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  5. It'd be amazing to have the ability to set a password in addition or instead of whitelist/blacklist system .ph set password Password and .ph enter Phase ID Password
  6. A patch I put together for Dryads, Centaur and Nymphs You can find them in this phase as well: 132930 Follow to the Eonar tree Current Version 2.1 Patch here Things I did : Dryads: -Dryads no longer look dead inside and they have brushed their fur. -Nightmare Variant of Dryad Centaur: -Causal look less like they're off for a mega battle more like you can have a chat or go hutting! -ANIMATIONS! They sit! Nymphs: -Modified Centaur to suit the nymphs as they were horse-like. -Tried my best to give them a feel like their original counters colours aren't exact. Photo time!
  7. So just found that dragonmash conflicts with voyagers df item patch.
  8. Wake up babe new version 18.3 has been placed in the downloads folder! If you use the red Kalecgos or green Nozdormu morphs, your models have been reassigned! New numbers are 68633 for red Kalecgos and 20593 for green Nozdormu! This version includes: Regular blue dragon with curly horns Fixed animations for the long-horned dragons, such as the Alerion skins Sleek, jewelry-wearing drakes in three colors More whelps! More serpents! Infinite dragonspawn in 3 variants! Enjoy! Download from the folder here! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1PHfTcCQ3HYdn3HjX0lRu4bo75vGLZ82q?usp=drive_link
  9. Add support for linking spells, cast BY the NPC onto the player, when they click that Gossip option. Arcanum already allows you to link those type spells to an NPC Gossip option, but you can't make an NPC cast a spell onto the player without officer permissions, so not feasible for most cases where someone wants the NPC to actually cast the spell on the character. Other ideas when doing this include adding options also for triggering ".npc say/yell/textemote/follow/stop" and ".npc cast area/creature" subcommands.
  10. Earlier
  11. Mercifully, they gave Tyr's model an easy to find name: tyr.m2. Crisis averted. Here's a patch that turns titanmale_ghost.m2 into Tyr from Dragonflight. I didn't make this the silver-handed version because this way, the model is useful for more than just Tyr alone. Use ".lookup display creature titanmale_ghost" to find this model's displayids. Download here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xhdtea_QwLIZib3Jp9oVKuWMYOhUTj23/view?usp=share_link
  12. This patch it's SO amazing... how haven't you posted it on the official Epsilon: Builder Heaver Patch Creators, along with all your amazing works? If I only found that masterpiece sooner D:
  13. Godspeed you magnificent bastard
  14. as the title says, basically a choice to allow a custom outfit to use all options from that outfit rather than having to type them all up at once, either tagging it as -1 or as 'r', i.e random
  15. Two things to show today: a nearly-complete-so-why-not-share-it uprez of Silvermoon's textures (including non-silvermoon buildings, just not the busted buildings unfortunately) and a patch that replaces blood elf merchant tents (aside from the four-legged variety) with modified Broker tents of similar design. These patches are at this point being kept separate because the tents have some weird collision issues that I'm not sure how to fix. So you can decide for yourself if you want to grab that one! If it bothers you, the Silvermoon textures were uprezzed using AI. Quite frankly, it's the only time-efficient way to undertake a project as big as this and it gave results that were an improvement over the originals. If you have qualms with AI being used, that's fine. Don't download it. Aside from that, the patch is still technically a work-in-progress. There are some textures that need fixes here and there, others that don't quite tile correctly, but the over-all effect is very nice. First the Silvermoon uprez, taking Silvermoon's textures from 256x256 to 1024x1024: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1e43CphLZ6uWJkWW73blxLNQK65NGt-X5/view?usp=share_link Screenshots: Next, the Broker tents. Keep in mind the odd collision issues I mentioned. The changes I made to the model's dimensions for some reason didn't also affect the collision of the model. Placing them yourself allows you to turn off their collision entirely, avoiding any issues. The tents that exist in Silvermoon and beyond as scenery however will automatically have collision on. None of this is game-breaking, though. It's just an odd little quirk. Here's the patch: https://drive.google.com/file/d/140Rnkf4alfCLWWhiBtjnscvHXDWLX3ip/view?usp=share_link And here are some screenshots: Enjoy and give feedback!
  16. Haven't seen that one actually, I'll have to look for it. Stuff from Dragonflight often has godawful names (as in, just a string of numbers for the name of a model) so we'll see if I can find it.
  17. Do you think that you could import the corrupted model of Tyr that just released ?
  18. This should hopefully be fixed once we move to Shadowlands, as the implementation for our Editor has been changed to kindly share graphics access instead of requiring full control. In the mean time: If you're on Windows 11: No current solution. If you are on Windows 10: you may have a program interfering in the background, such as an overlay or monitor program. Disabling those should allow the editor to function in the mean time.
  19. This is happening to me currently 05/09, I'm on directx 11 as well, tried both legacy 11 and normal.
  20. Skorm

    Hira's Pastels

    Very noice.
  21. Mochiberry

    Hira's Pastels

    It doesn't work:C
  22. All the card art in hearthstone is amazing and would work so well for custom epsi painting objects. There is nearly five thousand cards in Hearthstone, thus nearly five thousand types of art just waiting to be some cool painting on a wall in WoW.
  23. Hey! Small update to round some stuff up into the patch, as promised. Check the patch folder here for downloads: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1PHfTcCQ3HYdn3HjX0lRu4bo75vGLZ82q?usp=share_link 10.1 is out and I assume this means the Slitherdrakes are finalized. After checking out the apparently finalized model, it's kind of disappointing. No further animations were added and the models now have the same plastic shine finish problem that the Highland drakes had when first released in beta. I've waited to add Slitherdrakes to the patch because I was hoping there would be more improvements, but this looks like it's going to be the way it is! Sticking with the beta models, then. Slitherdrakes are now in TheDragonMash! If you had SerpentTime, you can toss that one. It's no longer going to be updated. Also, Kazzara's troubles have finally been figured out. The armored version is now in the patch to accompany the unarmored version! BeefyDracthyr has been updated with two new models! Enjoy and thanks for 3000+ views! Download from the patch folder here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1PHfTcCQ3HYdn3HjX0lRu4bo75vGLZ82q?usp=share_link
  24. Oh no Ah hell Here's the spell! 183391 Adding it to the main post, sorry about that everyone!
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