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  1. As the title suggests, whenever we move big builds around we're required to clear all the current groups before we create a new blueprint of everything clumped up together again. Instead of having to do .gob group clear for every group spawned in a zone, it'd be more useful to just do .gob group mass clear X which would automatically clear all groups within a specified radius, which makes it easier to make a new blueprint of every nearby object without having to double-check whether you've missed a tiny blueprint during the process. thx 4 coming to my ted talk
  2. Thank you for the response, truly. ❤️ That alone was reassuring to hear.
  3. HELLO IT'S BEEN MONTHS CAN WE PLEASE GET A YES OR NO ESPECIALLY SINCE WE'RE IN A MUCH MORE DIRE NEED OF IT NOW WITH THE INFLUX AND HOW SLOWLY THE START ZONE IS LOADING FOR THE NEWBIES THANK YOU Regardless of reason, I feel like ignoring this is a little counter-productive. We don't want something new, but something that works. Can we please focus on player-friendly accessibilty that doesn't require powerful computers? And can we please focus on the fact that a big portion of the community is asking for this as well? The silence has raised a lot of questions. Hundreds of objects + hundreds of people + rendering + countless TRPs just doesn't work anymore. We don't necessarily require a new build. even an empty infinite flatlands is enough.
  4. Buildingtiles for sure clog up the search list unnecessarily.
  5. i love it! if in need of builders, let me know
  6. It's getting crowded. Please.