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  1. Zatori

    Npc waypoint delay

    That would be so rad! Crossing my fingers for it to work smoothly in the coding for you guys!
  2. Zatori

    Npc waypoint delay

    Sounds like a great idea! we were talking about such when setting up npcs last night. but in a more convoluted manner. Such as an npc would have an RNG text of 5% so when he'd speak his line the other npcs would trigger a response from that line of text. Don't think that may be possible here in this case but as you' plan to do it, it may work, (aslong we're given a long time span to work with and not just max 1min)
  3. Zatori

    Npc waypoint delay

    Thats how we do it now. we make a waypoint first with a text or an action emote. then we spam .npc delay in several waypoints to delay the next action so the chat wont get spammed. If one could simply extend the Delay from 1min to 30 it would give us a much easier time making delayed waypoints for npc actions.
  4. Zatori

    Npc waypoint delay

    When we make an npc and add an emote to it so they would speak the max delay we can have on them saying it again is 1min. so it gets very spammy. so to avoid that we have to make a 1min delay waypoint 30 times for that text to be delayed by 30min. Hope that explains it better.
  5. If possible can we extend the npc waypoint delay from 1min to 30min? so one dont have to make 30 waypoints with 1min delay on each to then have an action.
  6. Zatori

    Non static gobs

    Damn it D: I thought it was easier than such :< Guess I'm just unlucky. Mom found a similar gob that was static however so thats good news! Thank you for taking your time Az
  7. Zatori

    Non static gobs

    Request to make this gob static for you'll just walk right through it as it is now. Thank you please <3 Its a glorious log that deserves it! https://wow.tools/mv/?buildconfig=081460ab8f317f8273068b29288f2af7&cdnconfig=a00c4591f68ddf55d8baa84db360a8d0&filedataid=940565&type=m2
  8. Deleted characters wont be removed from phase members list. Such members will show up as [blank] upon the list and cant be removed period. Deleted characters thats part of the members list may show up as active in phase.
  9. Zatori

    Building Support

    A section in Epsilon Discord for builders to share ideas and help one another out.
  10. Upon server crash a few gobs of the ingot kind would scale back to 1. the scale was previously set to 0.2, the scale it tells me the gob is 0.0
  11. Zatori

    Sudden death

    This issue might be a rather old one that possibly have been attempted to sort in the past. But as known this "bug" causes a player to die in certain locations of the game and then teleporting them away after a few moments without any warning. The player would be unaware of dying for it wouldnt show, and their corpse would be left behind upon the path of death. The corpse would be unable to be cleaned up or removed until server crash or restart.