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  1. Besides the DK eyeglow, it also breaks human talking animation (no movement in lips and eyebrows).
  2. Dove

    Doodads Remain

    Works fine for me in any zone.
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    Pathfinders' Society

    Due to the big amount of players, recruitment is now unavailable until we get an additional DM for events.
  4. The Pathfinders’ Society is a treasure and monster hunting guild meant for adventurers and thrill-seekers, with its own uniquely diverse membership and unusual associates. They take refuge in Loch Boldihr, a small town within the Wildhammer island, Duban Kibil. The island is located a few hundred miles out from the shores of Lordaeron and Quel'thalas, having drifted out in the aftermath of the Cataclysm. Having initially been a mere fellowship, their mutual quest to nullify common threats led them to expand into more; a company. With that in mind, they remain true to their goals: To discover artefacts of power before the enemies can and them away, and to protect those that cannot protect themselves (or just want someone to do it for them). Accepted races are the usual Alliance ones to neutral / independent races. While the Pathfinders' Society is a guild of neutral qualities, it does not accept Horde-affiliated characters or non-fitting races, like Ogres. It also accepts RPG and D&D inspiration, as long as the character concept fits and does not exceed certain limits. The group also benefits from their own meanings of transportation: unconventional mole machine, a Zeppelin, portals (if any of our sparse mage(s) are around), long tunnels, or gryphons. QUEST TYPES • WANTED! / BOUNTY - Combat repeating quests which are tailored for a small group (1-4 people), and /can/ be soloed. These quests can be failed. . • HELP WANTED / URGENT NOTICE - Combat, one-time events which carry heavier story implications and larger rewards for those undertaking. Tailored for a group of 3-6, can be soloed with a deal of strategy. These quests can be failed. • GATHER / DELIVER / EXPLORE - These are not specifically combat oriented quests, focused more on resource gathering and area exploration. These quests cannot be failed. • SERIES - These quests are part of an overarching series or plot, and may revolve around certain characters within the Pathfinders. These typically will not be part of any ongoing guild-wide storyline, but a quest-series /can/ be the result of a guild-wide event. • TRAINING - These quests are tailored for the -TRIAL- rank ingame. To be promoted to a fully-fledged member of the Society, completing at least one TRAINING event will be necessary. These will involve tactic formulation and co-ordination training. Members are encouraged to sign up for quests. Players organise groups themselves, or go solo, and contact the DM to arrange a time to do a quest. RECRUITMENT & TRIAL UPDATE 18/05/2019: WE TEMPORARILY NO LONGER ACCEPT NEW RECRUITS. Players can be recruited into the guild via quests or through a private interview, but will still need to undergo a TRAINING scenario. The interview is a generally laid-back discussion which mentions the rules and what the potential new recruit is capable of. NO Death Knights / Demons A TRIAL is required to take part in a specific event with other trials (or on their own if the number is insufficient, accompanied by a supervisor) in order to be tested if they're able to become full fledged members of the Pathfinders. It entails being tested in a combat-centered system to oversee their attention and ability to make fast-paced decisions, as well as their will to cooperate with the other ranks, collaborative skill, primary goal focus and prioritisation. Everyone has access to a hearthstone which is retrieved from the Guild Hall. Everyone also knows each other's names ONLY, as signed on the ledger upon registration. CHARACTER RULES & BENEFITS RULES: • no random conflicts or chaotic encounters with anyone within the Society • do not carry out any unwarranted actions in the name of the group if it is not approved • banter among members is fine as long as it is not deadly or disables your usefulness • all retrieved items are registered and it is not a good idea to take any without permission • all items found during a quest should be reported to the others, unless it's a ticking bomb - then throw it away in the opposite direction • keep controversial information classified, and the members' identities if they wish to • it is not a good idea to partake in a mission while intoxicated • maintain respectful consideration and necessary consultation of the founders BENEFITS: You will receive jobs, tasks or any other information via Dawi – Anameleth or Eltaor, those being in the highest of order. Either that or through Redoul, Anameleth’s current assistant. • free maintenance from Dawi (the Blacksmith) on all of the members' gear and discounts on new items • house permit & merchant licensing • money and/or other valuables after completing a task • members of the Society are free and also encouraged to ask for help with any personal issues Even though everyone interested is welcome to join, we like to keep it simple and flexible. We do not prefer roles that are overpowered or repetitive (the quests can be simple and a mage able to one-shot every npc around them is pretty dull). Due to the high interest in the guild, we are becoming a little bit more strict by focusing on roles we need and don't have enough of, such as: mages, healers, rangers. The quests also usually have a limited amount of players, first come first served. Besides Guild events, we also do casual role-play in the phase. Everyone else outside the guild (non-Horde) is welcome to join at any time. There may be building in progress in the background therefore only the tavern is open. Inactivity is often understandable depending on the circumstances. If someone misses more than a month's worth of events without a reason, they are counted as inactive and will be removed. EVENTS are set in BST timezone (+1 GMT). However Fara7at is from America and can do events for those unable to attend regular ones. GUILD WEBSITE : extensive information, events archive, members' registry, lore. GUILD MASTER: Anameleth (Dove) OFFICERS: Erishade (JDrakinius), Dawi (Gavin), Elagor (Aaragon), Wraithfiend (Fara7at), Onyx PHASE: 16631 RECRUITMENT: add Dove#6430 on Discord to arrange an IC recruitment or to attend a guild event to be recruited through it. EVENT SYSTEM: Both emotes and rolls are used for each event, depending on the DM. Usually, rolls are used for reactions, chance of success, and noticing environmental things.
  5. http://www.online-image-editor.com/
  6. 1. Tool - Vicarious 2. Kendrick Lamar - King Kunta 3. Arctic Monkeys - Old Yellow Bricks 4. Massive Attack - Risingson 5. Gojira - Flying Whales 6. Muse - The Handler 7. MGMT - Mystery Disease 8. Gorillaz - Stylo 9. Placebo - Space Monkey
  7. all right, then that's fine. i just didn't expect him to write "11" as literally I I
  8. not as intriguing when they're inaccurate. XXCXV is wrong as well. If you meant 2115, then it's MMCXV
  9. I really don't understand what number you were trying to get at weight. It's not even a valid number. edit: what the hell is up with age that's not how you roman