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  2. Welcome to Epsilon, Mihoru. We hope you like it here; if you ever need help, don't be scared to ask in the Server's announce, or in Epsilon's Discord. There's plenty of nice folks around that enjoy helping others.
  3. Hoi folk it me Mihoru im new around and i hope make a great world or meet new people so see ya soon ingame 😄 lets make the game cool and more cool or idk
  4. Time to get the Imagination Done Soon 😄

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  6. Applications - Applications have CLOSED far exceeding the original limit of 6. - If the party amount lowers I will be re-opening applications. - Thank you ever so much for those that have shown interest, and sorry to those that did not make it! Current Roster; 1 Warden; 1 Berserker 1 Paladin; 1 Cleric 1 Scoundrel; 1 Marksman 2 Sorcerers; 1 Elementalist Thiccroy / Thromgar Howlsteel / Marskman Accepted. Romnalisa / Brisha / Berserker Accepted. Sting / Hathan Isenstrider / Scoundrel Accepted. (via Discord DMs) Crommush / Perton Derryn / Paladin Accepted. Manduin / Marcia Pike / Cleric Accepted. Rabbit / James Cassingrove / Warden Accepted. Zyn / Camilla Cliffmour / Sorceror Accepted. Dreadzy / Elric Albreht / Sorceror Accepted. LifeWithCydney / Relana Snowbreeze / Elementalist Accepted. Pipboy / Zevana Hollowsong / Warlock Declined. - While I like the personality thats seething from her, I feel as though there's a lot to this character that's already been and passed. - There seems to be a lot of abundant growth that's already happened with her; an amount not particularly fitting to our already-established party. Sorry! Deakon MIA. Muzzbug MIA.
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  8. hi ikagos see you ingame ❤️
  9. THROMGAR HOWLSTEEL THE SCION 𝅘𝅥𝅯𝅘𝅥𝅯𝅘𝅥𝅯 BRONZEBEARD DWARFWandering ScionDesired Class: - THE DEXTEROUS MARKSMAN Brief Character Backstory: Let nay any father, brother or uncle tell thee of the Story of Thromgar. Shame has come to his Clan, his Thegn-and-Father, since his birth. Eighty years have passed since the day the old Thegn of the Howlsteel Clan in the far reaches of Dun Morogh would father his first and only son, with the young and boisterous Brida, Clan-less and wandering maiden of dun Morogh. Sadly, her life was restless, and the old Thegn did not interest her as he did once. Indeed, Thromgar is a creation of one of her illustrious adventures out into the fields of merriment and debauchery. Quickly, the Thegn sought to legitimize his bastard, still needing, and wanting, a song. However, the hot blood of his mother seeped through Thromgar, and those that saw him as Bastard would also see him as scoundrel and fool. He preferred the flute and lute, over the song of the hammer. he preferred to use his voice and guile, rather than that of his power, even as a Son of a Thegn. And he never preferred to cross short distances, seeking to take his enemies on with bow and arrow- and from the back. Despite this, the Scion of Howlsteel Clan would become popular, not only to other hot-blooded and Young Dwarven men and boys, but also to many a woman. Finally, the Thegn sought to teach him of life, and has now sent out the young Dwarf into the wider world, that which he does not know of as much as he'd want to. Besides, how bad can it be...? Brief Character Personality Synopsis: Thromgar is hot-headed, arrogant, playful and quite charming. The Dwarven features are there, but his beauty compliments his voice and demeanor. Preferring parley and speech over blood and steel, he will always seek the route of the bloodless. Though this may ostracize him from other Dwarves, he does not care for such barbarities and prefers to go with the teachings of his mother: Peace before War.How much time can you commit to the campaign? Though I have my own projects and different things I work on, you can expect me most of the time, or at least try to get into the RP any time I can. What time zone are you based in? EU, GMT +2Are you comfortable with character death for this roleplay?Yes. Kill me. (Discord: Thiccroy#8129)
  10. Looks like a tasty Adventure Company.
  11. The technical term is called "Frustum Culling" in game development, wherein only what's on screen and what is about to be on screen is rendered. It exists somewhat in game in the form of WMO interiors, I think, but I once talked to an admin about it and they were pretty sure they'd need the proper source code to apply this to everything.
