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  1. Neps

    Undo Button

    Yeah, I'd rather the most important things get worked out before more memory issues are had! Thanks for the reply however, good to know it's on the "eventual" agenda!
  2. I like this idea, I find myself in need of this quite often actually.
  3. Like CTRL+Z.. but.. for Epsilon.. Hey remember that time I accidentally pressed .gob gr delete instead of .gob gr remove? Yeah!... Allows you to like.. undo the last move you did, or the last few moves..? I imagine coding it will be hard so-.. yeah. No further explanation needed.
  4. Recently I've been added as a Officer to a rather active phase, and I keep running into the problem that when people need help, they have their appear disabled. Not allowing me to go to their location. I'd like to suggest the idea to implement a .ph appear playername to allow Officers to appear to anyone that are in their phase.