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    i know the secret of the draenei clans zug zugs watch out purple trash in hyjal (say hell yeah)
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  5. Hello everyone! Just discovered about this after years of taking break from Private Server RP scene. Now I'm back, baby! Need my fix of RP 🙂 Looking forward to meeting everyone! Also you can ask me anything I'll answer them honestly. Cheers, Haldur
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  7. This is a Blizzard limitation I feel. You're using displayids that apply a texture to the leg upper slot. Belts are typically torso lower, but a select few are leg upper with specific textures to not look... bad... with.
  8. currently "Mountain Climbing" and "Jug" (255351) have some of this behaviour. i'm being resistant to making new spells to do these but it's becoming inevitable. very easy to do. spell creation spelleffect link to https://wow.tools/dbc/?dbc=animreplacement&build= can teell it to replace anim 4 with another stand anim entirely. can do the same for casts and whatnot.
  9. Do you think it would be possible to get a system in place that allows someone to override a character's animations? Examples: The default running animation, could you replace it with say, Combat Charge or Sprint. Another idea, replacing stand with one of the guard stances. Or just being able to override the talk anim with 0. I'm thinking something similar to nativedisplay or mod speed, something you could at least put in a macro when logging in.
  10. INTRODUCTION Events set in an alternative timeline where Ner'zhul's victory in Warcraft 2: Beyond the Dark Portal is canon. Arthas Menethil took the throne at year 620 (28 years after the opening of the Dark Portal) by the King's calendar. Months later the young king had announced campaign to chase down the Horde that has been discovered on the previously barely known continent of Kalimdor. The Horde still coming back to their senses after their own wars now face their old enemy hunting them for their past acts. The Horde is once again on the defensive, but they got nowhere to run and do not want to abandon the home they had fought for. The Alliance invaded from the Marshes, Durotar and had hoped to send an expedition to the Northern Kalimdor, but faced opposition in form of the night elves for entering their forests. The Horde were taking losses, but the... The world itself started to come apart. During the chaos of this war, the Cataclysm had happened and surprisingly enough offered the Horde a better form of defense with the seas striking at the Alliance fleet and the Great Divide separating the Barrens. New Zeth'Gol, clan fortress of the Bleeding Hollow, anticipates an attack from the Alliance and pulls its defenses together. This is where you come in: a member of the Horde that ended up in the fortress for different reasons. Perhaps you've answered a call to arms, visited the fortress for business or many other possibilities. What matters is that a bloody battle is coming to the fortress and right now you stay behind its sturdy walls. ALTERNATIVE TIMELINE LORE SUMMARY Main Horde Alliance Neutral Available Races Orcs Race that founded the Horde. Commonly split into many clans, but recently some orcs aim to unite under the banner of the Horde itself in a way to find unity for their people rather than constant war and struggle. Playable clans/factions: Frostwolf, Warsong, Laughing Skull, Bleeding Hollow, Burning Blade, Blackrock, Shadowmoon, Shattered Hand. They also can be representatives from clans that are neutral to the Horde or be clanless. Jungle Trolls Darkspear tribe that Thrall had rescued from their isle. With Sen'jin and his son falling prey to both invaders and primordial owners of the isle, Zalazane was put to lead after his mentor's passing. Now out of his mentor's shadow, the witch doctor puts his best to lead his people into the bright future. These trolls can also be found within the orcish clans (Mostly in Laughing Skull, Warsong and Bleeding Hollow). Tauren Shattered tribes of the tauren, that were hunted by both centaur and quilboar while the orcish clans were busy with their own civil war. Yet during their worst, the Frostwolf clan had arrived to rescue the tauren tribes. The tribes were never united and returned to their nomadic ways, with some skeptical of the Horde's intentions still. Yet many tauren can still be found in different orcish clans, such as Frostwolf clan. The Grimtotem tribe was nearly driven to extinctions by the demon worshiping clans driving them out of their homelands, yet many still seem to either ally with clans or join them. Common clans Grimtotem find themselves in are Laughing Skull and Shadowmoon. Ogres Ogres of Draenor that had followed Ner'zhul to the promised land and later through the rifts in order to find a new land to pillage. Mogor was ordered by Ner'zhul to start gathering the scattered ogre tribes and start challenging their leaders to unite tribes under the Horde banner. It is a deal that Mogor didn't need to be convinced in, especially when he was promised help in such battles. Majority of