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Hand of Deliverance

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Hand of Deliverance

The Battle for Lordaeron has left the Horde’s forces diminished. To win the war for the Horde, Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner has decreed that new allies must be found. This mission is the directive of the Hand of Deliverance. 


Stemming from the Hand of Vengeance, this new organisation will travel to Northrend to liberate former Scourge and bring them into the fold of the Forsaken. Those committed to both the strength of the Horde and the liberty of the Forsaken may enlist now. 




The Hand of Deliverance is a group of Horde who seek to recruit new allies for the Horde’s war effort. Any race/class combination which are a part of the Horde at the beginning of BFA (i.e. from the Battle of Lordaeron) may join. If you’re unsure whether or not your character is appropriate, feel free to contact me.


The guild’s events are centred around the Fourth War and the current state of Northrend. Although we will deviate from the lore at times, we hope to remain grounded in WoW lore and WoW’s universe. 


Events will be hosted on a regular schedule, which are story driven and part of a chain. In addition, we aim to nurture casual RP in select areas around Azeroth. 




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