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  1. Clan Winterfury OOC Ambitions and Aspirations: I want to create a public phase centered around an island in Northrend, where it starts with just a few tents, a basic camp that’s expanded more and more as resources, and gold are collected, also with members joining the clan. It’s an ambitious idea, to create it like this from scratch, through hunting, scavenging, trade but foremost through hosted PvE raids on unassuming settlements, and step by step make the clan hall a place of interest on the map, where people outside the clan would come to trade or just drink mead. It goes without saying that the Clan is a viking-inspired theme with nights of loud singing, and lots of mead, including a desire to join Odyn in his golden halls, and a worship to the titans, especially the All-Father. Any race will be allowed to join as long as the character fits in with the theme. That is the core idea of the guild. I’m currently looking for people interested in developing this idea with me, so tell me in this topic if you are interested, or just interested as a player to be part of it all, ask your questions, name things you’d like to see, or just wish good luck with this undertaking! I hate putting in effort for things that never takes off, should the interest be there the first thing will be a discord channel. You can also hit me up ingame, nowadays usually on the character with the OOC name Valhalla.