCs, now important due to the addition of the ".npc set clickable/.phase forge npc clickable" commands. Both commands turn NPCs into the perfect candidates for scenery or statue NPCs, for example. DM status is only available to the owner of a phase and officers. DM status will be removed upon leaving a phase and will also be removed if the player is demoted. Command and Feature Changes Character Creation New Characters Action bars should no longer be filled up with spells and/or abilities. New characters should now start with 4 Foror's Crate of Endless Resist Storage (36-slot) instead of Madman's Luggage (34-slot). NPCs NPCs now spawn with their weapons unsheathed by default. Whispers You can now whisper a player with a spaced name by replacing the space(s) with an underscore "_". Example: "/whisper This_Char_Doesn't_Exist" .whisper still works as well, however it will be pointing out this new system and will thus likely be removed in a later patch. .character .character changefaction Has been restored to being a player command. Using it twice will remove the faction change flag from the character. .character changerace Has been restored to being a player command. Using it twice will remove the race change flag from the character. .gobject .gobject info Now shows the current gobject state. Now shows who built the object. Now shows visibility of the object. Now shows gobject teleporter information. .gobject mass visibility #sight_range #entry #radius Sight range is now a 3D sphere instead of a 2D circle. .gobject move System message changed to match that of ".gobject spawn". .gobject select Has been rewritten from scratch to reduce lag caused by ".gob sel <keyword>". Functions the same, only difference is; keywords now have to be written within quotation marks. Example: .gob sel "bench" Now accepts an object's guid as input. No longer shows who built the object. No longer shows visibility of the object. No longer shows gobject teleporter information. .gobject set visibility #sight_range sight range is now a 3D sphere instead of a 2D circle. .gobject teleporter setspell #spell_id/0 Now accepts "0" as the given spell to remove setspell from teleporter. .lookup .lookup item Now accepts an optional slot input, the slot must be prefixed with a dash "-". All available inventory slots can be seen by typing: ".help lookup item" Example: ".lookup item tattoo -shirt" Will show you all items with "tattoo" in its name that can be equipped in the shirt slot. This works with keyword filters, such as: ".lookup item tattoo brown -shirt" It does not matter in what order the slot or keyword(s) are given as long as the slot is prefixed. .nameannounce (GM-only) Command renamed. New syntax: .serverannounce To result in fewer accidental server announces from misspelling GMs. It had a stupid name anyway. .npc .npc info Now shows what gender the NPC is. Now shows which phase a custom NPC was created in. Now shows who spawned the NPC. .npc revive Renamed from ".respawn" to be more clear about what it does. .npc set weapons Standardised to: ".npc set weapon" Syntax changed to match that of ".phase forge npc weapon" New syntax: .npc set weapon #item_entry #item_slot [#bonusid] .phase .phase enter Entering a phase you're already in will now take you back to the phase start. .phase forge .phase forge npc outfit equip Now accepts displayids. When assigning an item using a displayid, the number will have to be negative. Example: ".phase forge npc outfit equip -149737" Assigns vrykul tattoos to the NPC. Use ".help phase forge npc outfit equip" in case something is unclear. .phase forge npc outfit feature Help description now clarifies what the command is used for. .phase forge npc weapons Standardised to: ".phase forge npc weapon" .phase own Using ".phase own" in your own phase will take you back to the phase start. .waypoint .waypoint show Waypoint NPCs now appear the same as the custom player model NPC they belong to. Waypoint NPCs do not retain weapons. "Let me see what you have." "A knife!" "NO!" Bug Fixes Announce Discord Patrons should now have their title (and not just colour) in-game when posting in the Discord #main channel. Character Creation Character Creation Screen It should now be possible to create void elf warlocks. When entering character creation, a random race and class should now be chosen instead of a blood/night elf demon hunter. Blood/night elves should no longer default to having demon hunter customisation options. Characters Should no longer leave character artefacts when teleporting or joining/leaving a phase. Meaning, you no longer have to move to see someone's character disappear. NPCs NPCs should now retain weapons assigned with ".phase forge npc weapon". All subsequent