  12. hi, i'm MBR. also MB. also other names. i'm not going to talk about them, except for the important ones: some of you may remember me as tethzornath or ikagos from div-x. some of you may not. i'm told this is where a bunch of people i remember (even if somewhat vaguely) from those days (it's been 6 years, huh?) are now, so hopefully anyone who wants to catch up with me can. i haven't done much in the way of rp for half a decade so i haven't really improved an awful lot. thought i'd get back into it, though, since i seem to keep up with warcraft lore anyway for some reason. either way, i'm here for some bone rattling, assuming i can get back into the swing of things. cheers!
  13. Name: Brisha Race: Half-Orc Profession: Brawler Desired Class: The Fighter - Berserker Brief Character Backstory: Brisha was cursed from conception. Her mother forsook her the moment she was born, and so she spent much of her early life in orphanages across Alliance lands. There, she faced all manner of terrible things: abusive matrons, deriding peers, and cruel townsfolk all served to embitter her to the world. She was swaddled in violence, and so, once she was of age, she did what she knew best—she fought. A life of brawling in tavern basements and back alleys was not at all what she desired, but it was all she felt she could do. At least until she crossed paths with a kind soul in one of her frequent haunts; it was her words that empowered Brisha to do better, to be better. From then on, she vowed to make something of herself. She would not perish on the streets like a mutt… instead, she would be a hero. Brief Character Personality Synopsis: Brash and a touch insolent, Brisha was not exactly the most enjoyable person to be around. She was quick to judge and even quicker to insult; such behavior was standard for her, however, so she did not see any issue with it. Bullheadedness got her more brawls, and therefore more gold. Now that she is moving into the next chapter of her life, she may realize that this attitude she held onto is more harmful than helpful—she is in the prime time of her life to change as a person, and so time will tell if these traits remain. Conversely, a more positive aspect of her personality was her compassion; she would always stick up for the little man, no matter what, for she knew how torturous it was to be on the very bottom. How much time can you commit to the campaign? A lot, probably! I do prefer doing things on Fridays and Saturdays; if I have anything to do, it’s usually on those days, and I usually get done by 2 PM or 3 PM EST. What time zone are you based in? EST! Are you comfortable with character death for this roleplay? Absolutely. Mess her up.
  14. Name: Zevana HollowsongRace: Quel'doreiProfession: Exotic DancerDesired Class: Warlock Brief Character Backstory (this will affect the prologue event of your character if accepted): Zevana was one of the Quel'dorei to survive the fall of Quel'thalas and take refuge among the denizens of Dalaran. Unlike her brethren, she did not consort with demons and find herself locked away by Garithos. Things would change, of course... Over time. The woman began as a sorceress. A capable one at that. She served her people as a combatant on the front lines, utilizing arcane to take down enemies of Dalaran during the Northrend campaign, and subsequently after the Shattering during the wake of Deathwing's madness. It was in Northrend that she met Nolric. A man that lead her down the path of power. And demons. Though she'd always been told of the dangers of fel, and how the Sin'dorei let it control them... Here was a man that had done the opposite. No consumption. No loss of control. He controlled it. She saw his power on the frontlines. Draining enemies, consuming their souls and using the power to boost his own magic and keep himself alive. It was fascinating. And so she began her studies. Over the course of Azeroth's struggle against undead and shadowy monsters, Zevana trained her abilities, taking up the proper mantle of Warlock during the campaign against Deathwing. She commanded fel, consumed the energy of her enemies, and crushed those in her wake. Unlike Nolric... She was not humble about this. It changed her, made her haughty and spoiled. And so it showed. She believed herself incapable of failure, and worthy of greatness... And that attitude would follow her all the