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  1. Hey! (I'm not a 100% sure if anyone has suggested this, but here goes.) Intro: Many WMOs in game have prebuilt interiors or have other objects attached to them that you can't select with .gob select command. These objects don't come with the actual WMO that can be spawned, but are linked to the existing WMO record in game. There are many examples of this. In https://old.wow.tools/files/ one can go and find a WMO object and press (i)-button on the right side on the record for More Information and find Linked Child Files -list, which contains objects, textures and WMO Groups that the object uses in game. I don't know what is used to link these objects to their own separate WMO sets. How it should be done? Firstly, I have no idea whether this could be possible or not, but few ideas come to mind. We could try to generate blueprints from these object sets used by the specific WMOs in game. This would require finding out how the objects are linked and used in different instances of the same WMO. Players would then be able to use these blueprints to spawn the objects into the WMO at the WMO's spawn-point. There could be different versions of the WMO, like emptywmos. These versions would include different the prebuilt interiors. This could be done by simply having them attached to the WMO itself or spawned separately so players could .gob select them. We could try to get skilled Epsilon builders to build these prebuilt interiors as blueprints for players. Why we should have this? It would speed up building process a lot, especially when making villages, and uphold motivation to build. It can feel tedious to build interiors to some non-important houses when you have other big plans in mind so having a way to quickly fill out the empty space can bring a peace of mind. There exists many beautifully decorated interiors, which players could use. Blizzard has already made many good-looking interiors to their WMOs that also fit and provide a good setup or base for any builder. This would also be good for players that don't enjoy building interiors. Or building overall. They could quickly spawn their home/base without learning all the commands to spawn, rotate, etc. and keep focusing on roleplaying instead.