spawns of the same entryid should have their weapons applied without the need of a server restart. Party Should no longer be possible to enable/disable ".cheat fly" (and other targetted commands) on a targetted party member who is in another phase. .appear Should now properly appear to characters with spaced names. Should now place the appearing character at the exact coordinates of the appeared character no matter if they're on another map or high in the sky. Should now be case-insensitive. .gobject .gobject info Should no longer show "Unknown" if a character that was deleted spawned the object. .gobject mass delete Has been re-enabled. Should no longer remove all objects despite an object's specific entryid being input. .gobject mass visibility Now accepts "-1" as radius once more. (Affects entirety of current map.) .gobject select Selecting an object by typing part of its name should no longer display a scale of "0". .lookup .lookup creature .lookup next should no longer return: "You have no pending .lookup in memory." Should no longer result in a crash every 1-5 days. .modify .modify scale Scale should now persists between game sessions. System message when changing scale now shows up to 6 decimals instead of rounding up to 2 decimals. .npc .npc set unaura Trying to unaura a specific spell from an NPC should no longer unaura all spells applied to the NPC. .phase .phase blacklist/whitelist You should now be able to remove deleted characters from the list of blacklisted/whitelisted characters. Removing someone from blacklist should no longer tell the affected player they've been phase banned. Cleaned up system message to affected player for all blacklist and whitelist commands. .phase forge npc outfit feature #slot #feature Should now correctly assign the input of "#slot" and "#feature". The two had been reversed in the code. Removed the "?" at the start of the syntax shown in the help description. .phase forge npc flyable Should now persist between server restarts. .phase forge npc scale Scale should now persist between server restarts. .phase set time Setting phase time to "00:00 permanent" should now keep it at midnight, permanently. .summon Should now properly summon characters that have spaced names. Should now be case-insensitive. .waypoint .waypoint modify emote Emotes should now persist between server restarts. Removed Items Items no longer support more than one bonusid. Fare thy well, my glorious Cooking Ingredient Timewarped Warforged Champion Equipment [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker]. .respawn Renamed to ".npc revive".
  4. This is an issue with your client. Visit #support for assistance.
  5. warden armor only shoulders and head? .lo it Night Elf Warden doesn't work (.lo cust too) through the collections found only a helmet and shoulders help me need it
  6. If you can get onto the Epsilon Discord, contact us in the #support channel, might be easier to converse there.
  7. Sorry for the inconvenience, it happened to me again here it seems that the problem is still in spite of performing the steps that I recommend. I wanted to ask if there is any other way to download the complete client, despite having it 2 full days open the torrent has not yet found any seeds.
  8. Uncheck read-only in your EpsilonWoW folder, also try clearing up any issues with windows permissions by doing the following: attrib -r "D:\Games\Nueva carpeta\Data\*" /s
  9. Good night, I was passing by because for two days now I have problems installing the game client I always get the same error # 134 and despite following all the tips I found in the forum nothing seems to work, just try to download the Cleinte complete and there is no seed in torrent so the download never started.
  10. Delete data/config data/indices and try launching again. If you have a .build.info file located inside your main epsilon directory, remove it.
  11. Last week
  12. Tried downloading a 7.3.5 client from elsewhere off the Internet, deleting its DBFilesClient folder, and copying the TinyClient into it, which solved the constant disconnects and streaming errors. Instead, about half of all spawned objects in the world don't load, and there doesn't seem to be any data streaming going on. When I try to enter some phases, I get an error #132, but not in others. It seems like the data for the server-wide patch just isn't streaming, but without any other way of downloading the patch, it's hard to confirm.
  13. Hey guys i have experienced bug in the game when i logged in there was a sound few minutes passed maybe more sound disappeared LIKE GONE is that bug or something. Do you guys have same problem?First i thought it was something wrong with my speakers but it works perfectly.