ogres are members of the Laughing Skull clan, but some many still be found in different clans such as Bleeding Hollow, Shattered Hand, Shadowmoon and Blackrock. Goblins Mercenaries of from the Second War era and influencers from the cartels. Many goblins can be still found within the Horde, joining whichever clan that finds them useful. Rare Races Forest Trolls The Amani did not forget that the Horde had abandoned them to the elves during the Second War, but some trolls were still found among the clans that ended up beyond the Dark Portal. Many of the trolls had no choice but to remain with the Horde. Revantusk tribe is loyal to the Horde and is rumored to have talks with the Amani, trying to find a way to settle the grudge and unite the two forces once more. Ice Trolls The Frostwolf clan expedition to Northrend lended the Horde a connection with the Drakkari trolls. Even if they don't see the Horde as a potential ally yet, some of the ice trolls grow curious about the new lands to explore and study. Quilboar The Children of Agamaggan were crushed by the warring orcish clans into submission. With the surviving members of the races ending up as servants, workers and sometimes warriors. There are still tribes that oppose the Horde, but they are mostly in hiding. Highborne The Shen'dralar are known to communicate with the Shadowmoon Clan, in hopes of earning secrets from the different world. Because of that, some of the highborne can be found helping the clan. Prince Tortheldrin clearly desires something from Ner'zhul, so he instructs his brethren to cooperate. Undead/Death Knights Many of the loyal death knights that had followed Ner'zhul to the promised world. Although many of them had scattered to chase their own goals, some still remain loyal to the Elder Shaman and can be found within the Shadowmoon clan. OOC As mentioned, the phase is set in a scenario where Ner'zhul plan has been successful and he had managed to create rifts leading into a different world rather than into clutches of the Burning Legion. This world ended up being Kalimdor ironically, which the orcs took as this new alien world for the first time. Due to Ner'zhul's narrow escape, the Third War didn't happen and there weren't many world-shaking events till year 28, which is Cataclysm in MU. With that the Alliance is stronger and the phase storyline will start in the heat of the battle located on Kalimdor, where the Alliance invades to crush the Horde before it becomes a major problem again. If the phase will end up successful, I may create the Alliance counterpart that is set in the same setting. Join da Discord Channel for more information and if you have questions. I will also use discord to plan events and many more. https://discord.gg/XXta43nJst
  11. Pretty self-explanatory. A neat customisation option that would allow trolls to appear as upright using the Zandalari skeleton. I know that there used to be a custom patch for upright trolls not too far back in the past and I hope it's something still viable to include whenever we get new customisation goodies.
  12. Didn't find this addon till some days ago - It should really be included in the default addon list Epsilon already gets upon downloading! Thanks!
  13. Been trying to piece together transmogs with the Antorus Mage set's overextending-shirt but it's kinda awkward that all the waist-textures extends Downwards from belly button to almost knee-level or Upwards from the same point to just below the chest. Makes pants look strange or stitched because the Waist Slot always overrides whatever the Pants Slot has. I don't know if there is a limitation to it but it would be both a nice change to have shorter Waist-slots textures that doesn't include 'trousers'. Sounds like the same amount of work as the mid-torso texture-cuts, meaning a lot, but it would be definitely welcome if it would be added at some point. (Exaggerated example below) ((Slots that are relevant: Chest, Waist, legs))
  14. Hi there! I absolutely adore the idea and would like to participate, but I've got a couple of questions, mostly in regards to the running of the event. If I'm reading it correctly, the event starts on 15/8, but what time exactly? I could only really do evenings (going by server time). You mention recruitment is done in capitals or Dalaran. Will this be a separate thing done IC in the run up to the main event? As an addendum to the above, should race teams be made in advance, or will they be decided before the racing begins? Where will the races take place? Mechanical failures are implied to be a feature, how are they implemented? Subsequently, how will repairs be carried out? I think that's everything. I've done motorsport events in WoW before and I'm super excited to see one here on Epsilon. Hope to hear more soon!
  15. Okay, this evolved into more than just an initial loading zone. We've got a nice, "lightly populated" (2500 objects) introductory area which will also give new people a little questline to get accustomed to the server.
  16. Azarchius has banned me from making two command inputs that point to the same thing. This'll have to come in when we have command aliasing set up.
