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  1. Yeah, the issue was kinda abrupt. I had been playing regularly with no problems, and then one day that suddenly started happening. Thank you, I'll try the solution you have suggested.
  2. Hey there. So, weeks ago, whenever I tried to launch Epsi, I got stuck halfway through the loading bar on that dreaded window: "World of Warcraft is performing initial setup of required data files. This may take a few minutes. You may also cancel this process and allow the Launcher to complete installation". I tried getting rid of the few patches I had to see if it made any difference, but no results. Tried to wait and see if it actually loaded, but hours afterwards, no luck either. Tried uninstalling Epsi and re-installing it entirely, but the issue was still happening. I stopped trying for a few weeks, tried again today, and the issue persists. Does anybody have any clue of what might be going on? Help, I miss my friends.