way to Pandaria, where she planned to unlock the ancient history of the lost land and make it her own. Brief Character Personality Synopsis: Zevana is a high brow, haughty Quel'dorei who has bratty tendencies. She's been spoiled by her power and knowledge, and fails to acknowledge her own shortcomings. From her looks to her abilities, she believes herself a cut above the rest. This can make her reckless and overbearing when not put in her place. As with most brats, a proper reprimanding does keep her off her pedestal when enforced from time to time. As an exotic dancer on the side, Zevana's adoring regulars have convinced her she is the pinnacle of beauty. Frankly, she is quite pretty, but the confidence she exudes can be nearly overwhelming. When necessary, she'll bat her lashes and pull out the charm to get what she wants, but she'd never admit she actually had to try to get it. In Pandaria, she knows she's going to need allies. And begrudgingly, she'll take what she can get. Her allies have never been up to snuff, in her eyes, and have fallen around her time and time again during the battles presented to her on Azeroth. She prays one day this will change, but has little hope for those that accompany her. How much time can you commit to the campaign? Quarantine baby! My schedule is clear and time doesn't matter. What time zone are you based in? Eastern Standard Time Are you comfortable with character death for this roleplay? Yes
  15. Name: - Perton DerrynRace: - HumanProfession: - Questing Swordsman Desired Class: - Paladin Brief Character Backstory:- A young man that has been serving the Brotherhood of Northshire for a few years and, after his trials, aspires to be a full and true paladin. Perton is reluctant however to speak of his wealthy upbringing and his past in general, saying only that he petitioned the Brotherhood without the support of his father, Lord Anton Derryn, a Stormwind noble whose line is renown for their mercantile exploits. Since he could not be sponsored as a squire, Perton chose the route of the questing warrior instead, and has taken part in many small skirmishes against the lesser threats of Elwynn ever since. He is confident that his deeds will prove worthy of his knighthood, even if sometimes the man seems to be trying to convince himself of that fact more than anyone. Brief Character Personality Synopsis:- Perton is best described as an ally of justice and of all that stand for a right cause, though often this makes him look down on those that don't embody the ideals that he ( and most importantly, the order he seeks to be a part of ) represents. He has a tendency to overcompensate his insecurities through unabashed impulsiveness and one-upmanship, traits that can sometimes cast a shadow over the very ideals he strives to uphold and cherish; a fact that concerns some in the Brotherhood. Despite these faults his heart stands in the right place, and Perton shall abide no wicked and wantonly cruel people in his company. How much time can you commit to the campaign? - WHENEVER I'M NOT RAIDING ULDUAR IN THE EVENINGS. What time zone are you based in?- GMT+1Are you comfortable with character death for this roleplay?- Snake... HURT ME MORE.
  16. Just a few pictures from a phase I helped build last summer of a rebuilt Lordaeron 🙂 phase ID is 17297 if you wanted to have a look around.
  17. Name: - Elric AlbrechtRace: - HumanProfession: - Explorer, Peddler of Rare RelicsDesired Class: - Sorceror Brief Character Backstory: Born in a small hunting community in the Highlands; at a young age he was sent to Dalaran for his studies together with his twin sister. Rebellious and callous, with a deep seeted need for knowledge he was aspiring to be a sucessful mage, but after the Scourge had sacked the city he found himself far away from and lost, with his sister missing and presumed dead. He spent some time as a mercenary, working odd jobs just to sustain himself while looking for his sister, and interesting artifacts and books that may deepen his knowledge of the arcane. Brief Character Personality Synopsis:Well spoken and educated, a lover of the arts and music. He's narcissistic and cold, borderline apatethic towards strangers. How much time can you commit to the campaign? Enough time. What time zone are you based in?GMT+1 Are you comfortable with character death for this roleplay?Yes, if it makes sense.