  17. v7.0.0 (July 29, 2021) NEW: Added Tint & Object Spell Support NEW: Object Group Support (Automatic) NEW: Automatic Dimension Detection for M2's NEW: Auto Update mode for Object Parameters (Will auto fill selected objects ID, Scale, and if it's an M2, the dimensions as well) NEW: Auto Show option - Toggle on to automatically show ObjectMover when you load in NEW: Fade Out option - Toggle on to fade ObjectMover to be less distracting when not in immediate use UPDATED: Scale Object now works with Macro Spawning instead of delayed scale commands (No Delay, No Desync) UPDATED: Scale Object now applies to the selected object when entered UPDATED: Saved Presets can now be deleted directly from the UI (Right-Click in Load Dropdown to delete, no need to use chat commands now) CHANGED: Spawn is now in Object section; Revised Movement button placements CHANGED: Added a "Classic Layout" button in Movement to revert the movement buttons to closer to the original layout REMOVED: Double & Halve checkboxes. You can still use the Double (x2) and Halve (1/2) buttons to change each dimension, or SHIFT-CLICK them to update all dimensions together. Behind the Scenes: Minimap Icon is better and more adaptable to if you use other minimaps / UI's Improved ToolTips & UI Indications when things are disabled Improved Slider Logic Keybindings are sorted into their own category to be easier to find https://github.com/MindScape00/ObjectMover/releases/download/v7.0.0/ObjectMover_7-0-rc2.zip
  18. Welp! As the tittle suggest, we already have the Epsilon terrain cut, which is awesome. But sometimes when you need to do a little custom road on a zone, or you spawn a tent, the grass is traspassing all and making it ugly. So i was thinking, what if the admins make a grass version of the terrain cut? Because i usually need to do some terraforming to put houses and such and it's painful For example, something like this. We have this tall grass here and let's imagine i need to put a tent here. But... there's this mess. Then i use the Grass cut and... Now we have a clean floor to put some tents!
  19. <You enter a tavern, or literally see a wall, with a poster. You read it.> Hello, Azeroth! The Fourth war is over (Set between the end of the 4th war and sylvanas going screech.), and now we Azerothians are preparing to a new era of peace. For that The Alliance & The Horde, decided to very first Azeroth Choppers compitition. This is a racing compition with bikes, a chance to release some negative energy with a sporty approach. We welcome engineers, and drivers to join our competition, and of course we will allow spectators to get the tickets soon. The race is split into a three days game with two teammates, the winning team gets 2,000 gold, split half. No matter who you are, a former criminal, The field marshal, a farmer. You are all welcome, and able to earn the prize. The Regulations: -Any form of undeclared tuning is not allowed (AKA cheating overall) -The team has to contain two drivers, and can represent any faction or themselves. -Engineers can work independent and are the ones to repair a chopper incase it gets any mechanical failure, and they are to discuss the cut and the price of service outside the competition. -Getting outside the track, to gain an advantage over people is not allowed, There are shortcuts and you can use them. -Bikes are given by the hosting company, usage of personal bikes is not allowed, however attachements are allowed, and must be submitted. -All riders have to under-go a training day, and a qualification. Else they will be excluded from the competition. Head to the recruitement Quarter in your capital city or dalaran, to join. (Entry Fee for riders: 1 Gold 50 Silvers) ----- OOC: Players will get to experience racing how it was never done before, and since it was actually never done before in an RP, there is a way to do it. The event will start 16 days from this announcement, and by the event I mean the three races. The majority off it, will be getting people involved and training them. We need 8 drivers, if 10/12/14 comes it's actually bettter, and the event is subject to delays and advances accordingly. Everything will be announced on discord. Maths start here. Most of this you can understand during practice. The drivers will have a three day period before the race too; to upgrade their bikes. Generally, a biker would start at 2.0 speed as default, the more upgrades the more 0.x is added. Meaning you start as 2.0 and your bike is upgraded using some points you earn. The better you do as a racer, and the more active the more 0.x you earn. You may reach up to 2.9. Meaning if you don't do anything, you'll do ".mod speed 2.0" and drive. There is also Wheel state, which is also an added bonus to the speed. Bonus speed. Remember that 0.x? The more you have is coounted as bonus speed. There are three forms you can drive as. Conservative (Slow): +0.5 and your tyres wear slowly. (1/7 Each minute) Normal: +0.9 and your tyres wear at an average rate. (3/7 Each minute) Agressive: +1.3 and your tyres wear at a very fast rate. (5/7 Each minute) Reaching 0/5 meaning that your racing speed becomes 2.0 That being said, racers gain occasional boosts during the race, by rolling d20. The top 3, get a specific bonus. Player can choose not to roll, obviously. If something is unclear, DM me on discord, or reply to forums. Note: This post is subject to edits. Discord: Eternity#9490 // https://discord.gg/XWykJs2Gqd
  20. Thank you for the response, truly. ❤️ That alone was reassuring to hear.
  21. I don't know if it's been posted/suggested before but I'll just leave it here. 1. Searching for blueprints. Currently, to look up public blueprints, you gotta type that lengthy .lookup blueprintpublic/blueprintp, and despite it being a minor thing, I feel like some peeps including myself would appreciate if .lo bpp also did the same thing. 2. Phase Population. When phases are being hosted, it'd be awesome to see how many people currently are in the phase. It's the feature we had on the retired server and it's really helpful when you want to pick your RP stage by population, whether it's low or high. I imagine it'd go the same like before, with [Num] in brackets after the owner's post- or attached to it, or just any way to check. Thanks~
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