  14. There is no map.db2 in my DBFilesClient directory. I summoned the character in question and have been avoiding the error since. Now I just disconnect. The EpsilonWoWStarter folder is marked as 'read only' in folder properties, but that's just Windows 10 being garbage, near as I can make out. The .exe and all other files inside the folder are fine, including stuff in \data\. Still encountering the same streaming error whenever I try to login, even after taking ownership of the folder. Right as the loading screen is about done. Sometimes it'll tell me I've been disconnected even before that, usually in the character selection/creation screen.
  15. Hey there, make sure you DO NOT have a map.db2 file in your DBFilesClient directory. Keeping the client on the log-in screen will not download the entire client for you, as once all the required assets are downloaded at that point, you'll need to log in and play, and the client will download everything it needs as it goes along. For the following error: Delete cache and try logging into the same character again, otherwise, summon them out and avoid it for the time being. The last CAS error is likely due to some faulty windows permissions. Make sure EpsilonWoW isn't set to READ ONLY in folder properties, failing that, you'll should try to take ownership of the folder by doing the following: ``` • Go to start and type CMD, right click the command prompt application and choose to run as administrator • In the command prompt window type the following command: attrib -r "Path\To\Epsilon\Folder\Data\*" /s • Where it says Path\To\Epsilon\Folder, change that to the directory path. E.g. attrib -r "C:\Games\EpsilonRP\Data\*" /s • The Command Prompt window should return no message • Close CMD and run EpsilonWoW.exe as administrator ```
  16. I am having a number of issues getting the provided TinyClient to work on a fresh install of the client in the designated folder. I started out having difficulties getting the client to work thanks to a "CAS system was unable to initialize" error. Following the tech support megathread's instructions and by launching that program as an administrator, I was able to get the client to boot. Instead, whenever I log onto a character I'm faced with an error reading: "A streaming error has occurred. (WOW51900322)" that immediately disconnects me as soon as I enter the world on any given character*, and sometimes right from character creation. I figured the client might need some time to download all the assets, but this error has persisted despite leaving the client running in the log-in screen for 3+ hours. Also, World of Warcraft doesn't actually seem to be using my network, with a download speed of 0mbps according to Task Manager, so it sort of seems like it's not actually downloading anything. I'd like to just spend a day downloading the full client and skip this headache, but that also seems to be a bust because the torrent doesn't seem to have any peers. I've attached screencaps of my Epsilon folder and the #132 error. I also included a screencap of the CAS error I get when I don't launch the game as an admin. *) One of my characters, currently in Gorgrond, actually gets an error message reading: "ERROR #132 (0x85100084) Fatal exception!)" for some reason.
  17. I was not in the phase I teleported myselef to Durotar and when i created Guild there game crashed.
  18. hey nimm, glad to see you're writing something that isn't an appeal! this looks pretty good. i'm glad you are fitting in so well, have fun 😉
  19. hey, hanach424. that's very cool! keep itu p, and improve constantly! plus ultra!
  20. hi, sorry for the late response, arryn! try pathfinders society, they have their officers in the main epsilon discord. ping them and they can hook you up.
  21. Rogan

    Hira's Pastels

    very cool and epic, thank you for this. i don't think they're very pastel like however? could you try making a slightly less desaturated variant in the future thank you 🙂
  22. hey . there is an issue right now on the game that when you make a guild in a phase, or open the guild tab in a phase game will crash. try to make it outside the phase (phase 1) and say what happens .
  23. Dear Epsilon i created guild twice and in game got froze plus i tried to use Task Manager to unstuck the froze thing but it didn't work after i needed to shut down my PC and restart my PC again.
  24. This appears to be an oversight. This has been fixed for 735.4
  25. Stage 3 of Epsilon Development begins in Patch 735.4, all missing items will be inserted in 735.5.
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