  18. Name: - Marcia PikeRace: - HumanProfession: - DeaconDesired Class: - Cleric Brief Character Backstory (this will affect the prologue event of your character if accepted):- Marcia has always been altruistic and charitable. Even in childhood, she always took the opportunity to help her friends with even the most menial of tasks. This meant she was cherished by the small village in Northern Lordaeron where she resided. This amicability from her peers, and some small prodding from her parents, led her to join the clergy and become a priestess when she was but a teen. Such an early initiation, of course, only amplified her qualities, and she became a sort of paragon of her abbey. However, with time, she became more and more secluded, and opted instead to focus on her studies. After all, there was much she had yet to master, and even more she had yet to learn. After the fall of Lordaeron, Marcia was left without a purpose for a time. She had no choice but to take refuge in the regions unaffected by the blight of the scourge, which eventually led her to the new human capital of Stormwind. There she took residence for the foreseeable future, and found a position within the Cathedral of Stormwind. She has been keeping faithful ever since, hoping that one day she would be able to return and see her home once more. Brief Character Personality Synopsis:- Marcia is a soft-spoken, kindhearted clergywoman, who busies herself with the needs of others over her own. Her faith remains unchallenged, and she believes with every ounce of her being that the light will prevail in all. She especially shies away from battle because of her affectionate nature. However, that is not to say she lacks prowess, and she would jump at the chance to assist an ally in any way she can. How much time can you commit to the campaign?- I am mostly free during the day, but can't reliably stay active past 8 or 9pm. What time zone are you based in?- UK/GMT Are you comfortable with character death for this roleplay?- If warranted, yes.
  19. Just an idea that I'm not sure if it could ever be implemented or not - but basically I know that some objects are only visible in viewport and if you turn your camera away from the object's spawnpoint they no longer render. I.e the original cavelight objects but I think you already did something to remove that from them. I was thinking would there be anyway to instead add that effect to let's say tiles or really any object but with a more refined approach to reduce lag in phases? Thanks in advance.
  20. Marked as resolved. Player can make a new topic if they encounter issues again.
  21. Cheers, will add this to the list of models to fix.
  22. Name: - Camilla CliffmourRace: - HumanProfession: - EnchantingDesired Class: - Sorcerer Brief Character Backstory (this will affect the prologue event of your character if accepted):-Camilla Cliffmour – Aspiring Enchantress. Camilla was the Niece and Apprentice to Enchanter Ramus Cliffmour, who was the proud owner of “Cliffmour’s Enchantments” One could find his store in the Mage District of Stormwind or catch the jolly man strolling with his niece through the park. Camilla saw her uncle as a father figure and aspired to become just like him. When she was of age, he arranged a pilgrimage to Ironforge to grasp an understanding of how their neighbors perform their own enchantments. A week after her arrival the Cataclysm happened, Camilla took the next tram back to Stormwind to witness the ruined Park and rushed home hoping to find her uncle but found that he was not there. She prayed to the Light hoping he would return but to no avail. Weeks passed before she came to terms with his death no body was found, and she felt uneasy burying an empty coffin. She’d take down the sign and close his shop packing things away to be locked in the Cellar. There she found a Box, locked away with a letter attached for Her. Within the box contained a Tome and Necklace, when she placed the necklace around her neck she saw an echo of her beloved Uncle expressing his love and desire for her to discover what type of Enchantress she’d like to become. A flame was kindled within Camilla, she sought to learn what Azeroth had to offer and to one day be the Enchantress worth of her uncle's store. Brief Character Personality Synopsis:-Camilla's a well mannered young woman does her best to be straight forward. Still coping with the death of her father figure she struggles to establish relationships with others as of yet. These are trying times. How much time can you commit to the campaign?-I work 8hrs on a fixed schedule, I can dedicate my Afternoons and weekends. What time zone are you based in?- US/GMT-5 Are you comfortable with character death for this roleplay?- Yes, if it within reason.
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