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  1. hi ! just some potential love for us forsaken rpers out there ? :') i think the champion tabard could go on any of the three proxies offered, and the loyalist tabard to the undercity tabard due to the similarities in the design already--but i could also see the champion tabard going on the undercity tabard due to it being the de facto New Forsaken Tabard, while loyalist could go on scourge for... Reasons. ty in advance if anyone decides to take this on !! i don't know how to start patching myself, so T_T
  2. hi, so ! i rp a dullahan character utilizing the gaps within the mod native customizations to make his head disappear, alongside an invisible helmet with clipping. however, the helmet only hides so much and for instance, doesn't cover things like eyebrows ー as seen below ! furthermore, with the coming of shadowlands customization, mod natives will likely have more things to reference and because of that, it'll likely ruin the invisibility caused by not having a proper customization to reference like it does now. so, if there's any way to preserve or improve the ability to be headless, like there is with removing arms or legs partially ー i would personally really appreciate it. not sure if it is possible, afaik epsi can only reference what technically already exists and i'm not certain if there's any helmets that have full clipping, but still. i'm also aware this is a really niche ask, but i'm sure other people besides dullahan rpers could use it ? maybe ? :') thank you ! and if i've made a mistake putting this here please let me know !