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  1. It's time for the winners to be revealed! Our Winter's Veil Greeting Card screenshot contest has come to a close. Out of fourteen graded submissions, only two can be the winners and claim the title of <@Festive>! Who will it be...? Well, I'll tell you now! Congratulations to @Elisa Day and @Quienn, tied for first place with perfect scores! To see all of the submissions that our wonderful community has submitted, view here: https://imgur.com/a/8XB9h9x
  2. This year we had 4 groups competing, 3 groups were soloists who had separate themes and only 30 minutes to create their costumes! The fourth group was the squads! They had been given a bit more time to prepare their outfits and to coordinate with one another! Group 1 had the theme “Trick or Treat” which meant ‘Classic Halloween’. The winner of this section was Rizzi, as a Sea Witch! Group 2 had the theme “I’m Just Playin’!”, which signified video-game characters that are not a part of World of Warcraft. The winner of this section was Nilith, as Leona from League of Legends! Group 3 has the theme of “A-Lore-Able”, the opposite of ‘I’m Just Playin’!”. These contestants had to dress up as a character from World of Warcraft. The winner of this section was Fycelya, as Darion Mograine! Group 4 had the theme of “In the Movies!”, if it was in a movie, it was fair game. All 4 squads won, as they all tied with a score of 26. They were so good, our judges couldn’t decide on a clear winner. Congrats to ‘Wonderland’ as Alice in Wonderland, ‘Halloween’ as Chucky, Freddy Krueger, and Leatherface, ‘Wyrm Unity’ as Wizard of Oz, and ‘The Boombox’ as Futurama! Thank you again to the contestants, the spectators, the judges, the builders of the area, and the event staff. We couldn’t have done this without each and every one of you. Happy Halloween, and stay safe out there! Look forward to next month's blueprint competition… more details coming in the near future. To see some of the images from the event click here! If you don’t see an image of your group, but you have one, please send them to Gwetha!
  3. Sadly, sign-ups are now closed. You’re invited to the Hallow’s End Masquerade and Trial of Style Monster Bash! It’ll be the Graveyard Smash! Whether you’re competing or spectating, come dressed in your best masquerade outfit and be entertained by the Trial of Style! Contestants will be battling it out in their best Hallow’s End couture for a chance at a Fashionista title! This year you can compete solo or with your friends as a group under a guild tag! We'll also be allowing for spectators, so please make your interest known! The event will be held on Oct. 30 @ 10pm GMT, 2pm PST. Check out this link for time-zone appropriate conversion! The phase will be restricted to whitelist, so be certain to sign up whether you’re a contestant or spectator so that you will be able to enter! Late entries will not be accepted on the day, there are simply too many of you! Hallow’s End Masquerade and Trial of Style Monster Bash Details! - Unlike recent-past transmog competitions, this one will be live! - There is a limited number of slots for contestants & spectators and they are given on a first come first serve basis! - Whether you’re participating or spectating, you’ll need to sign up so that you can be whitelisted into the phase! - Friend groups/guilds who participate must have between 3-7 people. - Once the contest is over, the phase will stay open for a few hours for anyone who wishes to remain for RP. -Sign-ups close on the 28th at 10pm GMT, 2pm PST.