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      my wife is I♂am♂the♂boss♂of♂this♂gym

  4. <Opens Mogit and Notepad.> "Okay let's do this..." (gotta love my {title}: {content} tag as well tho)
  5. I am Kitty and I approve of this message. 🖖
  6. Hello Everyone! I’m going to host an NPC creating contest for the Epsilon community! 😄 Together with the staff members of Light’s Harbour (Phase 240), we want to challenge the Epsilon community into putting their creative minds on making an NPC that they'd want to see in the public phase of Light's Harbour! The NPC creating contest starts on Monday the 28th of September and lasts till Sunday the 4th of October 9:30 PM CEST (Amsterdam) / 2:30PM EDT (New York) Everyone will get one week to create their NPC! On Sunday we will gather at the Inn of Light’s Harbour, have a good time and view the creative work of everyone that has attended and of course pick our winners! Please read through the rules and the rewards! Hit me up if you have any questions! 😄 ⭐Contest Rules!⭐ 1. If you’re making a reference/meme NPC then please keep the references indirect. 2. No racist, sexist, NSFW, LGBT unfriendly or generally unpleasant designs. 3. Light’s Harbour is a cold environment, so your NPC should not be wearing highly revealing clothes. 4. Please keep your NPC lore friendly/canon! Custom lore is not allowed! 5. Due to the phase being used for public RP I’d ask of anyone wanting to use an exotic design (Exotic: A creature/race that you can’t select from the “New Character menu”.) to DM me with details. 6. Representing hostile factions such as the Burning Legion, Cult of the Damned, ect… Are not allowed. 7. Your NPC must have at least 3 dialogue lines. (each not longer than one paragraph) You can submit these together with your NPC. 8. Spells are allowed within reasonable parameters. No extreme flashy spell casting or spell effects that overpower the presentation of your NPC. 9. The Light's Harbour staff will spawn your NPC at the Inn on Sunday along with its active spells, emotes and lines! Submit everything, including NPC ID to Turkish Dad#1453 after you finish your NPC design! 👍Your NPC will gain points on the following aspects 👍 - Creativity of your design - Outfitting of your NPC - Spoken lines your NPC will say/emote (At least 3) - A short lore friendly backstory of your NPC After each submitted NPC has been viewed the scores will be given by the Light’s Harbour staff team. Out of the competition we will pick three winners, thus there are three rewards! 🎊Rewards!🎊 🏆First place reward: 30 Euro together with a character art portrait made by Kitty. 🥈Second place reward: 20 Euro together with a line art character portrait made by Kitty. 🥉Third place reward: 10 Euro together with a character portrait sketch made by Kitty. Don't hesitate to hit me up if you have any questions! Thank you for reading and hope to see you Sunday! 😁 Kind regards, Turkish Dad#1453 & Light's Harbour Staff Team!
  8. When I set the rank of a forged npc to 'boss' (3) the level becomes fixed at '?? (boss)'. Even when I change the rank to elite or rare, I still can't edit the level of the npc anymore.
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  10. Thanks to Tia for pointing out multi-direction teleporters!
  11. I know this is old but I dig it so hard.
  12. Is that a madness combat avatar? Welcome back!
  13. Oh gosh, this is amazing! The Dragon ID List was one of my OLD pet projects from RP servers after Echeloned-WoW died. I was Hobokitty on the later iterations =D I think I stopped updating it in early MoP days, because the last ID List update I gave it were the Cloud Serpents, which aren't really dragons under the WoW Lore/Universe, are they? Hah X3 I can't tell you how happy I am to see this survive, even after all this time. Not only was it liked enough to copy, but you saved it, and ported it on and gave it new life. Thank you so much!
  14. You can disable the spells in-game using the options menu for the addon. Use /cb command to open the options menu. Change the spell to 0 to disable that but still allow typing indicator to be used.
  15. Anything night elf is definitively an interest for me, plus I've seen your amazing building so ^_^ im all in.
  17. Welcome back boy! 🙂
  18. hoi to those who dont know me or know me im back i been away from a long time from the server now i want to come back make a amazing place for people to enjoy in rp so yeah here im time to work 😄 i hope make a team or bring some friend to do so heh
  19. KRELLIAC STELLARHEART | REN'DOREI One of the many elves who've found themselves shuffling into Stormwind after their daring liberation by the marginally-less insane Windrunner sister. Krelliac found himself trading a well-equipped laboratory in Silvermoon with a retinue of like-minded colleagues for a run-down apartment in Old Town with a couple of rats to keep him company. Really, the exodus hasn't treated him kindly. Where once there was a clean-cut and brilliant researcher, there now stands a disheveled odd-jobber. Hacking gnolls and rural threats to bits isn't a glamorous lifestyle, but at least it (usually) pays the rent. Some might say it's squandering potential, but the gnawing voices rattling in the back of his skull seem a bit less ornery when he's burying a hatchet in something's skull. The void elf has traded his smile and optimism for a deep-seated lack of passion, self-loathing buried under a schmorgesborg of dry irony and sarcastic witticisms. Each passing day spent sinking deeper into debt and depression takes it's toll on Stellarheart's sense of identity. Much as he yearns for Silvermoon, for his old lifestyle, he just can't help how infectious the local dialect and manners tend to be. Maybe one day, he can go home. Until then, it's scraping by on crumbs and coppers. C'est la vie. More to come, maybe.
  20. Would it be at all possible to introduce a command that, when used on a targeted NPC, applies the requested waypoint modification to all waypoints associated with that NPC? For instance, I use waypoints as a way to simulate NPC wandering, but it only effectively works if you apply delays to each waypoint. If I could target the NPC and type .waypoint all mod delay 15000, thus applying a 15 second delay to all waypoints associated with that NPC, life would be so much better! <3
  21. Amazing. C'est du bon taff' L'ami !
  22. Hi folks ! As a new player here, and as tradition demands it, i'm gonna introduce myself. Name's Max, 24 years old, and i'm from France. I played many RPG's like Dragon Age Inquisition, Skyrim, Kingdoms of Amalur and Middle Earth : Shadow of war. For the MMO's, mainly f2p like Metin 2 back in the day, Rappelz and stuff like this. I'm a big fan of Tolkien's universe, having seen the Hobbit and LOTR movies many times ( and I'm planning to read the books too like the Silmarillions ). For musics, i'm a US Rap fanatical, Dababy, J.Cole, Bas, Gunna and Kendrick Lamar being my main guys. On the roleplay side, I'm usually playing Elves, Gobelins and a few Gnomes once in a while, mainly using classes that get me the ability to heal / help others with buffs and other spells to save you in dangerous situations ( priests, mages for example ). Thanks for reading this little introduction, and I hope I'll meet you guys in game !
  23. Aigar

    Building Contest

    It's time for a building contest. The winner, appointed by an independent jury of non-participants, will receive a mention and their creation on display in the Builder's Haven phase [26000]. Requirements: To enter, make at least one public blueprint of a musical instrument and advertise it in the Discord building channel by next Sunday. There are no restrictions on size or complexity. It needs to be newly made this week. You can make as many as you like to improve your chances of winning. Good luck! ------------------------------------------------------- Congratulations to Alright Alright Alright for winning with his Skeletal Harp design. He joins the ranks of the architects.
  24. I'll fix it when I can
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