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  3. A section in Epsilon Discord for builders to share ideas and help one another out.
  4. patch

    got any shrooms?
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  6. I think the iron horde train is absurdly out of place, have you thought about custom building one?
  7. hey this looks familiar oh wait people already posted shit
  8. hey look its manifest destiny
  9. I think mav wants this command to work with n/s/w/e input
  10. Last week
  11. Isn't this achieved with .gobject rotate?
  12. having glink helps a lot. (i cant tell if you do or not) my second key is gob del, so when i accidentally delete something im easily able to just scroll up, teleport, and respawn it again. it doesnt respawn in its same scale, but still a workaround.
  13. What's the phase of it?
  14. taken from paragon, ported to rph and finally brought to epsilon.
  15. simple enough. does the same as .gps face <degree> but applied to objects you've selected.
  16. Welcome buddy.
  17. No, it is not. It was stolen.
  18. Our newest update, version 1.3 is released! More morphs, more armored versions! Enjoy!
  19. thonk
  20. Upon server crash a few gobs of the ingot kind would scale back to 1. the scale was previously set to 0.2, the scale it tells me the gob is 0.0
  21. Welcome aboard!
  22. i'm here because of a guild. i don't want to start trouble. 👋
  23. Well, howdy, folks. I, like many others, have decided to migrate to Epsilon from RPH for reasons I'm sure you're all aware, and you can find out fairly easily, but I won't explain it nor should you ask me to. My name is Sha and I'd say I'm fairly easy going, just as long as you can get along with me, which can't be too hard. I usually find myself roleplaying Horde Characters, since I think Alliance Races are boring or unappealing, and I'd rather not play Worgen unless I have a great reason to. Perhaps I can find some interesting people on this server that I wouldn't have been able to find previously. And, yes, back on the ol' server, we might've acted a little crazy, so we will have to ask you to excuse us. I'm glad to be here, Thanks you. P.S. Happy Birthday Nortwin
  24. Howdy. I'm Balls Malloney. Used to be real big into Prologue back in TMOG to pre-Legacy. Now I'm an RPH Refugee. How y'all doing? Also, Happy Birthday to my main man Nortwin.
  25. installation guide: 1. extract file 2. create folder in epsilon directory called (world) 3. put extracted file into world done
  26. Installation guide pl0x
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